my opinion about sex

hi everybody my deceased girlfriend started this blog before she died, she wanted to open my mind up about sex,I followed your basic Judah Christian believes ( real vanilla) anyway after she died I found this blog and I regret , not being open to her needs ( I should have) since Iv taken this BLOG over iv lurned a lot about myself and changed my mind about sex in this blog you will see a lot of different types of sexual situations bisexual,light bondage, women with women ,men with men however, I now believe that people can have a healthy happy relationship if they just talk to each other I also believe that there is many levels of BISEXUAL take me for example Im all guy tools,cars,sports, and I love women,but occasionally think about sex with men I believe in the Kinsey scale iv also lurned that most mammals arn not heterosexual when the statistic shows that 52% of marriage ends in divorce then we are truly doing something wrong as far as the whole religious thing well how the fuck does a mortal know what an omnipotent being is thinking anyway further more just by thinking you do isnt that in fact blasphemy i say make the mistake and and be humble at the end love is love so with all that being said enjoy my perversions and be nice to each other and I hope you all marry your best friend

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