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2021-05-11 22:14:36

    Just got a caliper to measure the thickness of my skin and PROVE that it was just a bloat and that I’m NOT fat. My stomach is mostly empty and the skin on my abdomen should be about 7 mm thick. Will verify then update this draft.

    ... Am I using this wrong? According to this, my belly skin is.. 16 mm thick! That’s more than TWICE what it was last time I had it checked. I am freaking out! I’ve been pumped full of fat. 😰

    “Guess my grandma is a feeder and i’m his gainer” (Originalkommentar.)

    Grandmothers like to put meat on the bones of their male grandchildren and make them into real men.

    Der Enkel war ihr wahrscheinlich viel zu dürr. Jetzt wird er zu einem dürren mit Bauch - typisch skinnyfat halt. Noch sehen die Eltern und Kumpels das Bäuchlein unter dem Pullover nicht. Die böse Überraschung kommt im Sommer.

    The grandson was probably much too skinny for her. Now he’s turning into a skinny one with a belly - typical skinnyfat. Still the parents and buddies do not see the little belly under the sweater. The nasty surprise will come in the summer.

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