My Bad 2.0

    Hey ya'll! So, it's been a few months... LOL anyway, I'm back and let me update you all on what's happened in my life so far. My parents did end up leaving and I miss them bery much, they left at the beginning of September and that's basically when I started school. So, that was kinda good because school helped me not think about that fact that my parents were gone, if that makes sense. 

    But, on the other hand, school has been crazy. Man, talk about final year (I'm graduating, omg) being hectic! Assignment here, paper there, midterm where? LOL 

    Anyway, just getting in the jolly mood now that Christmas is in the horizon. Expect some more posts. And thanks to all the new followers even though I haven't posted - you're awesome sauce.


    So, I realize I've been MIA for like the last month and a half. I'm SORRY! It's been pretty hectic after school finished. My father was offered a job back in Colombia and he took it. That means my parents are going back home and the three siblings are saying here :( 

    It's been busy times. It took us like a month to find a place... we were pretty picky. Now we're in the packing process because we move in a week and a half! 

    It's been hard trying to find a new job with more hours! Rrrrr

    On the happier side. It was my birthday this last weekend and I had so much fun. Mostly family time because we want to spend as much time with our parents before they leave us lol

    I'm gonna try and post moer 

    Bad Boy

    I've been a bad boy, haven't I? I haven't posted something in nearly a month! Let me catch you guys up on my life. My dad got a jon offer back in Colombia. He said yes. SO basically my parents are going back to Colombia forever and my siblings and I are gonna stay here in T.Dot. We've been looking for apartments and it's been a busy and hectic time.

    Get ready because I'm about to Queue a whole lot of cock, haha


    OMG it's been hell! Just one more week to go before exam season, and yes, I want that! Too many things due the last three weeks. I've survived though! And I expect I'll survive next week too (knock wood).

    I went to party on Thursday night, and I saw Cosmic Gate and W&W, they we're beyond amazing. I'm listening to A State of Trance right now and Armin is killing it. 

    It's been a while so I though I should report in, but you probably wont be seeing me for at least a week. I can't wait for summer! 

    And I leave you with some awesome pictures.


    I went to an LGBTQ masquerade party at my school last night! It was quite fun, but they closed the bar WAY too early. The party hadn't even finished yet, I was so pissed. There were a bunch of cute guys there, and awesome lesbos. I'm going to these parties because I know like no gay people, and the aim is to change that! I even got a date :) 

    On a side note, on my way home I encountered a really drunk guy on the bus and he was fascinated by my mask (it was a pretty simple mask!), and he even asked me if he could have it! So, I gave it to him. I'm now maskless for my next masquerade party.


    I just got home. I was with a close friend and we literally just talked for about 2 and a half hours, non-stop, about life. I think it's very important to philosophize... meaning: discuss opinions about the the real, deep questions. Such as: determinism, nature, limits to knowledge, etc. It's an exercise for your brain. She's the only person that I can talk to about this kind of stuff, and it's awesome. To think about the universe. Life. 

    Stoner and Horny

    I think I'm just going to come out and say it. I'm a lethal  functional stoner guys, haha! It's safe to say I smoke 6/7 days of the week. But in my defence, I NEVER study high, go to class high, and do test/assignments/projects high. It's only mostly at night once I get home from school... I normally go out and smoke with my brother and sister (don't judge!).

    Oh, and I'm also horny.

    Hectic, and Fucked

    I know I've been away for like a week or so... but I've been busy! School was really hectic this week. I had a midterm on Tuesday, I had an assignment due on Friday, and I got an extension for a paper until Monday. Then it's reading week! But, not resting week. I actually have to do school work! I have a book review due the day back (asshole Prof!) and a midterm on Wednesday, and then another paper on Friday. So you could say I'm pretty fucked.


    I think that in every student life there is a struggle between procrastination and doing work - and procrastinationalways wins! It really is quite horrible. I wrote a 1000 page paper on Sunday and a 2000 page paper yesterday, both due yesterday! The craziest part is that I got an extension on both!  Anyway, the rest of my week pretty much involves reading a shit load. Yay for me

    Meeting People

    It's so difficult to meet new people nowadays. I mean, I meet people through work (Hollister) because they hire new people like every week... but I don't really hang out with anyone from work. It's also really hard to find someone who you can really get to know in University because the lectures are so large. Now that I'm in 3rd year though I'm beginning to see a lot of familiar people in my classes. 

    I have my old friends, who are the people I do hang out with. And they're awesome, but I wanna meet new people! I want to try new things! I want to explore!

    I also want to meet people because, man, I wanna fall in love. 

    Ideally, I'd be naked.

    Ideally, I'd be naked. I don't know what it is, but I LOVE being naked when I'm home alone.

    I'm not home alone at the moment, though. 

    I've had this blog account for a while, and I'm regularly on it but I've only just had the inclination to post something. I think I've decided to use this now as both my personal (public) journal and also as a means to release my sexual frustrations. 

    I think I'm going to have fun with this!