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Rise and shine, let's yeet that wheat.

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2022-08-09 05:44:57

    Before I send you anon hate, I’d like to thank the sponsor of this ask, “Raycons.” I actually have a pair of Raycons and I love them. I usually use them when I’m at the gym or I’m at home playing Minecraft. The sound quality is just as amazing as all the other top name brands and they’re half the price. The ones I’m using are the everyday E25’s. They’re the best ones yet. 6 hours of playtime, seamless Bluetooth pairing, more bass, available in multiple colors, and their compact design helps get rid of background noise. I also like the fact that you can click either earbud with your finger to pause your music. Makes it super convenient if you need to stop for any reason. Go to buyracon.com/anonhate for 15% off your order. The link is in the description.

    Now on with the hate.

    Kill yourself.

    Holy fuck.