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Tumblr has gone to crap, so migrating to www.mewe.com/i/davidde1   Hit me up there please, or here.  Just not maintaining this anymore.

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2021-02-08 18:15:12

    “Stay by her side”

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    in the good and HARD times




    Such an aphrodiasiac for me to penetrate another man’s girl while he watches.  It’s a win/win for all: Couple enhances their intimacy and sex life, wife gets to experience being stretched out, and I get dominant hot kinky fun.

    Who wants to see this view of me with their girl?   Maybe you can help fill her mouth as i pound her..


    Now that Tumblr has put their new policy into affect it’s almost impossible to figure out who is still here and active. Please reblog so everyone can find each other!!….I’m finding many blogs to be abandoned and as if I’m walking through the ruins.