William Clark

(NSFW +18) I'm a writer. I currently writing a novel named "The American Dictator". This is where the Erotic Side Stories are going to be published plus other 18+ gay post.

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    He was a hypnotist once. And a good one, too. He had just the right tone, just the right cadence, just the right choice of words and phrasing to send anyone he wanted into an obedient, erotic trance. “My cock is so hypnotic,” he would tell them softly, as their eyes dulled into vacant complacency and they watched the tip of his penis sway and bob gently with arousal. “The more you stare at it, the less you think.” He always liked that particular line of patter. It was sexy and mesmerizing, smoothing away his latest subject’s thoughts as they focused more and more on his throbbing, pulsing shaft.

    He understands now just how dangerous it was to keep repeating that. Over and over, to so many drowsy, empty-headed subjects as they stared at his cock and drooled in mindless arousal. He always knew they were focused on him. It was always so easy to whisper to them, and hear them repeat his words back to him in a vacant monotone. “Your cock is my world,” they would intone, their voice a drone of thoughtless bliss as they struggled to keep their heavy eyes open just a few minutes longer. “I don’t want to think about anything else.” It was so beautiful. He could brainwash them like this for hours, and often did.

    But the thing about trance is, it works both ways. He guided his subjects into a state of absolute focus, lulling their conscious minds into a mesmerized state where their brains could only hold one thought at a time and he guided them to the exact thought he wanted them to think. “My mind is so full of your cock. Fucking my will into docile compliance.” But he never realized that he was just as focused as they were. He was focused on hypnotizing them. Every single time with the same hypnotic focus, the same line of inexorable reasoning that led them into helpless fixation on his cock.

    He never imagined that anyone would use that same chain of logic to bind his mind the same way he bound his subjects. He never thought that someone would find him mesmerizing one of his helpless fucktoys and creep up on him while his attention was focused so perfectly, so deeply on sending them further into his cocktrance. He never dreamed that they would begin to speak to him softly and calmly. “It’s so true. Your cock is so hypnotic. The more you stare at it… the less you think.”

    It didn’t take long at all for his resistance to crumble. How could he resist? He’d spent hours in perfect rapport with his subjects, filling their mind with the immovable belief that his cock was the perfect, overwhelming hypnotic focus. He never realized he was programming himself just as perfectly, not until he heard the voice in his ears and his stare slid helplessly down to his throbbing, bobbing, twitching erection. His eyes locked onto it within seconds. His mind faded away as soon as he saw his own penis. And his new controller guided him back onto the bed with the ease of a stable master walking a tired horse into the barn.

    He was a hypnotist once. He had so much power, so much skill. But now, all he can do is gaze helplessly at his own penis, his heavy eyes lost in vacant complacency as his new owner guides him through all the mantras he once used so well. He thought he was a master, but he understands now that he’s simply been conditioning himself all this time to surrender. As he stares, his hand drifting up to lightly tease himself deeper into trance, he knows he can never escape.

    He was a good hypnotist. Perhaps too good.

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    <>Jacked Jock

    Since Jeff used the genie of the lamp to transform me from his nerdy chem lab parter into the hairy muscle daddy I am now, I’ve been looking for a chance to get my own back on him.

    You see in spite of his carefully worded wish to make me a caring lover devoted to his every pleasure, he wasn’t ever really my type physically.  When I found he’d left the lamp unguarded last night, I seized the opportunity to fix things up and give him the kind of body that we both deserved.

      You have to understand of course that I’d never harm him, I know his wishes saw to that but even if they didn’t, why would I want to harm the most precious thing to me in the world?

    No, I definitely wasn’t going to hurt him, I was going to help him.  Make him the kind of man he could never have been without a little magic.  I have to say, now I’m done, I think I excelled myself.  My first wish was obviously to give him a smoking hot bod.  A hot muscle daddy like me can’t be seen out at the clubs with a scrawny nerd so with the help of the genie I gave him the body of a well muscled football player with a rich golden tan and a sweet smile.  Of course he protested that that wasn’t what he wanted but I could see by the way he ran his hands over his new abs and flexed his guns that he was totally into it.

    Secretly, I’d always found his his whiny voice and lack of confidence rather irritating so I decided that my next wish would be for him to have the personality and charisma of an alpha jock.  That wish worked even better than the one before and his vague protests stopped immediately, replaced by a sexy smirk and smouldering twinkle in his eyes.

    Of course, the image was slightly spoiled by his outfit.  Even the best locking jocks and frat boys struggle to carry off a brown turtleneck but once again, the genie came to my rescue.  A few carefully worded commands and the new look Jeff was complete.  As his dress pants transformed into fitted grey workout sweats and his turtleneck faded into oblivion (revealing the most stunning torso and guns) I caught my breath in awe.

    “Like what you see?” Jeff had asked me nonchalantly, slipping a ball cap on backwards over his glossy chestnut hair and giving me a double biceps pose. Naturally I liked what I saw, I mean let’s face it, the new look Jeff was my creation, so after tossing the lamp into the corner of the room, I showed my appreciation by pinning him to the couch and taking him for a thoroughly satisfactory test drive.

    William has been invited to a pool party by his friend,and he was so happy because this is the first time in college that he was invited to a party,not just that,by a bunch of rich kids. One of them is his crush,a cute face boy who owns a fortune,he knows he couldn’t get into his level anyway so this is a chance of all time. When he arrived to the pool party,gosh it was full of people with hot body,but luckly for himself that he also has a flat stomach with packs can see clearly. William tried to flex in front of his crush in the pool but he paid no attention to William,he was too busy to talk to those cool kids in high school. William was a litlle sad tho,he was just playing around until there was police hit the bell at the door,gosh this party might have been so loud. All of the people who joined the party got so panicked that they flee away, just left a few people and William and his crush. Suddenly his crush gave him a pair of sunglasses and told him to wear it:” I need you to play cool for a while man,just act like a dad of mine for a while”. William was so confused,he doubted that this sunglasses could make him look any more mature, but he tried it on. Immediately,his body grows bigger and taller,all of the muscle of his body suddenly broaden so big that they rips off his pant,his skinny arms are now a hulk arm and his chest suddenly has tattoo written over,his back and shoulders are so massive and hard as rock now,his legs also growing more muscular,he could feel a testosterone flowing over his body so much that he felt a beard growing on his face. He could swore his thong looks longer like 9 inches. William was not stand still,he tried to stay concentrated but he felt a headache,slowly he remembered himself as a daddy lover to his crush,he has a hobby to train and love doing tattoo.

    Suddenly a cop came in: “Hello sir,is this you and your son party?” He talked to William,who now is a big hunky man look as old as the cop. “Yes,me and my son,what’s the matter” William said while wrapping his arms around his crush. “Nothing,it is just a little too loud,i hope you can turn it down for a little sir”, the cop said. “I understand”,he said while rubbing his beard. The cop nodded and went away.

    “Ok he is gone,you can take that out” the young boy said to William. He took out,but he still stayed the same size of muscle. “Wait,what?” His crush surprised. Slowly he remembered that who has a strong feeling with the one gave it to them will remain the true alpha,as the course has been told to him when his father warned him about the glasses. He sure didn’t pay attention and just grab it thinking it was cool shit anyway. “You have feeling of me huh you freak?” His crush said out loud but then he stopped at the moment,the memories of being a gay twink just flood into his mind,all the chicks he has bang’s memories just not exist anymore,now he remembered himself as a rich son who has a massive daddy kink,he has met William since in the first year of college and boy,William sure has ruled his ass for a while. “What was that son?” William said in a threatening and deep voice to his crush,or his twink. “Nothing daddy” his crush face moved from angry to scary face. Seems like he is so obey of William now that he just want to satisfied his daddy only.

    William slapped in his twink’s butt, “Daddy is horny,how about doing that in the pool?”, his twink’s face so brightened,he sure enjoy sex with William after .

    just let your yourself relax and watch the watch or watch the spirals or watch the spiral in the watch whatever you pick it dose not change what will happen the longer you watch the deeper you go and the deeper you go the more you focus first on the gif going from spiral to spiral watching the watch and the spiral in it then slowly looking down to my words in fact you have already started going deep if your reading this but you should take a moment to look back at the gif and just feel it as your focus more before your eyes drift back down to my words you look back up then your eyes drift back down focused on my words as you reed deeper and deeper the flow of my words the way you read them knowing there meet to do something knowing they have some power over you and knowing that you want it all helps to pull you deeper and deeper into a nice trance after all its what you wanted that’s why your reading and its why your feeling bliss and pleasure as you read more wanting so badly to feel more knowing the more you read the better it gets until it becomes to much hypnosis can be so arousing and pleasure mixed with arousal can be so addicting and strong the more you feel the more you need and of course with so much arousal and pleasure you will need some release so if its safe you can let your hands wander its already want you want in fact most of you may already be doing it so just let it happen touch yourself in all the best ways let my words take you deeper and let the pleasure just wash over you very good now that your really feeling it let your eyes drift back up to the gif just let yourself watch the watch and the spirals as you play with your body bring yourself to orgasm and feel the pleasure of it just wash over you let yourself cum and re blog you know its what you want