The Rules of This Weekend

1: You are not allowed to adjust your diaper in any way or remove it.

2: You have to drink everything that is given to you, without complaining

3: You have to say out load and intelligibly when you need to use your diaper, even in public. Regular checks will be performed, any unannounced wetting will be punished.

4: You are not allowed to ask to be changed or to complain about the state of your diaper, or you'll be left in it for longer

5: While at home you are not permitted to wear pants, shorts or anything that covers your diaper, unless instructed otherwise. You must change as soon as you're through the door.

6: If the paci is placed in your mouth you are not allowed to talk or remove it.

7: If instructed to wear a outfit you have to wear it and are not allowed to adjust it in any way without permission.