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    A wonderful sissy baby story i found thanks to you lovely followers 😊

    For your viewing pleasure. Hope you don’t mind your wittle baby dick getting humiliated 😉

    For those who need!

    Hello everyone!

    I’d like to quickly take this opportunity to raise awareness. I’ve collected for this charity a number of times as I genuinely believe it’s a vital organisation supplying diapers and such to those really in need.

    52 million children in the US aged 3 or younger live in low income families, and donations really make the difference.

    If you’d like to leave a donation, I’ve created a PayPal pool. Please feel free to message me for more details or to ask about this charity. Thank you x


    Paypal email: 98Lizziegrace@gmail.com

    This guy is taken control of by a bunch of women, tied up, forced to wear a diaper, then forced to drink a bottle.  Later he is tied to a post and the girls make sure his diaper is extra wet while he stays there for the night!

    This poor little guy gets tied up in diapers and is forced to wet.  Then his wet diaper is changed and smushed against his face. He’s then given an enema and a new diaper, which one of the mistresses adds her own piss to. Very hot video! Wish I knew french!