What's the most public thing you've done in diapers? Example gone to the gym and changed in the looker room, went to a drive through without pants, or took pics of yourself for a dom at work sucking on a pacifier in the bathroom when anyone could come in at anytime (all of which I've done 😉)

I’ve done a decent amount of kinky stuff in public. Not as much with diapers, but i guess the main ones that stick out are:

- Mowing the lawn with a diaper underneath

- Going to the movies wearing a diaper (Honestly it was necessary to watch all of Avengers: Endgame without constant potty breaks)

- Going to a sex store in a wet diaper

But probably the most “public” was having to hump a diaper in a dress and post it on my tumblr. Unfortunately tumblr’s stupid rule change took it down 😢

Thanks for sharing your experiences! And thanks for the ask!