What sissy outfit do you want the most?

So i LOVE questions like this because they get my pathetic wittle sissy brain going AND i get to go shopping!

So I feel like there’s a few stereotypical outfits every sissy gurl should have:

The Sissy Maid


This one’s cute, but the neckline is a bit too high and conservative for me. I do like the mixture of frills and satin though!


This one is more my style, a bit sluttier, but still has the satin and frills.

The Sissy Schoolgirl


I really like this one, it’s SUPER slutty and plays the stereotype well, and that ‘fuck me’ skirt just screams “Bend me over and take me anywhere, sir!”

The Sissy Cheerleader


This one is nice, but obviously is in the wrong color....

The Sissy Baby


Isn’t this one adorable?? It’s like someone said “I want to make a dress that looks like diapers, for someone that WEARS diapers!”

So what do we do? Which one to pick?

I feel like I want one that encompasses all the stereotypes, is cute, and slutty all at the same time.


That’s why i picked this cute one! It has a little bit of everything!


But then I came across this one! And I love the idea of someone bending me over, hiking up my skirt, and unbuttoning my onesie to fuck/spank/use me. So this one, this is the winner!

Thank you so much for the ask and giving me something to occupy my last 3 hours! :)