What is cuter for you a ballerina outfit or a girly bathing ie ones likes barbie? Also what is a big pet peeve for you?

I think it would depend on the actual outfit itself as opposed to a category. So why don’t you send me a pic of two or three and i’ll tell you which i prefer 😅

I have a lot of pet peeves. Some, but not all, include:

- People that put a “b” in the word “supposedly”

- Tumblr posts that have a generic caption that says “reblog to your diaper blog if you ALSO like diapers”

- When drinks are loaded into a fridge and the labels aren’t all facing forward

- When people comment “wish this was me” or “why can’t i find someone to do this to me?!?! 😩” on every single post

- When people don’t put away their shopping cart and just leave it in the parking lot (like wtf?!)

- ‘Mommy’ bots on Tumblr

- People that litter (seriously wtf?!)

- CEI videos that get you all worked up—only to have you cum in your hand at the very end. Borrrrrringggg

- When people say “that’s not mine’s”

- When people beg you to Roleplay chat with them, but they don’t have a scenario in mind. They just like “being humiliated” and expect me to do all the legwork.