why do you like diapers so much?

You can find a more extensive answer to the origination of my kinks here:

But I often get this question from sissy/feminization-enthusiasts that are put off by all the diaper content on my blog.

In all sincerity, I like panties just as much as I like to wear diapers. More specifically: i like to be told to wear those things. Both of them have humiliating aspects to them, and therein lies the rub.

My blog used to have pretty equal parts panty:diaper stuff. But after The ‘Great’ Tumblr Purge it became increasingly difficult to post strictly sissy stuff. That world centers more around dildoes and forced bi for me, a lot of which is strictly not allowed to be posted on this site. So over time there was a gradual shift to more diaper stuff, as it’s easier to hide genitals and have as ‘explicit’ of content as I can within Tumblr’s extremely tight parameters. 

So with the shift of content came a shift in followers. The vast majority of my followers are sissy babies. And those that are strictly sissy and not interested in diapers either unfollowed me after all my diaper content and/or left the site completely.

As a result, when I post strictly sissy stuff, it gets little to no response. Most of them are only around 100 notes if i’m lucky, whereas most diaper stuff averages around 300. 

I know I shouldn’t care what garners attention or useless ‘notes’, but it’s more of a return-on-time-investment thing. If i’m going to invest time and energy into making gifs/captions, I’d like more people to enjoy them. As opposed to only pleasing a narrow audience.

Sorry that became so long-winded.

TL;DR: I like diapers and panties equally. The reasons are complicated. I apologize that I mostly post diaper stuff on my blog but it is what it is.

As always, thanks for the ask!