Sixty seconds is not that long. Not in the grand scheme of things. Goes by in a flash. Blink a few times and it’s over. But…when you’re standing in the busiest public park in your city in your diapers and holding up your shirt to show off your pretty bra, and your mistress has ordered you to stand in that position for 60 seconds, well, one minute can last forever.

60 long seconds. Sixty seconds standing there in soiled diapers, cursing the fact you ever met your domme. Sixty seconds exposed in Pampers, wishing you weren’t controlled by these perversions. Sixty seconds with your titties encased in a bra, hoping and praying nobody walks by. Sixty seconds hoping the odds are in your favor and that somehow people won’t walk through the most popular spot in the whole park. Could you do it, sissy? Well you better, or all those pictures of you in your diapers are going to your family and friends. Just hold that pose, slut. Eventually you will hear voices and all you can hope is that the people will walk another direction. Who’s going to find you? A young couple who will be appalled and disgusted at the diaper sissy in their midst? Imagine someone like this in their town! Might call the police. Or maybe a local school group checking out the birds will see you. How do you think the teacher and teen boys and girls will react? Imagine the laughter! The cruel taunts by that clique of girls! The threats by the football players to beat you up, you pansy! Or imagine some gay guys come by. Oh my. Imagine they like the look of a helpless, submissive sissy exposed in diapers and a bra. Imagine they think you are hot. Imagine they put you on your knees on the gravel and force you to suck cock while wearing messy diapers. Oh, boy. What a scene. Sixty seconds, slut. Not very long, is it?