“Diaper or bells today, Sasha?” her Mistress retorted.

    It was a decision she was permitted on the rare occasion when her owner, Mistress Kitra, was feeling overly generous.  Normally, Sasha had no say in her daily attire as each piece to her pathetic and overtly feminine wardrobe was selected by Mistress.  

    It was a difficult decision for her to make, nonetheless.  Choosing diapers would prohibit her from any potty breaks the remainder of the day.  She had become all too familiar to the feeling of her urine soaked garment forcing her legs further apart as the day drug on. Each tinkle from her chaste clitty would betray what little humility remain.

    Likewise, wearing a diaper meant breaks would be an unnecessary and unwarranted interruption throughout the day.  She knew, from previous experience, that she would be required to work interruption free until bedtime later that evening.  

    Alternatively, wearing her locking heels adorned with cute bows and jingling bells meant her every motion would be monitored.  “A jingling sissy is a busy sissy.” Her Mistress would remind her.  If Mistress didn’t hear her charge jingling from someplace in the house, it was safe to assume she was misappropriating her energy.  Discipline was certain to follow if that occurred.

    “Well?”  Mistress asked once more just before the doorbell chime echoed throughout.  

    “It seems our first guest of the day is early, sissy.  Since you’ve waited too long you’ll be wearing both today.  Now finish getting dressed and meet me in the foyer for today’s orders.  We’re going to have a very full house soon…”

    Sasha’s heart sunk at the realization she was going to experience the worst of both choices.  

    As she made her way down the stairs she could see her ex-fiancée and her new husband waiting in the foyer for her.  

    “Oh my, what a sight you are today, Sasha!  Erick and I can’t wait to see and hear you pamper us throughout the day.” His ex said with a sly smirk.

    “I’ve got just the thing to keep you dry while you’re at work sweetie! You see, when girls leak throughout the day, they have to wear a pad to protect their panties. Well when wittle sissies like you leak through their wittle chastity device from all that pent up fwustwation, they wear diapers! That way we can keep your panties dry the wholllle day!!”

    Sixty seconds is not that long. Not in the grand scheme of things. Goes by in a flash. Blink a few times and it’s over. But…when you’re standing in the busiest public park in your city in your diapers and holding up your shirt to show off your pretty bra, and your mistress has ordered you to stand in that position for 60 seconds, well, one minute can last forever.

    60 long seconds. Sixty seconds standing there in soiled diapers, cursing the fact you ever met your domme. Sixty seconds exposed in Pampers, wishing you weren’t controlled by these perversions. Sixty seconds with your titties encased in a bra, hoping and praying nobody walks by. Sixty seconds hoping the odds are in your favor and that somehow people won’t walk through the most popular spot in the whole park. Could you do it, sissy? Well you better, or all those pictures of you in your diapers are going to your family and friends. Just hold that pose, slut. Eventually you will hear voices and all you can hope is that the people will walk another direction. Who’s going to find you? A young couple who will be appalled and disgusted at the diaper sissy in their midst? Imagine someone like this in their town! Might call the police. Or maybe a local school group checking out the birds will see you. How do you think the teacher and teen boys and girls will react? Imagine the laughter! The cruel taunts by that clique of girls! The threats by the football players to beat you up, you pansy! Or imagine some gay guys come by. Oh my. Imagine they like the look of a helpless, submissive sissy exposed in diapers and a bra. Imagine they think you are hot. Imagine they put you on your knees on the gravel and force you to suck cock while wearing messy diapers. Oh, boy. What a scene. Sixty seconds, slut. Not very long, is it?

    Oh, did I surprise you? My my, look at you in that onesie! And such a saggy sodden diaper you’re wearing. Did your Mommy diaper you? No? You diapered yourself, didn’t you? When your wife told you she’d be out of town until tomorrow, you decided to dress and diaper yourself as a Baby. Well, I have more surprises for you. I’m going to stay here with you as your babysitter. I’m going to have fun making you my little infant grandchild. At least until your Mommy gets home with her boyfriend. Oh, didn’t she tell you she’s found you a new Daddy? They’ll be back tomorrow to set up your baby nursery in the spare bedroom. Oh, stop whimpering! You know my daughter never should have married you. Well, be a good little baby and lie down so I can change your wet diaper!

    “I could watch him groan and moan all day. Listening to his diaper crinkle as i tease him and berate him for being such a pathetic little slave. I’m not sure what hurts him most: his swollen balls, his caged cock, the 4 inch plug, or his damaged pride.”


    why do you like diapers so much?

    You can find a more extensive answer to the origination of my kinks here:


    But I often get this question from sissy/feminization-enthusiasts that are put off by all the diaper content on my blog.

    In all sincerity, I like panties just as much as I like to wear diapers. More specifically: i like to be told to wear those things. Both of them have humiliating aspects to them, and therein lies the rub.

    My blog used to have pretty equal parts panty:diaper stuff. But after The ‘Great’ Tumblr Purge it became increasingly difficult to post strictly sissy stuff. That world centers more around dildoes and forced bi for me, a lot of which is strictly not allowed to be posted on this site. So over time there was a gradual shift to more diaper stuff, as it’s easier to hide genitals and have as ‘explicit’ of content as I can within Tumblr’s extremely tight parameters. 

    So with the shift of content came a shift in followers. The vast majority of my followers are sissy babies. And those that are strictly sissy and not interested in diapers either unfollowed me after all my diaper content and/or left the site completely.

    As a result, when I post strictly sissy stuff, it gets little to no response. Most of them are only around 100 notes if i’m lucky, whereas most diaper stuff averages around 300. 

    I know I shouldn’t care what garners attention or useless ‘notes’, but it’s more of a return-on-time-investment thing. If i’m going to invest time and energy into making gifs/captions, I’d like more people to enjoy them. As opposed to only pleasing a narrow audience.

    Sorry that became so long-winded.

    TL;DR: I like diapers and panties equally. The reasons are complicated. I apologize that I mostly post diaper stuff on my blog but it is what it is.

    As always, thanks for the ask!


    What is cuter for you a ballerina outfit or a girly bathing ie ones likes barbie? Also what is a big pet peeve for you?

    I think it would depend on the actual outfit itself as opposed to a category. So why don’t you send me a pic of two or three and i’ll tell you which i prefer 😅

    I have a lot of pet peeves. Some, but not all, include:

    - People that put a “b” in the word “supposedly”

    - Tumblr posts that have a generic caption that says “reblog to your diaper blog if you ALSO like diapers”

    - When drinks are loaded into a fridge and the labels aren’t all facing forward

    - When people comment “wish this was me” or “why can’t i find someone to do this to me?!?! 😩” on every single post

    - When people don’t put away their shopping cart and just leave it in the parking lot (like wtf?!)

    - ‘Mommy’ bots on Tumblr

    - People that litter (seriously wtf?!)

    - CEI videos that get you all worked up—only to have you cum in your hand at the very end. Borrrrrringggg

    - When people say “that’s not mine’s”

    - When people beg you to Roleplay chat with them, but they don’t have a scenario in mind. They just like “being humiliated” and expect me to do all the legwork.


    How often are you diapered? Are you in chastity?

    I actually don’t diaper up that often. Maybe once or twice a month. And i’m kind of ashamed to say i’ve never once experienced chastity. Which i guess makes me a phoney considering how often i use it as a theme in my writing 😅


    Do you like Taylor Swift?

    I’m indifferent to her. She’s not really my cup of tea, but i did like her first album. I haven’t really listened to much of her since.

    My favorites are Country and Heavy Metal. She doesn’t really fall into the former genre any more, and i doubt she’ll ever venture into the latter 😂


    What's the most humiliating thing you've ever done or been told to do?

    I was told by an online mistress to RP with people on kik and make them cum. That was fine, i do that all the time anyway, though she eventually found me some...weirder ‘clients’ that were out of my comfort zone. So that was different.

    But then she made me Cam with a guy on Kik. Having to submit to a real male and use a dildo on myself amongst other things while he stroked his cock was by far the strangest and most submissive feeling i’ve ever endured....

    ...and i still masturbate to that experience regularly.


    What sissy outfit do you want the most?

    So i LOVE questions like this because they get my pathetic wittle sissy brain going AND i get to go shopping!

    So I feel like there’s a few stereotypical outfits every sissy gurl should have:

    The Sissy Maid


    This one’s cute, but the neckline is a bit too high and conservative for me. I do like the mixture of frills and satin though!


    This one is more my style, a bit sluttier, but still has the satin and frills.

    The Sissy Schoolgirl


    I really like this one, it’s SUPER slutty and plays the stereotype well, and that ‘fuck me’ skirt just screams “Bend me over and take me anywhere, sir!”

    The Sissy Cheerleader


    This one is nice, but obviously is in the wrong color....

    The Sissy Baby


    Isn’t this one adorable?? It’s like someone said “I want to make a dress that looks like diapers, for someone that WEARS diapers!”

    So what do we do? Which one to pick?

    I feel like I want one that encompasses all the stereotypes, is cute, and slutty all at the same time.


    That’s why i picked this cute one! It has a little bit of everything!


    But then I came across this one! And I love the idea of someone bending me over, hiking up my skirt, and unbuttoning my onesie to fuck/spank/use me. So this one, this is the winner!

    Thank you so much for the ask and giving me something to occupy my last 3 hours! :)