“Did you just piss in my fucking car? Are you kidding me?! You coudln’t hold it for FIVE more minutes until we got to the beach?

    “Seriously, we try to have a nice day out in the sun and you can’t even make it to our destination without pissing your fucking pants!! Well...I have the perfect solution!”

    “You’re gonna spend YOUR day waddling around the beach and splashing in the water in a diapy like a little. fucking. BABY. Your diaper is gonna get all wet and sandy and droopy and you’re gonna look like such a pathetic loser because--let’s be honest--you are! And we’re gonna have to tell anyone that comes over and asks about your wittle diapy that you have to wear it because you don’t know how to control yourself!”

    Full clip can be found athttps://www.clips4sale.com/studio/139231/diaper-therapy

    "Agghh i'm sorry we were so loud in there hubby but he was just SO fucking good! Gah! The way he pulls my hair and fucks me so. freaking. hard. is AMAZING! It's nothing like you could ever do honey! And that's why his beautiful dick gets to go in my wet, sloshy pussy and yours only gets to go in wet, sloshy DIAPERS!! Hahahaha!"

    “Come on honey…don’t you think this is a bit ridiculous?” “Ridiculous?? No, what’s ridiculous is that you have neglected laundry for so long you’ve ran out of all your clean underwear! I am TIRED of things not getting done around here unless *I* do them. I feel like your mother some times. So…if me constantly berating you can’t get through to you, i guess i need to try…different measures.”

    “Aren’t you just the *CUTEST* wittle thing!! Look at the way you crawl and waddle line a widdle baybee!! Aww!! What’s the matturr?? Is your wittle plug in your bum bum getting uncomfy?? Do you want it out so you can go poopy in your diapy?? Hmm...too bad!! 50 more laps! Just like those little Nascars you watch on TV all day instead of doing anything productive!!”

    My wife always has to make a huge fuss at the neighborhood pool about how I need to wear diapers in the water in case I have an “accident”. But i can’t wear ‘normal’ diapers, no. I have to be changed into special ‘swim diapers’. Which of course she can’t already have me in by the time we get there. She has to change me right there on the side of the pool. And somehow she always manages to get a hot young lifeguard to help her. Sigh...summer sucks.


    I hate it when she makes me wait for a change so she can sit back and text on her phone. I never know who she's tapping away at while smiling.

    Is it one of her friends? The one she's told about my little...diaper habits...or another one who doesn't know yet? Is she telling them now??

    Is it her mother? The one who told her not to marry me because I was a loser and would never amount to anything? Was she right?

    Or is it another man? Someone who can give her everything I can't? A fancy car, nice shoes...an orgasm. Hell, pretty much anyone could provide for her better than I can. Seeing as how the only things I really provide for her are, well...dirty diapers...

    “Now i know you’ve always fantasized about me putting you in a pink diaper and treating you wike a wittle baby gurl, but you don’t get to cum in this diaper! Nonono! You don’t even get to get a wittle baby boner! Nope! Instead! Your itty bitty cwitty gets to stay caged so you can save up alllllll your cum cums for your ba ba when you finally get released! Yep! You guessed it! Then you get to drink it allll down!”

    A soft giggle filled the room as a hand was pressed into the front of his diaper, squeezing just hard enough that he could feel it through all the bulk,

    "My, my, what do we have here? Is my little baby excited from being in his squishy diaper?" He looked up at her, the whine that left him a tell tale sign that he wanted to play. Shaking her head slightly, a grin forming on her lips, she groaped at him again; causing his hips to buck up into her hand. Just as he was getting the friction he so desired, she pulled away; leaving him pouting. " Ah, ah, ah, sweetheart, no rushing now." Rubbing his legs together to try and quell the ache he had between his legs, a whimper left him. It was no where near as good as it felt when she was playing with him, and he groaned in frustration.

    "Look at you, such a little baby who gets excited from being in a warm and squishy diaper, how could I ever think that you were a grown man?" Fingertips glided along the skin of his inner thigh, close enough to the building want he had, but she never went any closer. "Here, if you want to play so badly, then you can do what little babies do and hump the pillows." His face flushed, as he watched her stack up a few pillows and pat the top of them, "Come on now, doesn't my little diaper wetting baby want to get off?" Giving her a shy nod, he mounted the pillows and began to grind into them, the bulk of his diaper cradling his throbbing cock.

    "There we go, such a good boy listening to mommy, see mommy knows what a little pissy baby like yourself needs." Her hand encouraged his movement by rubbing against his padded bottom, he could feel himself getting to the peak faster and faster. "What a pathetic little baby you are hmm?" As she cooed more humiliating words at him, he could feel himself beginning to peak, his breath coming out in short gasps. Suddenly he felt her pressed into him, thrusting along with him, grinding his sensitivity into the pillow harder. A hand pulled at his hair, as she pressed her lips against his ear, "Cum for me sweetheart, cum for mommy my little diaper boy." He saw stars as his orgasm overtook all his senses, a strangled moan coming from his mouth as he filled his diaper just a little bit more. Dropping to the bed he panted, and he heard her giggling behind him,

    "Would you look at that, cumming in your diaper like the little baby you are." She placed a gentle kiss on his head, stroking his padded bottom, "Such a good boy you are for mommy."


    Congrats on your First cage what’s your thoughts on it?

    I’m really happy to finally have a firsthand account of it and be able to experience something i’ve been writing about for so long.

    I got it to help me write (so i can describe the feeling accurately. But also because i tend to write a little, then start shwanking it and cumming before i make significant progress) but i was worried my wife wouldn’t be supportive of it.

    Once i introduced the notion that i could possibly make money from my writings she was fully on board. And has been super supportive of me having a blog and eventually starting a Patreon. She was also surprisingly thrilled about the chastity device, and has been keeping me in it almost every day since i got it.

    It’s been a lot of fun, and also frustrating at the same time. But i love it!!


    Do you have any recommendations for a chastity cage that fits well under a diaper? (If possible, pink would be great!) Mine is so "frontfacing" that it creates a massive bulge in the diaper

    Haha i actually bought my first two chastity cages this past week to try them out.

    FYJENNICC New Upgrade Key... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074MGGTFH?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    This one is very “downward” facing, is pretty comfortable, and extremely affordable compared to others i was shopping for. Try it out and lmk if you like it!

    “Ummm…did you just go poo poo?!” *SMACK!*

    “BAD boy!!  *SMACK!*

    “You know you’re not supposed to go #2 while we’re on shift!”  *SMACK!*  *SMACK!*

    “Yea! Now you’re going to have stay in that little mess until the next girls get here!”  *SMACK!* *SMACK!*

    “Because we don’t change poopy diapers, do we?!”  *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!*

    “We sure don’t!!”  *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!*