Stepmother’s revelation

    I stood rooted to the spot as my new, young stepmother called to my dad to come to the room. As we waited for him, she met my eyes.

    “You’re lying,” I told her again, though the confidence in her eyes unnerved me. She was so sure of herself - how could I have been wrong?

    Dad entered the room, and she looked at him sternly. “I have told your son about the nature of our marriage, and he doesn’t believe me. Now, as you know, when I agreed to marry you, I told you I would have unquestioned authority over ALL the males in this house, including you and your son. You were supposed to tell him and you did not, so you have to be punished.”

    I glanced at my dad, and saw a blush rising in his face. He wouldn’t look at me. I felt my own courage faltering.

    “No,” I said softly. “No, dad, tell me this isn’t true.”

    My new stepmom, Nicole, snapped her fingers. “Strip naked, now!”

    Dad began to undress. I watched in rising horror, unable to fathom this new reality. Was he really obeying this woman, his new young wife, who’d once been his secretary at work? Had he really promised that she would exercise disciplinary control over both of us, and that I, a boy about to graduate from school, not much younger than she, would have to surrender to that authority as well.

    “This is a female led marriage, not just a wife-led marriage,” Nicole said to me. “The Female, me, is the leader of all the males, in this case, you and your dad.”

    When my dad was naked, I glanced and saw, to my surprise, he was hard! Nicole sat down on a chair, a hairbrush in her hand, and he draped himself over her denim-clad thighs meekly, still unable to look at me. The woman held him in place and looked at me sternly.

    “Strip,” she commanded me. “You’re next, and you had better be completely naked by the time I’m finished with him. Once you’re completely nude, turn and face the wall and put those hands behind your back. I’m going to tie you up before I spank you.”

    She spanked my dad, and I watched, frozen, and found myself suddenly very aroused. The arousal was unexpected and frankly, unwelcome, but there was no denying it. 

    Nicole paused the spanking when she saw I hadn’t moved. “I told you to get naked! Oh, and from now on, you will both be naked in the house, since you’re both under my control, and you, poor boy, will address me as Mommy from now on, since you are going to be punished like my little boy. Now take off your clothes and get against that wall.”


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