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    Suggestive Dirty Talk Options

    I find that the biggest obstacle in dirty talking is how to start it. That first thing you break the ice with. It can feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. I’m a big fan of something I call the and then what technique. Basically you just start with a rather innocent question or statement and then evolve into the next natural thing that would happen. So you say something, and then pretend someone asks you “and then what” and then you answer that question.

    So let’s pretend for a second you’re on top of your man, riding him cowgirl style and you want to spice it up a little.

    Simply starting with a “you like the way I fuck you?” Is enough to break that awkward ice. He’ll answer yes of course. And then what? “then imagine how Mark (using names of actual guys you know works amazingly) would feel if I fucked him like this”

    And then what?

    “I would bounce up and down his cock just like this. He’ll get to feel how tight your wife’s pussy is”

    And then what?

    “then I want him to….”

    You get it.

    Reliving the past

    My husband is very much into hearing stories about guys I used to fuck so this one is his favorite type of dirty talk. The way it goes is when I give him a handjob, blowjob or even ride him, I would say something like “you like the way I stroke your dick?” (asking if he likes it is always a great way to break the ice and initiate dirty talk without feeling awkward). This always gets me a very enthustiastic “YES!” to which I answer something like “this is exactly how I used to stroke [name of guy I used to fuck]’s cock…” (pause for dramatic effect) “except… His was a lot bigger than yours”. This line alone is usually enough to almost bring him over the edge, and if not it’s a great way to go into more details - how did it feel to stroke a much bigger dick, would you do it again, perhaps the guy used to get so horny that he would fuck you before you could finish the handjob, etc. Details, details, details, I can’t stress it enough.

    Fair warning: not everyone is into hearing about your past! Make sure your husband is into that before springing this on him.

    The commentator

    This one is super easy because you don’t feel like you’re talking dirty, you’re just saying what’s on your mind. So the way it works is to watch porn with your man and simply make comments about the movie playing. Particularly about the guy and what you like about him. Compliment his dick, go into details about what you like about him, think out loud like “I really wish I could get fucked like that one day” / “look how big his dick is. He would make me cum so fast with that”

    If you’ve fucked someone who reminds you of the guy, by all means tell your husband about it. Watching a porn with a guy who’s fucking some girl senseless and hearing your wife drop the bomb that the guy is the exact same size as some dude she dated in college is a sure way to make your husband look at the porn and all he will see is you being fucked right there on the screen. Very hot for both of you.

    The yes ladder

    This is a really simple but very effective technique that is easy for new dirty talkers and is guarantueed to drive him crazy.

    In a nutshell what you do is ask him some questions that all leads to a yes. With each question the intensity in what you’re asking increases. There’s something crazy hot about this almost confessional way of talking dirty and being “forced to admit” your deepest fantasies. This is a great way to get yourself going, and to test out boundaries.

    Optional: let him know ahead of time that you’re going to ask him questions and if he says no just once, he don’t get to cum. See what he’s willing to say yes to - just remember these are forced and horny yesses expressing what he likes in the heat of the moment. They don’t necessarily count in real life.

    Example of a yes ladder.

    “you like this huh”

    “would you like it if i did this to another guy?”

    “would you let me pick any guy i want?”

    “what if i want a guy who’s bigger than you, would you allow that?”

    “do you want him to fuck me hard?”

    “what if he makes me cum really hard, can you handle that?”

    “what if he makes me scream out his name, can you still handle it?”

    “can I fuck him right here in our bed?”

    “would you allow me to fuck someone I’ve dated before?”

    “even if he really knows how to fuck me good?”

    “what if I want him to fuck me while you wait in the other room, will you do that?”

    You get it, just continue like this. Make the questions increasingly more provocative and test his boundaries, maybe even cross them if you know he can handle it.

    The O-bomb

    This method works extremely well if you’ve been teasing and playing with him for a while, keeping him right on the edge and he’s SO close now that you can make him cum any second.

    All there is to it is asking him “do you want to cum?” he’ll answer yes almost pleading. And that’s when you drop the O-bomb. The O-bomb is some of the blue thought you put into his head and force him to cum to before he can even react.

    For example: he just said yes he wants to cum. You then say “good. I want you to cum while you think of me cumming all over (name)’s big dick” and then you simply force him to cum before he even gets a chance to react. As he’s cumming you keep feeding him the thought over and over until he’s done. “yes, cum while you imagine how he makes me scream” etc.

    The story

    My personal favorite. One thing is to talk about imaginary stuff that could maybe some day happen. Another is to talk about stuff that actually already happened simply by telling him a story about some incredible hot sex you’ve had, either because the circumstances where hot, because the guy knew what he was doing and fucked your brains out or the guy happened to be seriously hung.

    This is also super simple for you because you dont have to make anything up, you simply just tell what happened and describe the situation.

    Don’t worry about elaborate descriptions or anything. Trust me he’ll ask you to elaborate when he hears something he likes. Just describe what happened and how it felt for you. Especially the “how it felt” part is very important.

    The talk

    Now in the safety rules i told you to talk about what he likes and dislikes without touching him so his arousal won’t reflect his answers. This time you do the exact opposite. Simply have a conversation about what he likes while slowly touching his dick. There’s something really hot about just talking while casually stroking him. And you’ll be able to measure his response simply by the way his dick throbs, which is incredibly hot.

    How to start it: just casually ask him a question about his likes and as he answers you slowly start touching him while asking him more questions.

    The close your eyes and imagine

    Sometimes it can be a lot easier if your husband can’t see you when you talk dirty.


    “close your eyes. Do you like my hands on. Your dick? Now imagine i was doing this to another guy. Stroking his big dick just like this. I would be so turned on knowing it isn’t you. My pussy would want to feel him inside me. Imagine how he would push me down and fuck me. Imagine how i would gasp when he starts to stretch me. How I would scream when he goes deeper than you.”

    Do you see how the above also make use of the and then what technique to tell the next part of the story?

    Putting it all together

    Now, I know reading about it and actually doing it is two very different things. When you’re first starting out I actually advice you to plan out your dirty talking. This might not be as sexy and spontaneous, but while you’re still getting the hang of it it’s nice to be a little prepared so you don’t run out of things to say. I would also advice you to start off doing it while giving a handjob, as you will have a much easier time focusing on what to say than if you were giving a blowjob or having sex.

    Let’s break the ice with an innocent “do you like the way it feels when I stroke your cock?”

    When he says yes I would then say something like “good…. Now close your eyes” wait for him to do it.

    Then: “would you like it if I did this to another man?” - “yes”

    Then: “you know, [name of ex / bull / fantasy guy] used to love when I stroked his dick. Of course his was a lot bigger than yours, I could barely close my hand around it”

    Then: “do you like that, thinking about how I used to stroke his big cock?” - “yes”

    Then: “having that big cock in my hands always made me feel so tiny and horny”

    Then: “do you want me to show you how I used to suck him?” - “yes”. Then put all your effort into giving the best head you have ever given.

    Then: “mmh… Can you imagine how good his cock must have felt in my mouth? I used to suck him just like that until he came in my mouth”.

    By now he should be getting pretty close, so it’s time put on the finale. Ask him “do you want to cum?” - “yes”. Start stroking him faster.

    “tell me…” - make him say that he wants to cum.

    “I want you to cum while you think of me getting fucked by [name]. He would always make me cum so hard. Imagine how I used to scream his name” - if you really want to go all out you could start moaning the name of this other guy, whether that’s your bull, an old fling, your husband’s friend or who ever you like to fantasize about.

    Do you see how easy it flows from do you like it, to imagine it’s someone else, to describing how you used to do or would do it on someone else?

    With time it will come naturally and you won’t have to plan ahead, but to begin with it’s nice to have an idea of how you want to start it, how you want to end it and how you bridge that gap.

    There you have it. My secrets to driving your husband wild. Now go… Make him lose it.


    Hotwife lifestyle

    A guide to entering the Hotwife lifestyle

    You are having an affair? Fall in love to your lover maybe? Daydreaming of him all the time? Constantly wet? Your husband gets hard when you tell him something about those things? And he wants you even more? You want to have them both in your life and don’t want to get divorced?

    The Hotwife livestyle is solution for you then.

    So you are now one of the millions of women who learned she has a husband with fantasies about you having sex with other man. Welcome to our club. Hopefully you’re past the shock. Maybe you have even reached that point where there is no need for me to tell you how lucky you are.

    If you’re like most of us, you were unaware that your husband had these desires. You were living the married life thinking that you knew your husband better than he knew himself. Ha! Too funny.

    Depending on how long you’ve been married, things may have cooled off in the bedroom. Face it. The rut comes to every bedroom. If it hasn’t don’t be lulled into thinking it won’t happen to you. Then you somehow found out about his secret fantasy, and hopefully decided that there is a solution for the both of you. Lucky you, even if you don’t know it yet.

    Take a moment and think about the potential. See all of those other unhappy women out there in boring, sexless marriages? See all those other women around you having affairs, lying to themselves and their husbands, and risking messy divorces? Don’t laugh at them. They were once you, or could have been you. But now you will end up different from them. If you read this and follow it you’re going to find yourself on a road that will return you to sexual fulfilment, feeling as confident as when you were first married, in love with your husband again and appreciating him more than ever.

    A Hot Wife is a woman who is free to have sex with other/s with her husband’s knowledge, approval and encouragement. The wife is free to play with other/s, while the husband remains completely monogamous and faithful only to her.

    Sound crazy? Well believe me when I tell you it is easy to do and your sex life will be better than you imagine. In this new relationship the husband is often called a cuckold, which just means a man with a cheating wife. Of course cheating is a misnomer, since the wife’s actions are not hidden from the husband, and he is very aware of her activities. In fact, his awareness and approval is one of the most important ingredients. It will turn him on like nothing you’ve ever done before.

    First, go slowly. Do not rush it. Having a husband that enjoys this lifestyle is different, so you need to nurture the relationship first and foremost, while moving into the lifestyle slowly. What you want to do is encourage his desires for you to be with other man, and make it as pleasurable for him as it is for you.

    If you go slowly and follow my advice, in time you will have a husband that will let you do anything sexually. Anything! (When I say anything – I mean anything). And he will want you to do more. He will find himself anticipating it as much as you. He will get his sexual satisfaction from YOUR encounters with other man, and most importantly he will be drawn to you like never before, and more in love with you than at any time in your marriage!

    As you begin, you MUST remember one very important fact. Hot Wife is not just about sex. It’s also about CONTROL. If you are like most women, your husband has been in control so far in your marriage. Right? Well, now you can change that.

    Hot Wife is about what YOU want. YOUR sexual pleasure. YOUR sexual control. I know it sounds strange. But once you’ve experienced it you WILL enjoy it immensely! Think YOU not HIM. As selfish as it may sound at first, doing so will turn him on more than anything you’ve ever done yet! The change in you by itself will begin to arouse him.

    Now, here’s what to do the first few times. After that, once you’ve got a taste of it (and he’s thirsty for more), you can do as you damn well please. After all, you are the Hot Wife! (You won’t read stuff like this anywhere else.)

    Remember rule #1 - The goal is for YOU to be in control of the sex, not him. You do what you want; when you want; and how you want; with whom you want and have him go along with it. Got it?

    First, you have to set the groundwork from the beginning. If you do it right, he will be totally faithful and a perfect husband to you, as he learns to get his sexual satisfaction in the lifestyle as a result of YOUR being satisfied. Meanwhile you can have fun with your new freedom and let out the little slut that’s bottled up inside every woman.

    DON’T let him decide what kind of sex or how much sex or who you should have sex with. Remember this - NO CHOICE and NO VOICE. He should have no say in whether or not you jack a man off, or if you chose to screw the entire staff of Starbucks. He should have no say in whether you go out to another man’s home, or bring a man into your bedroom (I know you want to try this – it turns you on). He should have no say in when it happens, or whom you choose. You want to be the one in control. Trust me, YOU will love it once it happens, and HE will too (even if he doesn’t know why).

    When you decide you’re going to go out and meet someone, or have someone over, just tell your husband, in a very matter of fact tone. Don’t give him a choice in the matter. Say, “I’m having someone over tomorrow evening and we’re going to spend some time in bed.” Or say, “I’m going out with someone Friday night and I plan to go home with him afterward”. That’s it. You have to share as many details as you want (before and after) but don’t let him try to influence you or allow him to shape the event. Be firm. Make it clear that you are making the decision because it’s what you want. Take control of your sexuality and control that aspect of your relationship for that night.

    It’s fine to tell him what’s going to happen before you do it. That is a big part of the excitement for many couples and also your wild-card for your freedom. Share all of the details while he has an erection. But the idea is to show him that you’ve made a decision based on YOUR needs and desires, and his needs are secondary to your needs right now. Show him that you’re a horny woman who’s taken charge of getting yourself satisfied without him. The idea that you will go to another man for your sexual fulfilment will drive him crazy with lust for you (trust me!). Absolutely the best way to tell him all things above is when you have sex with him (with intercourse or without). In the moment of coming he knows that your demand of having sex with another man in unavoidable.

    It’s also important to keep him involved every step of the way. Share everything. Depending on your relationship level, you may want to keep him up-to-date of your discussions with the other man, share details of your plans, etc. It’s important to keep him involved.

    This creates a sexually charged experience for him, even before you have ANY sex at all! If you are having thoughts about calling someone to meet this weekend even though it is most likely that this will never occur, tell him. Let the suspense and excitement build. It’s a game. Share it with him and it will excite you BOTH.

    When the big day arrives to meet a man, be deliberately aloof and distant from your husband the entire day. Give him some tasks to keep him busy, maybe something that helps prepare for your evening. Perhaps send him out to buy a nice bottle of wine or a new lingerie.

    Many couples enjoy the ritual of the husband helping the wife prepare herself for a date. You can have him help you bathe or shower. Have him put on your panties and stockings. I talk to my husband and tease him, I tell him to get me ready for the other man’s cock, etc.

    Doing this lays the groundwork early on. It puts you in charge and creates an atmosphere where he begins to mentally relinquish his rights to you, as part of turning you over to another man. Let he jerks off besides you while you whisper what you will do that night to your lover. Doing this also reinforces the new power you have. It will also make the sex more intense between the two of you during the next few days. It’s an important part of the game that has powerful appeal, and helps bond you together.

    Here’s another tip - treat your lover like you treated your husband WHEN YOU WERE DATING. Ladies, you know what this means. Let your slut come out! Plenty of oral sex. Plenty of fucking. Multiple times if possible. Give him all he wants, until he can’t see straight and you can’t walk straight! When he’s done, continue to pamper him EXACTLY as you would your husband, right up until the goodnight kiss at the door.

    After he leaves, you think you’re done and now it’s time for some sleep? Surprise girl! It’s not close to being over yet.

    The next step is VERY important if you want to keep doing this. It’s important that your husband support your Hot Wife life, and that he be behind you all the way. So, even if you’re tired, you must immediately turn ALL your attention to your husband. Turn off the distant, sex-starved Hot Wife games you played earlier and become ALL HIS AGAIN!

    Let him reclaim you as his own. Reassure him that you’re still his wife and that you love him even MORE for allowing you this night of pleasure! Depending on the couple, you may or may not have intercourse right away BUT you have to have some kind of sexual interaction with your husband. I the beginning try to have intercourse even if you are not in the mood. In later stages you can just give him blowjob or jerk him off while you tell him dirty details. I personally perform some of above and CLEAN UP duty. This is where the husband licks the lovers cum from the wife’s pussy or off of her breasts. It can be EXTREMELY arousing for both involved! It’s a primal reaction serving to both reclaim the wife and show the husband’s subservience to her pleasure. But even though they desire this, most husbands will not do this on their own. Your husband usually wants you to ORDER HIM to perform clean up duty. He cannot explain himself that he allows you to have sex with your lover but if you tie his hands and order him to clean you he doesn’t have choice. Right? This maintains the woman’s sexual dominance in all areas of the Hot Wife lifestyle. My biggest turn on is to come back in a sweat lingerie with few drops of my lovers cum both on my breasts and in my vagina. Sometimes I sit on him and sometimes I just jerk him off. It turns me on when I tie him down while he is desperate and horny.  

    Over the next few days, reassure him that you love him and care about him, that you’re his wife forever. Most importantly, remind him that you LOVE the fact that he lets enjoy this lifestyle. Tell him how much you enjoyed that night. Tease him while replaying the night over and over. Tell him you can’t wait to do it again. Tell him how self-assured and unique he is to be able to share you the way he does, and how you appreciate the freedom he gives you.

    After few months you will be bored of having sex with your husband all the time, especially if he is not good in bed like your lover. That is very delicate part of being a hotwife. In his head everything is about sex. Even though you love him completely (OK, you love your lover a little bit – aren’t you?), that’s not enough for him. He has to have a kind of sexual interaction with you more or less every single day. Sounds tough right? It is. Sometimes it makes me crazy and I hate him for not being perceptive for me and my body. But if you think that is a small price you have to pay for you pleasure and for your marriage (you don’t want to divorce – don’t you?). So don’t avoid those situations when he wants sex. If you are not in the mood just tell him to jerk off while you tell him some dirty details from your last date or, even better, tell he what you will do next time with your lover.

    If you do this, the lifestyle will become an important part of your sexual relationship and it will grow into the most exciting sex life you’ve ever enjoyed together. In time, his most intense sexual pleasure will come from you HAVING SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE, as crazy as that might sound. And what could be better for you? You get to take charge of your sex life. You get to explore new sexual horizons most married women never experience. Your husband will love and adore you more than he ever has, and you BOTH stay sexually fulfilled.

    There is so much to experience in this lifestyle that you’ll never be bored. If you lay the right groundwork and do it correctly from the beginning, you can have a supportive, open-minded husband and the freedom to do whatever you want with his blessing. To me, there is no better marriage than one that is open and sexually permissive. Without my loving husband involved in my new life, I would probably have long ago been divorced and miserable by now. So get out there and get started.


    Good stuff here … everyone’s idea of the hotwife - cuckold relationship is a little different … but some good things to think about …


    What a FANTASTIC article.. so much great info here.


    Hotwife Lifestyle - Understanding Our Man’s Hotwife Fantasy and How to Use That to Our Advantage

    The fantasy of having a “Hotwife” is growing, in fact, research shows it is growing at a higher rate than a good majority of the other lifestyle alternatives, including the old staple of “swinging” and the modern “open relationship”.  Why is it that a fantasy that revolves around only one part of a relationship – the woman – going out and finding pleasure from another man more intriguing to an increasing number of men than going out and “getting some” for himself?  

    Basic psychology tells us that men are highly competitive creatures.  They have a drive to compete with other males of the species for the best mate – this isn’t so much different than what happens in the animal kingdom.  Most men have an innate drive to compete with other men when it comes to the “best mate” or the “most attractive woman”.  With this being said, one of the reservations of most women who find out about their husband or partner’s Hotwife fantasy is that he is somehow “weaker” than the rest because he wants to give up his position as your only partner.  Is this really true, though?  Could the truth lie somewhere within today’s man’s loss of natural competition in everyday life, and a desire to maintain a level of competition after marriage or “monogamy”?  Is this weakness, or rather the ultimate confidence?  

    Cuckholding aside, because this aspect of the fantasy requires a bit more in terms of a “woman led” relationship, and a bit more from the man in terms of a desire for mental sadomasochism, a good majority of men enjoy the idea that they have been able to “capture” the best mate and even when she’s out having amazing physical and emotional experiences with men who may have qualities that actually supersede their own – a better body, a larger cock, youth, more prowess in bed – their woman actually WANTS to come back to them at the end of the night.  While most Hotwife-Husbands do get some level of turn-on from the jealousy and the possibility that their Hotwife may actually be enjoying their dates more than they enjoy being “at home”, the overwhelming desire is the competition and the “win” in terms of having a wife who chooses them again and again even after being allowed to go out and have other men.  

    As Hotwives, we may be the focus of the fantasy, but there is that deeper and more psychological desire of a man who, even after committing to one woman, is able to compete with other males sexually.  This is why the desire for “reclaiming” a Hotwife after a date is so strong – it’s actually been scientifically proven that men who are able to reclaim a partner after she has been with someone else have an increase in testosterone levels, which means stronger desire, more powerful erections, longer lasting erections, and an overall stronger sex drive.  So, what does this mean for us as Hotwives?

    He Enjoys the Jealousy, Go with It

    As women we’ve learned that inducing some jealousy can actually be a good thing when it comes to dating – before we’ve found our “person”.  We use our female prowess to keep the men who we are seeing guessing…why?  Because they seem more interested in us when it seems as though we may not be 100% there.  So, if this works in the dating world, why wouldn’t it work once we’re married? In contrast, women typically don’t respond as well, or in the same way to jealousy – we tend to worry, question, and sometimes shut down if we feel that he might be “just not that into us”.  Naturally, because of our own feelings on the matter, we tend to avoid making our men jealous once we’ve committed to them, because we, ourselves don’t want to feel as though we’re in constant competition with other, more attractive, sexier, younger, etc., women.  Why would we do something to the man that we love that we, ourselves, would hate?

    For men, though, and especially those with Hotwife fantasies, jealousy is a big component and tool for us to keep our men hot and bothered.  Sometimes just the mere mention of being flirted with by that cute guy at our favorite restaurant, or our interest in the sexy personal trainer at the gym is enough to send our men into a sexual frenzy.  It doesn’t take a lot to feed the fantasy.  It’s not ALL about dates and recounting how well we got worked over in the bedroom (and how much we loved it), though that is the ultimate turn on for our men, it’s also about the little things – the mention of our interest in someone else, the sexy messages that we send to potential lovers or Bulls, the “tease” of how much we loved what our last Bull did for us and how much we’re looking forward to doing it again.  Remember, this ignites the “competition” element of things, which is natural for men.

    The More You Enjoy it, the More He Enjoys it

    You may be thinking, “But I’m doing it for him, I’m not doing it for myself” (a common theme by A LOT of Hotwives), but in reality, our men WANT us to enjoy our encounters. They want to hear about what this “other guy” did for or to is that sent us over the edge, and yes, they want to hear what we liked better about the “other guy”.  I know it seems crazy, because we don’t want to imagine our men, even if we did allow them to be with other women, thinking that their “others” were better, sexier, hotter or had something that we don’t.  That’s because we don’t have that “competition drive” like our men do.

    Let’s face it, despite what our men tell us – “It’s all about your pleasure” or “I don’t get anything out of it unless you’re enjoying it, because I love you so much” – this isn’t some ultimate “unselfish” thing our men are doing for us.  These things come out of their mouths, but what they are really saying is “I want to know that you came three times while he was fucking you, and you STILL want to come home to me”.  It’s their kink, and we have to understand it.  

    So, if you’ve actually taken the step into the world of Hotwifing, you’re going to have to learn how to properly tease your man into believing that, just maybe, your Bull was better than him in some ways.  Whenever you think “But I’m only doing it for him”, follow that us with “I’m doing it for him and he WANTS to know that I absolutely enjoyed it”.  Find some aspect of your encounter that was mind-blowing, and recount, in great detail exactly what it was that sent you over the edge.  This may require a little bit of embellishment, and that’s OKAY…trust me…embellishment is your friend in this situation.  Tell your man about your Bull’s amazing cock, how good if felt, how good he tasted, how fantastic he was at oral sex, etc.  These are the things that will ramp up that competition streak in your man and make him want to reclaim you with increased vigor and desire.  

    The More You Want Someone Else, The More Your Man Wants You

    Again, you’re playing on the competition and the teasing aspect of things here…  The more that you act as if you WANT to be a Hotwife, the more that your husband or partner is going to WANT you.  His desire for you is going to skyrocket, his sexual desire for you is going to make it so that he’s ready to chew his own leg off to get you back in bed.  I have experienced this firsthand many times…if I am completely honest about an “encounter” and admit to “D” that my Bull was lacking in some way, or I didn’t quite “get there”, he isn’t nearly as turned on as when I tell him about how amazing things were.  I don’t like or believe in lying, but I do advocate for being selective and stretching the truth…maybe your lover wasn’t the best at giving oral sex, but maybe he was an amazing kisser, so a good answer would be “he was amazing with his mouth” and leave the rest up for interpretation.  

    We’re women.  We are strong and capable and we are smart.  And the truth is, this is a GAME we are playing for and with our husbands/partners, so we need to get our heads into the game. Furthermore, this is an intellectual game, and we need to use our intellects to get to where we want to be.  Where do we want to be?  We want to have a husband/partner who is absolutely drooling over us, believes we are the ultimate sexual goddess, and in is jealous enough to realize that in order to “compete” they will need to step up their own game in order to “keep” us satisfied – be that with amazing sex, extra romance, other rewards, or all of the above.  

    Happy Hotwifing!



    Always worth sharing.


    Unbreakable Rules: 1. HONESTY…NEVER lie about ANYTHING. 2. COMMUNICATE…Listen to his needs, after all your husband is letting you fuck other men, the least you could do is listen to and fulfill his sexual needs. My husband is a big dominate man but SEXUALLY loves to be told what I’m going to do & how he can’t pleased me, who I want to fuck & little humiliation is in some cases important to the husband ..so guess what ? That’s what I do. 3. NEVER become attached to a lover. DON’T let it happen EVER…FOR ANY REASON. If you do you’re an IDIOT. 4. If you have solo sex, return to your husband as soon as you’re finished fucking your stud so that he can have his wife, fresh AND NASTY from her encounter. Be a SLUT ! 5.ALWAYS RECONNECT with him immediately after sex with someone else. TRAIN him to want to use you. That way he will encourage you to fuck other men for his satisfaction. 6. SHARE the experience with him. This is for the enhancement of your relationship and for mutually exciting sexual experiences….NOT to make other men feel good. Always make sure your hubby feels INVOLVED and SATISFIED and he will put you on a pedistal and let you be the slut you want to be. If husband not present you must video your time with your stud all the times. Ladies, is very important for your husband to feel satisfied make him go crazy for you. Be the nasty slut he wants you to be.



    Cumming Inside Your Wife

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    The thing about dick size...

    I’ve been asked, “If you’re not bi or gay, why do you care if the guy your wife sleeps with has a big dick?” I have a multi-part explanation…

    1. On some level it has to do with conditioning from watching decades of Porn. Most male porn actors have sizable dicks. If the porn you watch triggers arousal, all of the visual cues involved can trigger arousal if they are constantly present at the time of arousal. (See Pavlov) 🐶. This doesn’t mean I want to suck a dick (although it can have that effect on some). I’m just conditioned to prefer seeing size when I watch two people have sex. One appeal of having a Hotwife is that she in a way becomes “your Porn star ⭐️”. I’m used to seeing porn stars take some major dick. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. Part of the appeal of sharing my wife with other men is the thrill of competition. It’s scientifically proven that men are wired to become more aroused and produce more semen in the presence of other males. That’s what makes reclaiming so hot. If you’re competing with a male who’s perceived to be physically superior (at least based on societal standards), then it can only make those competitive juices even stronger, leading to a higher level of arousal.

    3. I want my wife to experience the highest level of pleasure she can get. I don’t feel inadequate, but I am a realist. There are some things I can’t physically do for her. Even if I can give her good sex all the time, I still want her to experience next level sex from time to time. We’re secure enough in our relationship that I’m not threatened by that and she gives me no reason to be. Just like penises vary in length, vaginas vary in depth. I have been with women that couldn’t take all of me inside them. My wife is a little deeper and I’m man enough to acknowledge that I don’t hit bottom. I’m not saying my wife doesn’t have some great pussy (believe me, it’s fantastic! 👌🏼 You should really try it some time. 😉), but she can take more than I have to offer. I still want her to be able to get that full feeling and get the most out of sex whenever possible. Like she says, she “isn’t in this for a downgrade”.

    I equate it to professional sports. I love basketball. I have good fundamentals and a pretty sweet mid-range jumper… but I’m not Lebron James. If I’m bringing my wife to see other people play basketball, I’d much rather choose professionals over some dudes at the YMCA. My baby deserves some MVP dick. 👉🏼👌🏼🏆