Another strong woman showing her new boyfriend that she has control over his behavior.


    Simply beautiful.  Panties - check.  Hairbrush - check.  Strong strict woman - double check.  Spank his pantied bottom, and then pull them down and spank his bare ass until it is redder than his panties


    Come over here boys !! MaryHelenSPANKS.



    If you like F/M spanking fiction...

    I expect that many of my followers are fans of spanking fiction so here’s a list of some links to sites with many, or at least some, F/M spanking stories. Many have other pairings or other elements as well, so view at your own risk!

    Spanking Stories – Jonathan Quincy Graves Spanking Fiction (jqgraves.com)

    colstory (homestead.com) – KD Pierre’s excellent stories

    ASSTR Directory – many of OTKFME’s older text stories

    F/M Spanking Short Stories - A Little Reminder - Wattpad

    Domestic Discipline | Consensual But Very Real Spankings – RL blog – excellent!

    www.pamspanks.blogspot.com– RL blog by Lurking Col – excellent!

    Pairing Index (ficwriter.com) – fanfics by fic writer Jet

    The Little Spanko - The Spanking Fan Fiction Archive (weebly.com)- a few fanfics by The Little Spanko

    F/M – Spanking Life

    Rick's Story Page (asstr.org) - Rick O’s stories

    https://notecraig.wordpress.com- Not E Craig’s stories

    Rollin Hand's Blog (goodreads.com) - less of a blog than of a story resource

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    Laura's Spanking Corner (thespankingcorner.com) – other than the authors above you’ll have to search for yourself

    Spanking Stories: All the Stories (geocities.ws)

    The Disciplinary Couples Club (disciplinedhubbies.blogspot.com) – RL blog by Dan

    Spanking Short Stories (thebarnyard.net) - (very) short stories by Mule

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    RedRump - Art

    Lush Stories – you may need to join but it’s free:

    Erotic Stories | Lush Stories

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    Disciplined Behaviour– blog and fiction

    Good Boy Spankings


    Strict Spanking Stories - sporadic F/M

    New MMSA - main index : male corporal punishment, discipline and BDSM fiction, stories, poetry and more. (malespank.net) – mostly M/M, requires a lot of searching

    Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories & Art (glenmoretales. blogspot. com) - art, almost no text

    Hope you enjoy these!

    list provided by https://beautiful-when-she-s-angry.tumblr.com/