SSMILF Saturday submission for 05/16/20 from @lingerie-4-days!!!


    Just a little dress up time. Aviator style. Happy #SSMILF Saturday


    DAMN woman, I love seeing your beautiful body, and gorgeous boobs in theSSMILF Saturday submission box, @lingerie-4-days.
    Yes, dress up is great, but honestly, it wouldn’t stay on long if I was with you, darling.
    I always say that I’m in love with this beautiful woman’s bedroom eyes and when I first looked at the submission and only saw the first two picture, I didn’t even notice the Aviator outfit because I was captivated by her gorgeous eyes but being “The Boob Lover” it didn’t take me long to notice her SPECTACULAR tits!!!
    It’s so nice to be able to see her delicious areolas and nipples again. 
    The body and breasts on this Super Sexy MILF (SSMILF) is beyond comparison and I’m so glad we can see more of it again!!!

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    Thank you for hosting @sacohen 😋