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    <>Happy 4th of July!!Β Celebrate Independence Day with this photoshoot archive post. Re-live all the Independence Day photoshoots from the women of WWE, dating from 2012 up until the present day.Β 

    Memorial Day Divas Photoshoot 2012

    All-American Divas Photoshoot 2013

    Patriotic Divas Photoshoot 2014

    Sparks Fly Photoshoot 2015

    Superstars let loose at WWE's tailgate party 2016

    Independence Day Divas

    Kairi Sane leaving WWE soon:

    Kairi Sane is leaving WWE and returning to Japan to be with her husband. She made the decision around May time.Β 

    The reason behind her departure is not known but Kairi has suffered no less than three serious injuries since she’s been with WWE and since being called up to the main roster from NXT in 2019 her career has been lack-luster to say the least.Β 

    It’s not yet known how WWE will write her character off TV but she is scheduled to appear on the July 6th and July 13th Raw shows.