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2021-07-28 22:03:43

    I think it's very important for us fags to remember something: when we behave like politically correct SJWs, we are being directly opposed to our own sexuality, we are resisting our nature and covering our true desires.

    For better understanding, see below:

    Take a look at these men.

    All of these hot, shredded, sexy manly hunks

    I'm sure you're very attracted to them, aren't you?

    I'm sure you're getting thirsty now for their abs, muscles, their light skin, their masculinity...

    Well, what if I told you

    That all of these men

    Yes, every single one of those perfect, juicy hunks

    Are Trump supporters/conservatives/republicans/nationalists?

    Yup, all of them.

    Each one of those alpha gods here holds right-wings politic views

    Some are openly Trump enthusiasts, others do it more covertly


    But every single one of them have either shown support for Trump, followed/liked prominent right-wing figures and influencers or promoted conservative patriotism in one way or another

    You may fool yourself into thinking that makes you less attracted to them, but you know that's bullshit

    Deep down your faggot heart, you know you'd still get on your knees to these men any day and any time, you'd be crawling at their feet like a bitch in the bat of an eye

    Just know that this is not a coincidence

    This sexy, intoxicating masculine behaviors and aesthetic that we queers are all addicted to are almost always linked to conservative world-views

    We just can't help but drool for the men that despise us

    Admit it. You want them to call you a faggot, a disgusting queer, a stupid homo.

    You want them to stick it down your throat while they wear their MAGA hats and shout Trump's name.

    All of that toxic masculinity, bigotry and conservatism - you love it. It makes your dick hard. It turns you on. You have the hugest boner right now.

    We fags always fall for the man that would've been our bullies in school. And that's okay. It's in our nature.

    Allow yourself to worship them. Idolize them. Give them all the praise they crave.


    The truth is: every single democrat, liberal, and/or leftist queer would be shaking and falling to their knees in awe if they saw these men at a Trump rally.

    These are the facts: male beauty, masculine sex appeal, manly glory - all of those things we love; if those things were a political organization, it would be the Republican party. There's no point in denying.

    That white, straight, masc, ripped douchebag who called you a fag in school and yet you couldn't help but be attracted to; he's grown up to be a Republican.

    That hot muscled masculine dude you saw on the street and wished he would dominate you like a whore; chances are, he's most likely a conservative, not a democratic. Not a leftist.

    The men we love, the man that fill our fantasies and keep our dicks hard - they are on the right. Not on the left.

    They don't give a shit about or rights, but they all give us a reason to stay alive.

    Our sexuality has a political compass. Male hotness has a side. It's conservative.

    Our dicks grow to the right.

    The hottest men are in the Republican party.

    Trump supporters are the superior type of men.


    The right-wing is the sexier wing.

    The left cannot give us the same amount of hot, raw masculine power.

    Supporting Trump is hot. It makes a guy masculine.

    99% of dudes who work to maintain a masculine aesthetic are conservative. Because masculinity is conservative. And we love it.

    Our hearts say democrats, but our dicks crave republicans. Conservative men are the reason why raw masculinity still exists, and we are grateful for that, 'cause it keeps our orgasms coming.

    I'll recap:

    Yes, every single one of those men in these screenshots have, explicitly or covertly, shown support for conservative, nationalist, right-wing, anti-LGBT stances and worldviews.

    And that doesn't make them less attractive. It makes them 10 times sexier.

    Don't forget:

    Masculinity is conservative. Republican men are the hotter men. Democrats got nothing on them. The hot masc aesthetic is right-wing. And we will never be able to resist it.

    The man of your wildest, hottest fantasies is a Trump supporter who doesn't give a shit about political correctness. The earlier you admit it, the more free you will be.


    So much truth in this, I love it.


    What a great post