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    STORY SAYS pornographers, take heart: Yahoo comes in peace.

    During an investor call Monday morning announcing Yahoo's $1.1 billion acquisition of media network Tumblr, Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer emphasized that Yahoo wants to "let Tumblr be Tumblr," which she suggested would include allowing its numerous X-rated accounts to continue pumping out pornography undisturbed.

    Asked by an investor how Yahoo would balance user and advertiser interests with regard to Tumblr content that is "not as brand safe as the rest of Yahoo" -- content that presumably includes posts by sexually explicit Tumblrs such as "Red Hot Porn," "Porn and Weed" and "Secretary Sex" -- Mayer noted that the diversity of Tumblr's content was "exciting" because it allowed Tumblr, and by extension Yahoo, to reach a far wider audience. She explained that carefully targeting ad placement should allay the concerns of marketers who might be skittish about placing their brand alongside explicit content.

    "I think the richness and breadth of content available on Tumblr -- even though it may not be as brand safe as what's on our site -- is what's really exciting and allows us to reach even more users," said Mayer, who did not mention pornography as such, but referred obliquely to content that was not "brand safe." "One of the ways to start measuring our growth story here is around traffic and users, and this obviously produces a lot of that. In terms of how to address advertisers' concerns around brand safety, we need to have good tools for targeting."

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    HUNDREDS of new photos daily all this week

    Be sure to check back every few hours as I will be loading hundreds of new photos daily all this week. Be sure to click LIKE or REBLOG any photos you enjoy so I know which ones to post more. All guys are from GlobalFight Personals wrestling and boxing parties.

    NEW smokin hot photos coming this weekend

    I am editing hundreds of HOT photos from our GlobalFight Personals Party this week and will be loading them starting this weekend! Something for everyone from smooth muscular jocks to heavyset older hairy musclebears.

    GlobalFight Profiles Free HD Gallery

    These pictures shot for or by profile users at GlobalFight Personals. All men are over 18 with proof on file at GlobalFight admin. Any reference of boy refers to guys between age of 18 and 30. Daddies refers to guys over 40.  If you want to be on our wrestling email list to be notified of gay wrestling parties in FL, PA, TX or LA go to website and click on email link and let me know.  ENJOY!

    Wrestling Party Sex Photos and Webcam

    The louisiana party this weekend was alot of fun with some HOT photos and videos shot. I am posting the pictures here all this week and will be streaming a webcam of the action free all this week.

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    I have one more shoot this week of myself (Gary) and will have new HD pics being loaded as well all week. ENJOY!

    Musclebears and Studs Party Next Month in Louisiana

    GlobalFight will be having an OIL WRESTLING and STUDS JACKOFF PARTY Jan 19 in Louisiana. Info is posted on the main page at Pictures from that event will be listed here that week.

    All the guys in my gallery are over 18 with proof on file at globalfight admin and posted by me or posted to globalfight by my buddies looking for wrestling, boxing or sex pals. They have emails listed so you can contact them at free personals.

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    Gay Mens Photos from Wrestling Boxing Profiles

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    All men posted in my blog are OVER 18 with PROOF ON FILE with globalfight admin.


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    35 new Rassling and Musclemen buddies posted

    All men are over 18 with proof on file with globalfight admin. Some NUDITY CONTAINED in gallery so please be over 18 to view. IF YOU ENJOY ANY GUYS HERE PLEASE CLICK LIKE SO I KNOW TO POST MORE OF THAT GUY.

    40 new Rassling Buddies and Muscle Pals

    ALL men in this gallery are over 18 with proof on file at GlobalFight admin. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO VIEW THIS GALLERY. If you enjoy a photo please click LIKE so I know to post more of that particular guy. BOY and SON refers to guys between age 18-30.

    Another big batch of Hairy Daddies and Smooth Jocks

    MUST BE OVER 18 TO VIEW THIS GALLERY. Be sure to LIKE any pics you enjoy as the more votes I get on a particular guy the more pics I post of him. ALL MEN ARE OVER 18 in my gallery. Boys and Sons refers to my models between age of 18-30.

    40 New Gay Wrestling and Muscle Buddies

    I posted 40 new gay buddies rassling and showing off their bodies today. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to LIKE OR REBLOG anyone you want me to post more photos of that person. Clicking LIKE also lets me know what type of physiques and ages you guys prefer me to shoot and post here.