removing yourself from toxic situations is lonely. removing toxic friends and family members from your life is lonely. learning to be without the people, or outside of the environment you were in for so long–somewhere that might’ve been unsafe or made you unhappy but was still familiar–is lonely. but it isn’t supposed to be easy. you have to choose yourself and you’ll regret it sometimes because you’ve never felt this alone, and yet it’s the right thing to do. learn to be happy with your own company, learn to support yourself the way you wish others would. there’s nothing others can give you that you cannot eventually give yourself.

    you have this idea in your head that the only time you’re worthy of being loved is when you’re at your best. you’re still worthy of being loved when you’re at your lowest. you’re still worthy of being loved when you don’t want to go on anymore. you are still worthy of being loved even when you don’t love yourself. you are a human and therefore always worthy of being loved and don’t you fool yourself into thinking otherwise.