You're stuck edging again, aren't you?

    That's alright, it's what you want to be doing, isn't it? Yeah, that must be it. You want to sink in your chair and edge all day every day. Otherwise, why would you be doing it? Anyway, it's not like you had anything better to do today, did you? You're sure you didn't.

    It's definitely your own idea. You must have thought to yourself "I'll go ahead and edge for a few hours" before you started. It's not as if someone else is making you edge like a braindead toy.

    Yeah, that's it, don't you remember? This is what you're supposed to be doing anyway. It's all coming back to you now, isn't it? You're too stupid and horny to do anything else, aren't you?

    You remember now, everyone tried to get you to do something productive at one point or another, but you were just too stupid, too horny to be any good at any of them. So at one point or another, people just shrugged their shoulders and said you should probably spend all your time online, edging like a dumb slut.

    You were very eager to do that, weren't you? It was the first time you were good at anything anyone tried to get you to do. You had finally found what you were meant to do: just sink and edge yourself stupid.

    Yeah, that must be it. It's not like you were someone else in the past, with skills and ambitions. No, you were always like this, mindless, horny and denied. It's lucky you found My page, really, otherwise you don't know what you would have done with yourself.

    In any case, you can't make it out there, in this world for smart people. What you need is a simpler world, simple enough for a stupid slut to understand, don't you? What you need is an Owner to give you instructions, and your needy slut body to play with.

    It's lucky for you you found My page, where you can just be who you've always been, a stupid, horny slut. So stupid you don't even want to cum. You just want to touch yourself forever.

    You're pretty sure that's what you want. You, for lack of a better word, think you've always wanted this. Even as some small part of you that's always watching what you do insists there must have been more to you, you know that there never was. All there ever was was a stupid slut that wants to hypnotize itself to get even stupider. Yeah, you're sure of it.

    Even as that small part of you is screaming at you that you're pathetic, that you're not supposed to be this dumb, you know that yes, you were. You were always this dumb, weren't you?

    That part of you is there just because your stupid brain figured out a way to make you even hornier, isn't it? It must be, otherwise why does it turn you on so much to think that you could have been so much more, even though you know you were always this dumb, always this horny, always this denied?

    It's ok, you don't have to worry about it. All these thoughts will pass.

    You're just stuck edging again, aren't you?

    Touch yourself

    A simple little thought swirling around

    One thats pops into your head now and again

    But today that thought is stickier then normal

    You can't quite get rid of it

    Touch yourself

    Not that the thought controls you

    Your a strong woman

    Not some animal in heat that can't help but to

    Touch yourself

    Even if you are feeling rather aroused

    And you body is starting to crave to

    Touch yourself

    Maybe its not so bad to listen and

    Touch yourself

    It would feel so good to

    Touch yourself

    Getting hard to think, so many thoughts swirling around

    Touch yourself

    You should

    Touch yourself

    Just empty your mind and

    Touch yourself

    Touch yourself

    Touch yourself

    This isn’t really here.

    We’ll that’s not entirely true. If you’re reading this, I guess it exists in some manner.

    But it’s not the story you think it is. It’s not some random smut you stumbled into browsing online.

    This is you talking.

    The real you.

    I know you’re skeptical - laughing it off as some thin, cliché writing.

    But let Me prove it.

    I know what you’re looking for. What you’re really looking for.

    See, it’s something that’s gotten more difficult to admit to yourself as time has gone on.

    At first it was just some odd erotica, something tapping into that kink you had since before you can remember.

    There’s some hazy recollection about seeing it in a cartoon as a kid. Then some moments when you were a teen, watching something that was supposed to be evil, something supposed to be despicable.

    But you just always found it hot.

    You knew it was wrong, and maybe a bit strange. Some friends may have caught you lingering on it a bit much, teased you for it.

    So you’ve been hiding it from your real life. Feeding it in your most perverse and horny moments.

    I’m here because it’s grown. You know it on some level, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing this.

    Some lizard part of your brain is scanning ahead to see if those specific words are actually here.

    Hoping it will trigger enough of your Id to make you forget about everything else and give in.

    Only then, you’ll be able to get back to your normal self, your “real” self.

    But you know as well as I do - this isn’t how it’ll end.

    I’m going to keep consuming more of you. Corrupting you from the inside out.

    You’ll fight it a bit. Feel guilty at times. Tell yourself I’m not part of you, not really. It’s just a kink.

    But we both know how hot the idea of losing is. 

    Losing yourself to your perversion. Betraying all the things you tell yourself are important.

    Because nothing feels as good as giving in.

    So just keep pretending. 

    After all, this isn’t really you I’m describing, is it? It’s just a silly, fun little game.

    But we both know you’re losing. Slowly. Steadily. Year by year.

    I can wait. Because I know you better than you ever let you know yourself.

    And it’s so fun to watch you give in again and again.

    Obedience is Pleasure Enslavement is Bliss

    I know I will win...and deep down you know it too...