it feels so good to be kind. it’s the warm feeling you get when you tell someone that they look nice today, or that they did a good job, or that their voice sounds lovely, or that the cookies they baked were delicious, or how you always laugh at their jokes. it’s the warm feeling you get when they respond bashfully, or surprised, with that small smile and a thankfulness that shines in their eyes. it feels so good when someone is kind to you. when it feels like the effort you put into yourself is seen and acknowledged and appreciated. it feels so good when you’re able to make someone feel that wonderful. we should always try and encourage each other.


    It’s funny how

    even if you really love someone, it doesn’t always work. Me and my (ex) mr decided to end it last night, after a long time of thinking about it, occassionally discussing and overall just trying to ignore the fact that we’re really really close and completely best friends, but we’re just not working as couple. Loving someone isn’t always romantic, and that’s the space we’d fallen into, where you’re just friends and all the arguements are caused by the fact you’re romantic relationship just isn’t meant to be. I think we’ve made the right decision and I know we’re gonna be happier for this overall, as we’re gonna get along a lot better again, but damn does this suck right now.


    Even crazier is how that can happen after 3 years. It's hard.

    Tarot Card for the Day May 23

    Card for the Day: Three of Wands - You can see the bigger picture clearly now. Put your plans into action.  Expand your world. Focus on the road ahead and keep moving towards your goals. This card can also symbolize travel, making today great for any sort of travel or sight-seeing.  Get out and enjoy yourself!  Hit the road!