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    Miss Sunshine Dairy - Day 523

    5 June 2023

    Yesterday nothing much new happened. After my morning edging I didn't have any dares I could perform. At work I got 6 customers to give them a blowjob. This also gave me enough time to edge myself while I was doing the blowjobs.

    One thing I did notice though, is that my pussy is really starting to drip wetness when I'm edging now. It really makes it look like I'm literally dripping wet, much to the surprise of some of my customers.

    After that I went home and did my last edging before I went to sleep. That didn't take long at all, since I was still pretty much wet and horny from edging at work.

    This morning I woke up already with a wet pussy, and I noticed my nipples were pretty hard as well. So edging this morning was done pretty quickly, as I got to the edge in only a matter of minutes.

    The bad news is however that the older gentleman I was planning to give a blowjob to today, as part of my denial and edging dare, cancelled our date. As a result I'm in dire need of having to find a man of at least 64 years old to give a blowjob to today outside of work.

    I really hope I can find a suitable candidate on such short notice, because if I fail to give a blowjob to a 64 years old man or older today, my denial period will be extended with 3 days as punishment, and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold back on my orgasm.

    It would also mean that because my denial period gets extended with 3 days, I still have to give 3 older men a blowjob each 2 years older than the previous one.

    So it may sound weird in a way, but I really hope I can find someone of 64 years or older to give a blowjob to today.

    With love,

    Miss Sunshine