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    This is a short one series story split into 3 mini parts because there’s apparently a limit on the number of pictures allowed.

    Summary: Your girlfriend, Jia Qi, has planned a week long trip to BKK with her 3 friends. Her 3 friends have sworn to you to keep your gf safe and update you at all times. Being a wild spirit, Jia Qi doesn’t like to be tied down. She loves you and just wants to have a good time. However, one night in a club is all that it takes to make her forget her promises and commitment to you.

    TLDR: 3 scenes! ALL SCENES ARE FAKE!

    1) She gets with a random dude in the toilet.

    2) She has a threesome with 2 guys in the back alley when she went out for a smoke.

    3) She gets drunk and a group of guys brought her back to their hotel to have their way with her.

    And now, this is part one. Random dude in the toilet.

    Jia Qi was adamant about going to the club to have fun with her friends despite your obvious reservations. You guys got into a huge fight and despite your protests and you being worried and anxious, she still did not care. And since you pissed her off, she was going to wear the very outfit you did not want her to wear. She initially was going to dress up like a slob to go club as a sign of compromise. But since you pissed her off, she dressed up rather seductively.

    Her last text to you was, “Don’t wait up, I’ll text you when I’m back in the hotel tomorrow morning.”

    The whole night for you was torturous. You kept jerking off in jealousy and anxiousness and overthinking came to you the entire night. You were being tormented by your own thoughts until you could not take it anymore and passed out from fatigue and self harm. Your worst fears came true when your friends texted you at 3am I’m the morning saying that your gf is missing and they’re doing everything they can to find her.

    But for Jia Qi, it was a night to remember. Or was it?

    As soon as they hit the club, Jia Qi and her 3 friends immediately got shots and headed to the dance floor. She was innocently having fun and dancing around with her 3 friends when a guy, James, came up to her and gave her free drinks. Flattered by it, she accepted it without thinking and cheers him before taking a shot.

    Her friends were also bought drinks by James and they didn’t think too much of it. As the night went on, after many shots and free drinks, Jia Qi felt the need to head to the toilet. As she walked towards the toilet alone, James caught notice of that. He followed her to the bathroom and as she was about to close the bathroom door, he put his hand in between the door and pulled it open. He let himself in and locked the door shut.

    “Hey, what are you doing in here? Get out.” Jia Qi said, indignantly.

    “You and your friends have accepted at least $200 worth of free drinks from me. I’m here to collect.” James said, smirking at her.

    Before Jia Qi could reply, James pinned her to the wall, with one hand covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming. His other hand went straight to her skirt, only to discover that she was not wearing any underwear.

    “Well well well, what do we have here? A nasty little slut pretending not to be one. All girls who come and club are secretly whores because they’re thirsty little hoes. You’re not any different.” James said as he started fingering her whilst covering her mouth.

    At that moment, Jia Qi finally knew what you warned her about and she instantly felt regret. She begun to cry and struggle as she was being fingered and hoped that James would back off. But he did not. He proceeded to unzip his pants and out popped his huge dick.

    Despite not wanting James’ advances, she could not help feel pleasure as James was really good with his fingers and the alcohol in her has lowered her guard. James spread her legs wide open and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy, teasing her. When his dick touched her pussy, her resistance dropped. Seeing how she was resisting lesser and lesser, James started to stop covering her mouth and started to grope her tits.

    Without warning, he thrusted into her. Jia Qi instantly let out a huge gasp, filled with a mix of guilt, regret but also pleasure. James thrusted into her mercilessly as she started getting wetter and wetter. As he thrusted into her, he could feel how tight she is and he grabbed her hair and pulled it backwards, and he whispered into her ears, “You little cum dumpster. You’re nothing but a slut. Girls like you, would always end up cheating on your boyfriends with superior men like myself.”

    Jia Qi felt more and more pleasure as she was viciously ravaged by James in the toilet. Her guilt and regret was soon overshadowed by the pure animalistic pleasure she was getting from James. She started moaning and stopped resisting at all as James was thrusting hard into her. Soon, he bent her over on the toilet bowl and started fucking her doggy style. He pulled her hair back as he slammed into her tight pussy.

    “You like it don’t you? You nasty whore. I bet your boyfriend doesn’t have a dick as big as mine.” James snarled as he was ravaging her tight pussy.

    “I do. Don’t stop. Please, use me as you please.” Jia Qi moaned as she begged James to continue fucking her.

    “That’s more like it. What a fucking slut you are. You’re nothing more than a whore. Nothing more than a personal fuck toy that will get passed around tonight.” James said as he continued ravaging her pussy.

    “Yes daddy. Yes, I’m a little slut. Use me. Fuck me harder.” Jia Qi moaned, unable to stop her emotions and pleasure.

    “Your wish is my command my little fuck toy.” James said as he continued ravaging her tight pussy which was already soaking wet. He then started rough fucking her and when he was about to cum, he pulled out of her, forced her on her knees and shoved his massive throbbing dick into her mouth. He started mouth fucking her and within seconds, he unleashed a huge load with such force that it caught Jia Qi off guard and cum actually burst out of her nostrils. As he pulled out of Jia Qi’s mouth, he smacked his dick on her face and cleaned his dick off on her tank top. He then walked out of the toilet, leaving her there on the floor.

    As Jia Qi sat on the floor, gasping for air and reeling in from the pleasure, regret started to flow in her. She was no longer being pleasured and reality soon hit her.

    Stay tuned for the second part!

    Hey guys , im Skye and if you look at the picture you can tell that I'm flexible and fuckable hehehe. So I'm atcually an erotica writer . I write stories , fantasies and experiences. I mostly write about myself but I do write about other girl too hhaha. I'm doing this just to share and express myslef and who know maybe do more here.

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    Short story! One part series!

    This story is about your gf, Caslyn, making friends with her classmate, Glen and how they eventually became study buddies. The story is set during the midterms where Caslyn would spend hours on end in school with Glen to study. Or are they really studying? Read on to find out more!

    It was the midterms and Caslyn felt bad for studying too long with Glen in school even though she knew it’d make you jealous. However, it’s not like you could accompany her even though she has extended the invitation to you every single time.

    Being an air steward meant you were at the mercy of schedules and flights and you simply could not afford to swap out any flights just to spend time with your gf during her mid terms.

    So you and your gf came to an agreement, to have virtual sex every night before going to bed. This was to keep things exciting. Caslyn would send pictures teasing you in the late afternoon and build up your sexual release before engaging in phone sex with you at night.

    However, on one fateful day, Caslyn accidentally sent a seductive picture to Glen instead because she has been constantly texting him about economics.

    However, she did not realize she had sent it to Glen and since you were waiting patiently for it, you did not bug her to send it to you. You assumed your gf went to bed and she assumed you went to bed. Not thinking too much about it, both you and your gf went to bed.

    This was the picture and the caption read, “I hope you like my new bra and my silky shorts. I want you to grope me all over and ruin my bra when we next meet.”

    Glen, didn’t even see the text till the next morning and was puzzled that Caslyn sent such an explicit picture to him. He didn’t question it and was mildly amused and super turned on.

    Glen and Caslyn funnily enough didn’t text each other the next morning to confirm where to meet for their study session but coincidentally met on the way to their block.

    “Wow, nice outfit. I can’t wait for later.” Glen remarked.

    Puzzled by the comment, Caslyn replied, “Yeah. Let’s be productive and finish it off.”

    Seeing that as consent, Glen was eagerly anticipating the sex. As they sat down in a quiet room, Glen asked, “Are you sure you want to do this here? What if someone walks in?”

    Super confused and puzzled, Caslyn replied, “Where else would we do it?”

    Glen immediately acted on it. He pushed Caslyn against the wall and groped her breasts and he started biting her neck.

    Instantly shocked but turned on, Caslyn tried to push Glen away. Thinking that it was all part of the act, Glen carried on groping Caslyn’s breast and continued giving her a love bite which seemed to turn Caslyn on even more. She knew it was wrong and that she has a boyfriend but she could not help but enjoy the suddenness of the situation.

    Glen, seeing Caslyn react positively to his attempt, unbuttoned her pants and pulled the zip down. With one hand still groping her tits, his other hand went straight for her pussy which was already wet at this point. He started rubbing her off and combined with the groping, Caslyn let out a moan.

    “Ah, please, this is wrong but don’t stop.” Caslyn moaned, feeling a mixture of guilt and pleasure.

    “Tell me to stop and I will stop, but god I want to fuck you right here right now.” Glen whispered into her ears, turning her on even more.

    “Okay.” Caslyn moaned, soaking her underwear by the second.

    “Okay? Are you sure?” Glen asked, groping harder and fingering faster.

    “Yes.” Caslyn moaned, pleasure surpassing guilt.

    With one swift motion, Glen pulled down her pants and underwear, bent her over the table and in one swift motion, penetrated her doggystyle.

    The moment his rock hard throbbing dick entered Caslyn, they both let out a cacophony of moans. He couldn’t stop thrusting harder and harder and all Caslyn could do was to moan helplessly whilst Glen pounded her. All the stress they were feeling from studying instantly dissipated. Glen mercilessly thrusted into her whilst pulling her ponytail. Each time his cock slammed into her pussy and his groin smacked against her jiggly butt, he got closer to release and Caslyn moaned louder and louder.

    “Keep at this pace. Don’t stop. I’m about to orgasm.” Caslyn moaned loudly, not giving a fuck in the world.

    Glen obeyed her wishes and continued ramming his thick cock into her tight and wet pussy. After what felt like a good 3 minutes, Caslyn reached orgasm, something that she only felt with her boyfriend.

    “Oh fuck oh fuck, I’m cumming, please don’t stop, continue fucking me. Oh fuck, please, please.” Caslyn moaned loudly and eventually climaxed.

    Upon seeing Caslyn climax, Glen decided to take things slow and enjoy her pussy. His hard and fast thrusts became slower and slower, as he wanted to feel every inch of her tight, well fucked pussy. He then turned her around to face him and started thrusting into her again. He wanted to see how she would moan in delight and how her tits would bounce to his rhythm.

    As he started thrusting into her again, Caslyn felt another wave of pleasure. Grabbing her tits and ramming his cock into her progressively faster, allowed Caslyn to build up yet another orgasm and Glen himself was enjoyed ravaging an attached girl. Soon, he went harder and faster and both of them were totally in the present moment, enjoying each other’s company. Glen felt his climax coming and at that very moment, Caslyn moaned, “Please, I need one last orgasm, don’t stop now. Fuck me harder.”

    But alas, Glen could not keep it in, he thrusted into her a few more times, trying to keep it as long as he could and when he could take it no more, he pulled out and unleashed a huge load of cum all over her face and chest, ruining her makeup and her bra.

    “Fuck, you are good. Fucking tight and fucking wet.” Glen said as Caslyn instinctively sucked his dick clean as she would do to her boyfriend.

    “What got over you today? Are you too stressed?” Caslyn asked breathlessly.

    “Not really, but since you sent me that picture, I thought we were going to be more than study buddies and this is purely a stress reliever.” Glen replied, still getting his cock sucked by Caslyn.

    “What picture?” Caslyn asked, even more puzzled.

    THE END!

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    Luggage Girls


    Luggage Girls - Janice

    No it’s not the girls that pick up your luggage when you walk into the hotel. We’re talking about luggage, talking about essential things to pack on the go. We’re talking about daily needs like towels, tissues, clothes, magazines and etc. Things that you will need for your important business trips and travels. Luggage girls are exactly that, dirty sluts and sexy tarts you bring with you that are like towels and tissues for your cock and cum. They are little trophies and goods to share with your friends and colleagues while abroad. And thats what Janice is, a sweet little cum rag.

    d on horny one…


    …except Janice has no idea that she has just become one, a Luggage Girl for powerful men on a business and relaxation trip. Her previous FWB recommended her to the company, while the whole time she thinks this is her debut shoot for her “modelling career”, but let’s be honest - she’s probably looks better with a cock in her mouth. She’s about to have the sexperience of her life, being turned into a submissive fuckslut, a little pig to be trained and fucked, but also loved by her new daddies. 

    on horny one…


    As Janice finally arrives at the boarding gate in her tight fit, camel-toe exposing and seductive sports leggings, coupled by the skin tight sports bra with a pair of tits that look like it’s gonna fall out… You walk up and can’t help but grab that perky round ass in one grasp. She lightly whimpers as she shoves away, giving you a little smirk. “Hey Mr Manager, watch it?”. You snicker as you move up to her and push her lightly, dick first into the private jet. “We’re running late because of you bitch, hurry up!

    Read on horny one…


    As soon as Janice enters the plane, someone pulls out a luggage sticker, complete with barcode and number, and sticks it right onto Janices pair of boobs. The interior of the plane was luxurious, with soft-like seats and recliners- the funny thing is all the seats are taken by a man. There seems to be no seat left for Janice. “What’s going on, where am I supposed to-” Janice was cut off as the attendant shouted, pointing to Janice’s tits: “Item 342, what the fuck are you doing? Get to your seat”. Before she could react, she was grabbed by her hair from behind, blindfolded and hands tied behind. She was forcefully knelt down in front of you, mouth first onto your cock. You feel your member hit the back of her throat, and Janice lightly chokes. She couldn’t say a word as you thrust violently into her mouth pussy. 

    Read on horny one…


    You feel the surge of cum and shoot deep into her throat, pulling it out at the last moment. “Wha–t what., the fuck.?”Janice finally had the chance to speak as she recovered from the shock of cock in the throat. You don’t give her a chance and gave a light bitch slap and carried her up. You rip open those leggings and planted her pussy first onto your cock, relentlessly fucking the slut.

    “Alright, all aboard- we are ready to take off!”. The plane soars off, and you bring Janice fucking into the sky.

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    Short story.

    This is a fictional story and it’s not real.

    Kelly and her boyfriend, James are out for a night of partying. She was with a group of friends and one guy in particular, Jerome, used to like Kelly a long time ago. Or at least that’s what he said, but he still likes Kelly and constantly lusts over her and faps to her pictures she posts on her IG and CF list.

    As usual, Kelly out drank her boyfriend and Jerome. As midnight approached, she sent her boyfriend home first and seeing how Jerome was drunk, she too decided to send him home before going home herself.

    As Kelly and Jerome sat in the backseat, Jerome couldn’t help but comment how pretty she looked and he casually caressed her thighs. When Kelly didn’t push his hand away, he continued caressing her thighs. Being in a drunken state, Kelly just casually laughed and said, “My thighs very smooth hor?”

    Jerome replied, “Ya sia. How come so smooth lei?”

    “Cause I always moisturize them.” Kelly replied and allowed Jerome to continue touching her. As he continued touching her, he slowly caressed her higher and higher. He caressed her inner thighs and she let out a little moan.

    “Naughty. Stop. Inner thigh is for my boy boy only. You can only touch outside.” Kelly said, blushing.

    Jerome didn’t want to take no for an answer and he said, “if you like it, I should continue giving you pleasure.” He then continued caressing her and Kelly allowed it. Kelly then reciprocated by touching his groin area and then hastily stopped.

    “We’re drunk, we should not do this.” Kelly said, stopping.

    By then, Jerome had started caressing her near her vaginal area and when he touched her underwear, it was soaked. “What a horny little slut this girl is.” Jerome thought to himself.

    When his fingers started rubbing Kelly’s pussy, she had to cup her mouth to prevent her from moaning louder than the music. She knew it was wrong but she was too drunk to care and she continued letting Jerome finger her. She reciprocated by putting her hands down his pants and touching his dick and was shocked when she found out it was rock hard.

    They continued with the foreplay until they reached Jerome’s house. As they alighted, Jerome said, “God, I want to fuck you so bad.”

    “No no, we can’t. What we did was wrong even though it felt right.” Kelly said.

    Kelly then booked a grab and there was a 10 minute waiting time. Jerome said, “I’ll wait with you till your grab comes.” Then he casually groped her ass. To which Kelly let out a moan.

    “Stop, you horny boy.” Kelly said but her body language appeared to indicate otherwise.

    Jerome carried on and he dragged Kelly to the void deck and bent her over on the chair. He then removed her soaking wet underwear and said, “Your mouth says no but your body indicates otherwise. I’m going to fuck you and all you have to do is to say stop.”

    Kelly at this moment was too horny and drunk. “Fuck. This is not right. Be quick and don’t tell anyone.”

    Jerome already rock hard from the foreplay, rammed his throbbing dick into her. All these time, he has been fapping over her and jerking off to her and now he’s in her. Pure bliss when he entered her for the first time.

    “Oh god, fuck me harder. Don’t stop. Oh fuck this is so good.” Kelly said as she moaned in pleasure do, being fucked hard by Jerome.

    Jerome finally had the chance to fuck Kelly and it was a dream come true. He was ravaging her pussy and pounding her hard, they didn’t care if anyone saw them. They were all consumed by their lust in that moment. As he was thrusting in and out of her, Jerome was feeling extreme pleasure. He grabbed her butt cheeks and groped them as he was thrusting in and out of her. He then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and he grunted as he said, “Say you like my dick better than your boyfriend’s dick.”

    “You’re better. I love your dick more than James. Please don’t stop.” Kelly said as Jerome was pounding her tight pussy.

    “That’s right. I’m going to fuck you every time we go out drinking.” Jerome said as he was mercilessly pounding her pussy.

    “Yes oh god yes. Fuck me harder please. I’m going to cum.” Kelly moaned in pleasure.

    Jerome then decided to grab her tits and she reacted pleasurably. As he was pounding her pussy and grabbing her tits, he was almost at his max and he didn’t want to stop. But his climax came soon then expected and he gave her one last thrust before he pulled out, turned her around and forced her to kneel down and he exploded his cum all over her face and chest.

    “Fuck, I’ve been dreaming of this for so long.” Jerome said after he drenched Kelly in his cum and ruining her make up.

    “Dreams do come true.” Kelly said, winking at him and sucking his dick off.

    At that moment, the grab arrived and Kelly quickly gave him a kiss goodbye and ran off to her grab, leaving Jerome there with his cock hanging out, still hard from the quickie.

    The end!

    Naomi rides a bicycle

    “Hey, how about we rest here for a while? We cycled more than 2 hours already.” Brendon suggested, slowing his bicycle to a stop. “I go get some beer at the 7-11 over there.”

    Noami got off her bicycle and watched Brendon walked into the convenience store.

    “Not going in to enjoy the air-con?” Naomi turned to look at Rafiq. “Nah, you go ahead. I look after the bicycles.”

    Rafiq smiled and ran after Brendon. Naomi stared at Rafiq’s ass, clad tightly in his bicycle shorts, making two perfect globes. She sighed as the sexy butt disappeared into the store.

    Her husband, Brendon, had recently been interested in cycling. He had been complaining that he was getting fat and the gym sessions did not seem to be enough to keep him from getting a “spare tyre” around his waist. Noami thought it was only natural that since Brendon is already 40 years old, it was inevitable that he was growing flabby. Anyway, even when he was younger, Brendon was just an average guy. He was slimmer, but not muscular or athletic. He was definitely not walking around with six-pecs.

    But Rafiq was different. Rafiq was Brendon’s colleague. He joined the company recently after graduating from a local university. He had somehow influenced Brendon to join him in night cycling,  starting from the evening and riding throughout the night till early next morning. Brendon was so into the sport that he invested in a high-end bicycle and various accessories, clothing and equipment. He even bought a set for her, so that she can accompany them. She had been reluctant at first, but after a long while, and not wanting to waste the money that was spent, she decided to join them tonight.

    She had heard about Rafiq from her husband but it was the first time she met him in person. He was good-looking, with angular facial features and a sharp nose. His tan skin suggested the many hours he had spent in the sun. She was surprised when she saw him in a tight-fitting black pair of bicycle shorts and a matching top. She could see his well-toned muscular arms and defined chest. His six pecs were clearly seen in the tight top. What drew her attention, however, was his large appendage. The tight bicycle shorts leave very little to the imagination and she could clearly make out the large, thick cock and swollen testicles. Throughout the journey, she kept on stealing looks at his groin. Rafiq had caught her staring several times, but she just could not resist the temptation to stare, even though it was a little embarrassing.

    The two men came out of the store laughing at some jokes. Brendon looked rather embarrassing next to Rafiq. His top squeezed his body fat into lines at awkward places around his body, making him look like the Michelin Man. His paunch was also doing a peek-a-boo, the pale pink fat jutting out just slightly between the black top and shorts. A sudden sense of shame enveloped Naomi and she shuddered slightly.

    “Hey, don’t be jealous, okay. The cashier in there just told us how fit and sexy we were.” Brendon was clearly in a good mood. “I think all this night cycling is really worth it. We should celebrate.”

    Naomi smiled at Brendon as she did not have the heart to tell her husband that the cashier was most probably only referring to Rafiq and not him.

    They cycled a short distance to a relative quiet place next to a park. They parked their bicycles and sat on a bench, drinking the beer. Brendon was still in a good mood and downed two cans in quick succession. He burped noisily and laid down on the bench. Within minutes, he was snoring noisily.

    “Gosh, this is embarrassing. He just burped and now he is snoring.” Naomi shook her head. “Sorry about this, Rafiq”

    “Nah, it is okay. Brendon is a straightforward kind of guy. He just do what’s natural, not caring about what others think.” Rafiq laid back, stretching out his legs.

    Naomi could not help noticing that with his legs outstretched, his cock appeared even more prominent, protruding from his shorts. She could even make out the line showing his foreskin.

    “Like what you see?” Rafiq broke her thoughts.

    “Huh? What do you mean?” Naomi tried to act innocent.

    “Come on. I saw you staring at my cock so many times. You are practically drooling.” Rafiq laughed.

    “I was just curious, that’s all.” Naomi muttered, taking a sip of her beer.

    “Never seen one as large as mine?” Rafiq nodded in Brendon’s direction, sniggering. “Not very big, is it? Can’t be satisfying.”

    Noami looked at Brendon. The body fat accumulating in his lower body had made the outline of his appendage less defined, but it was clear that Brendon is nowhere as endowed as Rafiq. It was true that Brendon had a small cock, but it was not only the size that mattered. Brendon did not last long in bed and often, he ejaculated before she could reach her orgasm. In the last couple of years, it was even worse as he started having difficulty in maintaining his erection.

    Naomi sighed. She saw that Rafiq had heard her and immediately regretted it.

    “So it is true.” Rafiq whispered gently. “How sad. You deserve much better.”

    “No, it is not a big deal.” Naomi tried to defend her husband.

    “You want a closer look?” Rafiq offered. “Have you seen any other cock besides Brendon’s?”

    “Of course. I had a couple of boyfriends before Brendon, you know.” Naomi was a trifle offended. “But none of them seems as big as yours.” Noami conceded softly.

    “So you are curious about my big cock?” Rafiq persisted. “You want to take a closer look?”

    “It is not only the size.” Naomi tried to make herself seem less slutty. “I was thinking about other things.”

    “Like?” Rafiq challenged her.

    “Well, all my boyfriends are Chinese. I have never seen a Malay cock and I heard it was different.” Naomi was pretending that it was just intellectual curiosity. “Like it was supposed to be thicker because there is no foreskin.”

    “Ha ha. That is the funniest thing that I have heard. Cocks are all the same. Chinese cocks, Malay cocks, Indian cocks. Only difference is skin colour.” Rafiq laughed. “But yeah, we Malays are circumcised so it looks a little different. If you want, I can show you.”

    Rafiq pulled down his bicycle shorts, revealing his cock. It was still flaccid but it was much bigger than Brendon’s. It was as Noami had imagined. The bicycle shorts really left nothing to the imagination.

    “I think it taste different too. You can suck it, if you want.” Rafiq stood up and pushed his cock in front of Naomi.

    Noami could not resist it and took the cock in her mouth. It was like stuffing a large German bratwurst in her mouth as it was so thick and fat. It tasted different, maybe from the perspiration. As she sucked on it, it grew harder, longer and thicker in her mouth. Noami shifted herself so that she was now kneeling in front of Rafiq. On his part, he pulled down his shorts so as to give Noami easier access to his balls. Noami responded by alternating between sucking his cock and his balls.

    Rafiq sighed in pleasure. Noami may not be younger than any of his girlfriends but her more extensive sexual experience is making this one of the best blowjobs that he ever had. He held onto Naomi’s head as he fucked her mouth. He could feel his balls tightening and he fucked her even harder. With a groan, and holding Noami’s head close to his groin, he exploded into her. Naomi knew that Rafiq was cumming but she had not expected him to hold her head so tightly. She had no choice but to swallow his sperm to avoid choking. At first, she was annoyed at being forced to swallow his bodily fluid. However, she realised that it tasted different. It was thicker and somewhat alkaline, like a type of exotic milk. When Rafiq released her head, she uncontrollably licked his cock clean, clamouring for more of his heavenly fluid.

    But Rafiq did not allow her long to do that. He pushed her on the grass, removing her tight bicycle shorts, revealing her pussy. He dived right in, licking her slit with his tongue, and jabbing her mound of pleasure. She moaned but Rafiq covered her mouth with one hand. She belatedly realised that her husband was still sleeping on the bench next to her. She need to keep her voice down.

    A sharp spear of pleasure pierced through her and again, she almost shouted. She bit her lips in time, as she realised that Rafiq was now fingering her. As he increased his pace, expertly rubbing and pressing against her Venus mound, she grabbed his muscular body, enjoying the strength flowing through his sinews. She arched her back, pushing herself hard against his fingers. As she felt herself reaching an orgasm, Rafiq closed his mouth onto hers, drinking in her moans of pleasure.

    Noami seemed to have blackout for a moment as her orgasm took over her. When she regain conscious, Rafiq was already impaling her with his large cock. She could feel her vagina being stretched wide as Rafiq’s cock filled her hole with his warm member. As he pumped into her, she felt waves of pleasure. Rafiq lifted her legs over his shoulders, fucking her even more deeply. Again, she could feel another orgasm approaching. Again, Rafiq responded by leaning forward and kissing her.

    “Let’s come together.” Rafiq grunted. He fucked her harder and faster, grinding his cock against her cunt. He kissed her again as he gave several hard thrusts, ejaculating into her. Naomi held onto Rafiq tightly as her own pleasure ran along her body, her legs wrapping itself tightly against Rafiq’s perfect ass, enjoying the closeness of their bodies.

    “Wait. You were not wearing a condom?” Naomi could feel warm bodily fluid flowing out of her vagina. She had a fleeting sense of responsibility as she caught a glance of Brendon, still snoring away on the bench inches away.

    “Is there anyway for me to be carrying condoms in my bike shorts?” Rafiq asked.

    “You did not buy condoms when you were in 7-11?” Naomi asked?

    “Were you expecting that I was going to fuck you?” Rafiq laughed. “Gosh, you are really hungry for my cock!”

    Naomi was embarrassed. It came out all wrong.

    Rafiq sensed that he made a mistake. “Sorry. Don’t be angry. To be frank, I did think of buying condoms in the convenience store. I was the one thinking of fucking you because you looked damn irresistible. But Brendon was there. How could I explain it to him? I can’t tell him I am being condoms because I was going to fuck his wife!”

    Naomi softened. “You think I am irresistible? You had actually wanted to fuck me?”

    “Yeah.” Rafiq smiled. “In fact, cocks don’t lie.”

    Noami looked down and saw that Rafiq’s cock was hard again. Rafiq was so much better than Brandon. There is no problem in getting an erection and more importantly, she has never cummed more than once with Brendon. “Let’s fuck.”

    Rafiq smiled and lay on the grass, his cock stiff and pointing straight up at the night sky. “Now I want you to ride me, like how you ride the bicycle.”

    Naomi smiled and straddled Rafiq, slowly guiding his thick, long cock into her. She moaned softly with each inch sliding into her. Finally, when the whole length of his cock is in her, she leaned forwards towards Rafiq, whispering softly. “You are wrong. It is not only the colour of the skin. Malay cocks are so much better. My husband is away for a business trip next week. I want to ride your cock again.”

    Master list of all my stories

    This list contains the themes and people I’ve written about. Feel free to suggest more themes and more characters for the stories!

    1) Cheating Themed Stories

    Kathy, Chien Wei, Maggie, Sharrel



    2) Gangbang

    3) Lesbian

    4) Student Teacher Themed Stories

    5) Misc

    6) Slut for Sales

    Short Story 1

    Purely fictional. None of it is true.

    This is a story of how Rachel cheats on her bf at the gym.

    Rachel has been actively going to the gym for the past year or so. Of course, every guy in there would ogle at her as she shows off her curvaceous body. Rachel secretly likes the attention. Recently, a new guy started working out at her gym. Rachel could not keep her eyes off him. He is the exact type of guy that she fantasizes over. He’s ripped and not too muscular, he has piercings and tattoos and he’s Caucasian. Total opposite of her boyfriend who is not ripped, has no piercings and no tattoos.

    Rachel made her move on the Caucasian one day, surprising herself.

    She just went up to him and said, “Hey you must be new here. My name’s Rachel.”

    “Oh yes I am. I just moved to Singapore recently. My name is Michael.” Michael replied in a deep and commanding voice.

    Melting inside, Rachel asked him, “Do you wanna be my workout partner? I need some help with my bench press.”

    “Sure, I’d love to help you out.” Michael replied.

    “Yay. That’s awesome. I’m trying to hit my new PB, so I’ll need some support from you.” Rachel said, smiling.

    “Great. How heavy do you bench?” Michael asked.

    “I can do 15kg each side. But I’m aiming for 17.5kg.” Rachel replied.

    “Awesome. Let’s get to it.” Michael replied.

    Rachel managed to break her PB and she wanted to thank Michael.

    “So, thanks for helping me break my PB. Do you wanna hang out after your session?” Rachel asked, hoping he’d say yes.

    “Sure, I can hang around. What do you wanna do?” Michael asked, pleasantly surprised.

    “You.” Rachel replied, shocking herself and Michael who did a double take.

    “HAHA, I’m just kidding. We can grab coffee around the area if you’d like.” Rachel quickly laughed it off as a joke but she actually meant it.

    “I’m flattered and I’m hoping you’re not kidding because you’re really hot. My girlfriend just left me and I’m actually hoping to try fucking an Asian.” Michael replied.

    Rachel then did a quick look around, dragged Michael to a corner and pulled down his shorts.

    “Woah, are you serious? Anyone can walk in.” Michael asked, instantly turned on by Rachel’s spontaneity.

    “Let them watch. They can’t have me anyway.” Rachel replied as she started stroking and sucking his massive dick.

    “Ugh fuck, you’re really good at this.” Michael said as he moaned.

    Rachel looked up at him and said, “You’re so massive, I want you to fuck me hard.” as she was stroking his dick.

    “You suck dick better than my ex.” Michael said, clearing enjoying every moment of it.

    “You’ll enjoy my pussy. I haven’t been fucked in over a week by my bf.” Rachel said.

    “Holy fuck, you have a boyfriend?” Michael said, taken aback and stopped Rachel from sucking his dick.

    “Yeah. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t still fuck me. All guys are horny monsters.” Rachel said as she seductively showed off her ass.

    Michael couldn’t resist and he pulled down her yoga pants just to reveal her bubble butt and to his enjoyment, no underwear too. He bent her over, spread her butt cheeks and started licking her already moist pussy.

    “Oh my god. Lick me more. Please don’t stop.” Rachel moaned in pleasure.

    Michael did just that. He continued licking her pussy which was progressively getting wetter. Coupled with the fear of getting caught, Michael and Rachel were having the time of their lives.

    Michael could not take it anymore and he just stood behind her, and rammed his massive dick into her pussy without warning.

    They both experienced pleasure that’s out of this world. Rachel was being pounded by a massive dick, and Michael was getting to feel how Asian pussy is.

    “Oh my fucking god, you’re so wet and tight.” Michael said as he kept thrusting in and out of Rachel.

    “Ugh don’t stop. Keep going at this pace. You’re going to make me cum.” Rachel said as she was nearing orgasm and loving every moment of it.

    “I’ll never get bored of fucking you if you’re my girlfriend. Your boyfriend must be a very lucky guy to be able to fuck you any time.” Michael said as he kept penetrating Rachel at the same pace.

    “Oh yes. Keep going. Don’t stop. I’m going to fucking cum.” Rachel said, as she was nearing climax and this was the first time she’s climaxing this quickly into sex.

    “Oh yes oh yes fuck me daddy. Fuck, I’m cumming now.” Rachel moaned in pleasure as she got her first orgasm.

    Michael, still not bored of seeing Rachel’s ass move with every thrust, wanted to move to missionary. He couldn’t decide between what he wants to see more, Rachel’s tits or continue seeing her butt jiggle with every thrust.

    Michael decided to continue pounding her doggy style. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards whilst he was ravaging her pussy. His other hand was groping her butt whilst fucking the life out of her. Orgasms continued coming for Rachel as Michael got progressively harder and rough.

    “I’m going to blast my cum all over your outfit and you’re going to go home to your boyfriend without changing out of it.” Michael grunted as he continued banging Rachel.

    Too well fucked to care about anything, Rachel said, “Yes daddy. Now fuck me harder and use me like a cum dumpster.”

    Michael then turned Rachel around and started fucking her missionary. As he penetrated her pussy, he could see joy and pleasure all over Rachel’s face. With each penetration, Rachel let out a moan that was pure music to his ears. He then started groping Rachel’s tits, much to her pleasure. He continued ramming his massive shaft into Rachel who by this time had orgasmed 6/7 times.

    “Oh daddy, I’m going to cheat on my boyfriend every single damn time I gym. This can be our workout. I have no need for cardio anymore.” Rachel said whilst being groped by Michael and being so well fucked.

    This pushed Michael over the edge. He quickly thrusted into Rachel a few more times before blasting his hot warm load all over Rachel’s face and chest. As he was enjoying each cum shot, he was already thinking about the next time he’d get to fuck Rachel. Rachel then sucked him off as a present until Michael came a second time all over Rachel’s ass.

    “Happy now daddy? I’m marked by you all over.” Rachel asked, winking at Michael.

    “Fuck yes. You’re one horny little slut and I love that.” Michael replied, smiling at Rachel.

    The end!

    I believe everyone has/had a classmate that dresses up like a typical girl but is lowkey a naughty girl.

    Crystal is that girl for me. She loves oversized t-shirt paired with almost non-existent shorts. She was the famous slutty girl in school that love to tease her classmates and even strangers.

    There was once where I was paired with her for a pair work during lesson. She wore a crop top sweater with denim shorts. I immediately got a boner when she sat next to me, she noticed my bulge. She leaned closer and whispered to my ears, "Looks like you are hiding a monster in your pants". Her right hand reached out to massage my raging boner.

    I panicked as there were a few other pairs right next to us. I stopped her actions and place her hand back on the table.

    She is such a brat that I decided to punish her with a few of my friends.

    It was a late afternoon where we ended class at 4pm, she would usually stay in class for awhile to chit chat with her friends. My two other friends and I stayed and discussed about our plan.

    When her friends all left and crystal was left packing her bag, I signalled one of my friend to lock up the door. My other friend and I sneaked up to her and cover her mouth.

    Our hands naturally groped all over her body, her muffled shouts turned us on even more.

    "If you dare to shout, I will make sure the whole school know what happened", I threatened.

    She calmed down a little and decided to give in to her temptations. I removed my hand from her mouth and pinned her on the table. One of my friend was already attacking south as he pulled down all the clothings covering her pussy.

    Every touch from us got her so excited as she starts to get wet. We turned her around and one of my friends started to finger and eat her out, the other was groping and exploring every part of her body.

    "FUCK! FUCK... FUCK...", Crystal moaned out loudly.

    I went over to make out with her, trying my best to cover the lewd noises by her.

    Soon, Crystal had her first orgasm of the day, she squirted all over my friend. My friend couldn't resist anymore as he whipped out his cock and pushed it in crystal.

    It slid into crystal's pussy with ease as it was well lubricated by her juice, loud moans soon filled the classroom.

    "Ahhh... Fuck... I’m cumming in you!", my friend said as he shot streams of semen in crystal's pussy.

    He was already panting heavily and had to take a break. He was quite inexperienced so his stamina was real bad.

    Next up it was the friend that was groping crystal. He signalled me to swap as he wanted to use crystal's mouth to satisfy himself. I went down on crystal and started eating her out.

    He grabbed the back of crystal's head and forced her to go down on his cock. Crystal's mouth wrapped around his cock, gagging sound was echoing in the room. When crystal's head came up and broke contact with his cock, strings of saliva could be seen.

    I was focused on eating crystal out. My tongue played with her folds, licking and sucking of it rapidly. She climaxed at least 3 times while I was playing with her clit.

    "FUCK CRYSTAL! FUCK YOU ARE SO HOT! SWALLOW ALL MY CUM", my friend moaned out loud.

    He unloaded all his nut down crystal's throat as he collapsed on the floor. I could see crystal trying her best to swallow all his thick white cum down her throat, some was dripping down from her lips.

    As both my friends was recovering from their session, I barely got started.

    I hugged Evelyn and carried her to the back of the class. "How was the session?", I asked her.

    "I-it... was great...", I knew that she was already tired after climaxing multiple times.

    "It's my turn now, you better be prepared for it slut!", I said as I pushed my manhood into her. It almost felt like it did not have any friction as her pussy was filled with cum.

    "FUCK! FUCK! YOU ARE SO HUGE! FUCK! MY PUSSY IS TEARING APART!", Evelyn muffled as she hide her head in my chest. She was shaking everytime I had my full length in her.

    I thrusted her for a good 10 mins. She had two solid orgasms before begging me to stop. "Please daddy, I'm so tired. I'm about to pass out. Daddy I beg you...", Crystal pleaded while still enjoying my cock in her pussy.

    "One last load darling, one last one", I told crystal. A few seconds later, I unloaded all my leftover semen in crystal.

    I placed her down and took a good minute to admire this cum filled slut.

    "Let me rest first... I didn’t had enough of you yet. Let's continue tonight...", she said as she was lying on my chest.