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    Iโ€™m not a โ€˜BAD DADโ€™. Iโ€™m very generous with my son. This holiday being a good example. A private villa Iโ€™ve rented for us both. Itโ€™s got a fabulous pool and outdoor shower which my son is taking full advantage of. And because it isnโ€™t overlooked, he swims in the nude, which is one way of showing me his gratitude, knowing how much I love to see his ass. Heโ€™s not doing it as payback, though. He wants me to see it because he wants to make me hard, and the sight of his ass always does that. Heโ€™s a randy young pup who canโ€™t get enough of his daddyโ€™s big dick. Iโ€™ve fucked him three times today already, and number four will be under that shower, after Iโ€™ve buried my face between those mounds and given him a good rimming.

    BAD DAD REVELATIONS is a collection of stories where the dads give their version of events. Itโ€™s now available.

    The KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY series is unashamedly about incest. The books have been banned from most retailers, but they can still be found on Smashwords. Click on the titles in bold to go to the Fergie Boy website for links. Or use this one to go direct to SMASHWORDS


    For those whoโ€™d like to sample more of my work, ย FAMILY LOCKDOWN - THE FIRST THREE DAYS is currently free at Smashwords