Happy Halloween! You guys asked for more Zoey, so here’s more Zoey. Sorry this pic isn’t more intensive -- I’m working on a pretty big hypno thing, mostly focused on The Brains, you know what I mean? So this is just a palette-cleanser for me. Something sexy and lewd and naughty to distract me from horrible, spooky surgery stuff. But don’t worry, dark spooky brain removal stuff is coming.

    Aaaaand if you’re not into spooky stuff lemme know.

    I renovated my blog’s theme, and I figure, hey, why not officially release my background, too? It’s my gal Elsie passed out after a long night of fun. Also included is the “revised 2018″ version, on bottom, which is basically just slightly blurred and with extra filters.

    Gimme your feedback on my new theme! Oh, and-- also, I’m wondering if people would buy an imagepack containing all my works to date, including unreleased stuff and WIP/discarded photos? Send me a message what you think about that idea, if anything. I don’t intend to release any paid-for exclusive content in regards to actual, full-on images, but old unreleased test works and alternates might be included. Lemme know

    Oh no, Pauling is next!

    (No, Scout isn’t dead because his brain got sucked out. He’s just a zombie now.)

    Uh-oh. Pauling and Scout got sucked up by that fancy dancy saucer!

    (No. I’m not gonna make an alt where Pauling is being probed instead. I might make a continuation, but until then you’ll have to put up with boy-butt!)