I am a 20 years young straight male who loves every kind of girl out there including dick and Hermaphrodite. I started this blog becuse I was bored and horny and having this blog just makes me even more horny. Chat with me ask me anything and please do not hesitate to ask for any certin thing. I will find it for you. Anon are welcome.
I will eventually post nudes of my dick and body but not yet I am still shy. submissions of your dicks and pussies and faces are welcome. just read guidelines. which really aren't all that bad :LP. My gay female friend doesnt mind being called a lesbian if this is offensive please do tell me I will change it. Idk slang from the politically correct term.
search Help: L= Lesbian
Girls L
Neko L
Cat Girls L
Girls WD=Dick girls
Girls & C= Girls with Cock in them or around them
Girls WS= Girls with strapon.
Guys basically just type girls and everything shows up I am fixing some dick girls go into the list as well so i am fixing it. other than that if u search girls no Dick girls should be in listing or girls be plowed by other guys or sucking on cock.
Yes on the phone APP I was going for an ass shape :p with ass plug

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