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    So I came across a few posts with about 20-30 links each. I’ve gone through most of them to weed out the broken ones but I haven’t explored all the content and it varies greatly:

    trillvisionn Locker:


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    Upcoming events

    June 20-threesome with a secondary school girl at my place and looking for 3rd guy

    July 5-gangbang at hotel dorsett and venue booked and need 10guys and 6 girls are already on and set for the event

    August 9-orgy event and 20girls will be paricipating and more to add in by followers willing to bring their gf/fwb along and this event 60guys are needed and more vancany upon adding more girls in

    Rules and regulation-Reblog and like this post and wait to be selected by pm you and dont msg me privately

    Pics of the girls will be posted in upcoming days