Wardrobe Malfunction

Yoo Inna became the prettiest woman at the entire venue the moment she walked on the red carpet. All other fans and actors started getting an erection the moment they saw how tight her dress was.

As she walked past fans and actors, everyone got a good look at how her double D cups were being tightly squeezed under her dress, while she kept pulling her dress up to secure it from falling. From how anxious she behaved, Dan’s guessed that she wasn’t wearing bra or nipple sticker, which would help to hide her hardebed nipples from viewers. But things weren’t going as she had hoped, when suddenly her nipples slipped out when she reached out to shake a Fan’s hand. She forgot to pull up her dress as she walked rapidly over, and as a result everyone especially the male fan got to see her light brown nipples up close. Her aerola was as large as a 59 cent coin, while her nipples were already erected. Contrary to Fan’s belief, her nipples and areola were brown and not pink.

When she realised her mistake, it was too late. Reporters and fans have already taken multiple photos and videos of her nipslip. But being the professional actress she was, she merely gave a smile as she pulled up her dress. I bet that night her fans and colleagues have all fapped like crazy.