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    Matilda (1996) dir. Danny DeVito


    As others have noted in the past, Danny DeVito not only directed Matilda (and played her dad), but he and Rhea Perlman (DeVito’s wife at the time and Matilda’s mum in the movie) basically looked after Mara Wilson because Mara’s mother was in hospital with terminal cancer at the time of filming (She died during post production work, and it wasn’t until years later Mara discovered that Danny had taken an advanced (not quite completed) copy of “Matilda” to the hospital so that her mum could watch it before she passed.)

    When Mara mentioned that she was feeling nervous about the dancing to “Little Bitty Pretty One” sequence, it was DeVito’s idea to have the ENTIRE cast and crew join in and dance too (off camera) so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious, apaprently even the craft services folks joined in, and the cameraman shooting the scene did a bit of a shuffle, but not too much because it would mess with the camera shot)


    it really is next to impossible to write realistic sibling dialogue, I just passed my brother on the stairs and instead of greeting each other like human beings I said ‘born survivor’ and he said ‘youtube rewind. let’s set it to rewind.’ like you ain’t gonna find that shit in a novel


    aw man writing siblings is so wild because sometimes you just cant portray it

    me and my little brother don’t even greet each other - if we pass each other on the stairs or in the corridor, we jump into ridiculous fight stances then feign karate chopping and slapping each other (stopping just before we make contact) whilst making “HIIIYA and “POW” noises for a solid 30 seconds, then silently walk off and continue what we were doing

    and then sometimes he’ll either just do the Had To Do It To ‘Em pose when I enter the room or dab as a greeting


    exactly! I have three younger brothers and the original post was just about the oldest, the middle one and me usually do some kind of elaborate dab also, and a lot of the time when I see the youngest I just yell his name like a wrestling commentator…siblings have a different language


    my twin brother and I just point at each other like that spider-man meme if we see each other at school


    every time we see each other my brother and i raise our elbows and start walking at each other/ standing completely still

    its exactly like this


    I was walking through the toy aisle at Target when I found this thing and had a VIOLENT AND IMMEDIATE FLASHBACK to when JP first came out and they had a bunch of REALLY COOL T Rex toys that I would have sold one of my scrawny small-child limbs for but my mother wouldn’t get me one because they were “too violent and also ate people” :(


    hnn I WANT IT SO BAD


    on closer inspection, it makes a lot of really obnoxious noises and is also Too Expensive. BUT FEAR NOT I found this slightly smaller dude wedged in the back!



    now we enter the testing phase

    yup. looks good.




    Can we take a moment to appreciate that we can use this as a rosetta stone to say “EXTREME CHOMPIN’ “ in four languages?


    OH SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT, let me check the garbage to see if it’s still there! hopefully I didn’t destroy it in my excitement


    *roar sound effect*




    update update: I re-sized her collar and found a bag of toy bones at the craft store. I haven’t put this much effort into a non-school thing since my last job search, help

    (secret bonus: the other side of her tag)


    There’s more!


    I love.


    I saw that people are reblogging the thread again, so I thought I’d give you all an update on how Wexter is doing!

    (just fine)


    Wexter And The Case Of Her Continuing Marvelously Naughty Garden Adventures


    OP and Wexter can break all my toes and I would still send a thank you card


    Wexter says SHE WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING (but she might chew your ankles a little bit maybe)


    so it’s come to my attention that at some point this weekend Wexter blew past 100,000 notes, and I for one think that’s very cash money of her.


    it’s been a few weeks, I suppose we should check up on the AHSGSHGAFB?!


    well that’s just,,,



    two hundred THOUSAND notes???!?!









    Brucie Wayne during an interview

    Interviewer: “mr. Wayne, it’s not a secret that you adore your children, but you’re don’t speak about them too often. Do you mind if you can give us a little comment?”

    Brucie:: “of course! I’d love too” *magnificent smile*

    Interviewer: “let’s start with your oldest, Dick”

    *flashback to Dick doing a somersault off an 8 story building just because*

    Brucie: “Dick’s very spontaneous and adventurous. Life in the circus made him a hand full as a child, as an adult I think he likes to stay connected to his roots, hence his online performances”

    Interviewer: *nods* “Jason? I know that might be one you’d want to skip, Mr. Wayne”

    *flash back to that morning, Jason and Bruce having a screaming match*

    Bruce: “Hamlets mai- listen! Hamlets main theme is revenge itself is deadly. You of all people- Stop talking over me!”

    Jason: “‘you must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, and now and then stab, as occasion serves!’”

    Bruce: “don’t you dare quote Marlowe in this house, you know how Alfred feels about his works”

    Jason: “fine, ‘When the bad bleeds, then is the tragedy good’”

    Bruce: “listen here, you li-“

    Brucie: *grimaces* “Jay loved literature, when I hear one of his favorite quotes I can almost hear him saying it himself. There are times I feel his presence when I look at the things he loved, it’s almost enough to forget he’s gone.”

    Interviewer: *understanding* “your son Tim has recently made some big changes for your company, Mr.Wayne. You must have a lot of faith in his decision making”

    *flashback to Tim and Kon coming into the manor late*

    Tim: “hey B, Kon and I were thinking of using a shopping cart to go down that hill around the end of the street”

    Bruce: “absolutely not. Why would you consider that?”

    Tim and Kon: *share a look*

    Bruce: “you already did it.”

    Tim: “my wrist is definitely broken.”

    Brucie: *loosing the light behind his eyes* “he’s never made a wrong choice yet”

    Interviewer: “there’s been some speculation that your son Damian is your biological son, would you like to address that?”

    *flashback to every time Damian said he was the blood son in public, his username is literally bloodson on all platforms*

    Brucie: *losing smile getting a pained look* “ah, we don’t don’t say biological or adopted in our household, we don’t believe it makes a difference. Nobody is better than anyone, blood or not they’re all my children.”

    Interviewer: “beautifully put, how’s your newest addition, Duke, handling the change?”

    Bruce: *thousand yard stare*

    *flashbacks. Just varying flashbacks*

    *duke and the potato gun*

    *duke signal beating the riddlers face in during broad daylight*

    *duke filling the hot tub with an entire bottle of bubble bath soap*

    *duke helping Damian bring home a 300lbs pig*

    *duke tripping at a gala and destroying a $6,000 ice sculpture*

    *duke wearing sequence shorts*

    *Duke taking Bruce’s Ray-Bans and replacing them with Barbie sunglasses*

    *Duke tasing himself so he could win a dare*

    Bruce: “he’s a very confident young man.”

    Interviewer: “and your daughter, Cassandra, has been making headlines recently, I didn’t know she could fight”

    *flashback to Cassandra at a gala that was being crashed*

    Cass: “dad, tired.”

    Bruce: “I know, as soon as they’re done we can go”

    Cas: “no. They will leave now”

    Bruce: “Cas- oh god”

    Bruce: *swallowing* “yea- uh, those... those self defense classes really paid off...”

    Interviewer: “they definitely did. Now what is Stephanie’s role in your family? Has she been adopted?”

    Bruce: “Stephanie is a plague that will not be removed. The only roll she fulfills is telling me all my outfits look awful and occasionally helping me apply eyeliner”

    Interviewer: “oh I-“

    Bruce: “I love her dearly”