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2021-10-18 03:08:47

    Morgan was having a tough time passing her statistics course, so her mom hired me to tutor her. It became clear pretty fast, though, that I wasn’t going to be giving her any help with her work. Before our first tutoring session was done, she was naked on my couch, and I was finger-fucking her her tight asshole while she licked and sucked on my cock. Things progressed from there.


    As she approached her final, having not studied any statistics with me all semester, I started having weekly video chats with her mom to “update” her on Morgan’s progress. I’d have Morgan lie on the floor in front of me, naked but for her nipple clamps and ball gag, some degrading phrase written on her body, with a remote-controlled vibrator in her pathetic, sloppy twat. I’d sit on the couch in front of her, video conferencing with her mom, with my feet on her face, flipping the vibrator on and off with my phone while I talked:

    I think that Morgan’s just a very distracted girl. BUZZ.
    She just can’t seem to pay attention to her work. BUZZ.
    It’s really true that college isn’t for everybody. BUZZ.
    Maybe there’s something else that Morgan’s good for. BUZZ.
    Oh no, ma'am, I meant that’s good for her. BUZZ.

    Morgan would cum like a fucking dog on the floor as I slowly convinced her mom that she was too stupid to excel in college. Then, after I’d hang up, I’d sit on her chest and jack off on her face. I’d stroke my cock and just repeat, “this is what you’re good for” over and over again, until I covered her face with my nut.

    My favorite part of the sessions always came when she was about to leave. She’d hand me the hundred dollars cash that her mom had sent for me, and thank me, sincerely, for my help. You’re welcome, dummy.