Thank you

Thank you all followers, for every like and reblog. Thank you for many good conversations, exposing me in past and a good time on tumblr. I don’t think, i will find an adult community like this again.

Some time ago tumblr terminated my old blog exhibiitonists-exhibitionisten with 16k followers. This blog had more exposure photos and i accepted submissions. To minimize the future impact in case of a blog termination, i created more than one blog and constantly reblogged many posts with adult pictures on them. 2 blogs were terminated, but i was able to get them restored, after contact with the support. On 12/15/2018 all my 38 blogs had accumulated 411k followers.

After tumblr decided to forbid adult content on 12/17/2018 i had a little hope, the protest (petition with over 500k signs, many notes under the news post..) could change their mind and tumblr will continue to allow adult content. They could simply use the safe mode to filter all detected adult content. But now i have no hope this or something similar will happen.

Many people asked me, on what platform i plan to continue. Some offers an option, to import tumblr blogs. Because i reblogged and don’t have the rights, to post most of the content on other sites, i will not do this.

But the main reason, i will stop this kind of activities is, i don’t want to invest much time and lose the project again, when the guidelines will change.

I don’t plan to delete blogs, but i think, i have to rename most of them, because exhibitionists, nudist, naturists, nude men will not be allowed in future.

I wish you the best possible future.