16. Weirdest position you’d like to try

    theres this one where the girls bent back so shes on her shoulders basically with her ass over her head and the guy fucks down into her, dunno what its called but i love it. imagine cumming in my pussy and watch it overflow down onto my face. love it!


    Not Too Personal nsfw asks

    1. Number one place you want to have sex but shouldn’t?

    2. Weirdest sex story you’ve heard

    3. Favorite movie sex scene?

    4. What’s your favorite form of intimacy?

    5. When you were younger, how did you think pregnancy happened?

    6. What do you think is the weirdest kink?

    7. Is movie sex a lie? (No mess, makeup perfect etc)

    8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve masturbated to? (Song, movie no ppl)

    9. What’s a kink you think is overrated?

    10. Do you have a ‘sex’ playlist? Share it 💚

    11. What’s something you wish your lover knew about you?

    12. Have you and a partner ever orgasmed at the same time?

    13. Do you like to know your partners toys, or for that to be hidden?

    14. What’s the most ridiculous sex position you’ve seen?

    15. Weirdest position you’ve tried?

    16. Weirdest position you’d like to try

    17. Have you ever stopped mid sex, if so why?

    18. What’s one thing you cant stand during the sex (like socks on, tv on, pets in room)

    19. Have you ever seen a glory hole in person?

    20. Number 1 kink atm?

    21. What’s your definition of vanilla sex?

    22. Go ahead, kink shame.

    23. Weirdest thing that’s been requested of you?

    24. If your partner is struggling to orgasam, what do you do?

    25. Have you tried flavored condoms?

    26. Have you tried any special condoms? (His, hers, glow in the dark etc)

    27. Favorite type of sex?

    28. Have you ever had multiple orgasams?

    29. Ever make someone have multiple orgasams?

    30. Who buys condoms

    31. What you like after sex? (Cuddles, kisses, etc.)

    32. Favorite type of nude to receive?

    33. What attracts you to your partners?

    34. Most asked question?

    35. Question you wish you were asked?

    36. What’s the quickest way to get you aroused?

    37. On movies theres always the before sex “let me go to the bathroom first (45 mins later)” scene, has that ever happened to you irl?

    38. What’s your thoughts on genital piercings?

    39. Have you ever received oral from someone with a tongue piercing, was there a difference?

    40. Should hickey’s be visible or hidden?

    41. Think of a movie title to describe the worst possible sex.

    42. After sex do you experience after glow?

    43. What’s something you thought was fake nsfw style? (Squirting, multiple orgasams etc)

    44. Explain your favorite sex position using emojis

    45. Most ranchest sext you could send only using emojis.

    46. Weirdest sexual sound you’ve made, happened when -

    47. Weirdest nsfw fact you know?

    48. Did you have sex ed, if so what did they teach?

    49. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

    50. Cutest kiss? (Forehead, cheek, hand etc )


    you guys liked the % one (Please copy paste question too so i dont have to go find the post please)