Princess Rosie’s Devoted Slave 🖤🥺🖤
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    It was day 19 of Locktober and as her poor frustrated boyfriend gazed at her with pleading desperation in his eyes she almost felt sorry for him.


    Instead, in an innocent voice she asked, “I’m curious baby, what do you want more?”

    She looked down at her large, soft breasts that she knew were his weakness and teased, “These?.”

    Then, pulling the keys to his chastity device from her cleavage, added, “…. or these?”


    The look in her boyfriend’s eyes was unmistakable when she walked in to the room. It had only been a week and already she could tell it was wearing on him. The cumulative effects were clearly beginning to kick in. Seven days and already he was gazing at her with an expression of pure lust, arousal and need.


    Sauntering over to him, hips swaying enticingly, she slipped in to his lap. The softness of the thin denim fabric covering her already moist folds settled on to him, pressing down gently against the obvious hardness trapped within his own denim fabric, provoking a soft moan of need from him.

    Leaning forward so that her soft breasts pressed gently against his chest, silky fingertips soothed across his face, while the sweetness of her breath and softness of her lips teased along his own.

    “You’re doing so well for me, baby,” she purred softly, wanting to encourage his efforts. “See? You survived the first week of Locktober, you didn’t think you could do it, did you?”

    “I have no idea how, but… I did,” he replied in a shaky voice that conveyed just how desperately he longed for her already.

    She breathed her words softly, seductively in to his mouth. “You’re going to do it for me, I promise that you are. I’m going to make sure that you do… you understand that, don’t you sweetie?”

    “Oh god….,” he groaned softly. “Yes, I understand.”

    Their conversation beforehand had been crystal clear. When they first began discussing the possibility of him accepting her Locktober challenge she made certain that he understood this was a black and white proposition. Yes or no. She had no interest in a ‘middle ground’ proposition where he would ‘try it’ and see if he could last the duration.

    No, no. This was an all or nothing proposition. If he accepted the challenge he would indeed be caged, locked and denied for 31 days. No chance for parole. No hope for early release for good behavior. No mercy from the court because his situation had become more than he could bear.

    No, accepting the challenge meant he would indeed endure all 31 days. For better or for worse. And now, a mere seven days in he was already beginning to feel like a man on the brink.

    The unabashed need in his voice made her moisten with arousal. “It’s so sexy that you’re doing this for me, baby,” she purred in to his mouth. “It turns me on so much. You know that I’m going to make it all worth while for you when it’s over though, don’t you? Oh honey, I’m going to be all yours… anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.”

    She smiled as he whimpered in to her mouth at the mere thought. “But not yet baby,” she cooed. “Not for another 24 days… you have to wait…”

    In a pleading voice he started to say, “Baby please??…,” but he was interrupted.

    “Shhh, stop. You know the deal honey… I’m not letting you out… you promised you’d do this for me,” she whispered, her lips starting to cover his with soft, sensual kisses.

    She smiled at his soft moan of frustration, cooing, “Shhh, you’re ok baby… just kiss me.”

    With that her hips began to slowly, seductively roll… her pussy softly grinding down against him… her breasts pressing in to his chest… and her mouth taking his in a soft, hungry kiss that had his mind reeling and his caged cock weeping.

    And as she felt his body trembling beneath hers, she smiled inwardly, thinking to herself, “Oh sweetheart, you think you’re aching now? Baby, you have absolutely no idea how I’m going to have you feeling by the time you reach Day 31.”


    Although her gesture was simple but sexy his heart immediately raced and his cock began to stiffen. He knew all too well the meaning behind the gesture.

    She was in a mood.

    Tonight he was going to be hers.

    Sure enough, when they arrived home she wasted little time slipping off his jacket then peeling off his shirt. A moment later the tie she’d seductively twirled around her fingers earlier now bound his wrists behind his back.

    Then, hooking her fingers inside his belt loop she purred, “You’re coming with me…” as she led him into their bedroom.

    Oh yes, she was most definitely in a mood.