Princess Rosie’s Devoted Slave 🖤🥺🖤
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2023-01-26 02:30:24

    Stop this ache, make the need ease.

    Call me yours and I will do all to please.

    Make me matter more than I should.

    I’ll make you happier than anyone could.

    Touch me deep and make me your home.

    I’ll build my world around you and never roam.

    Rhymes and longing are all I have to give.

    That and to make you the reason I live.

    Choose me, choose me, always choose me.

    He’s my first thought upon waking. Fitting as he haunts my dreams so fully. Songs of need and longing fill my mind and I’m achy already. My hands wander my body and I try desperately to tamp the burning need inside me.

    In my desperation I can convince myself he’s touching me. My hands no longer mine, the caresses make me wet. I cum with his name whispered in my moans.

    The ease of the torment lasts not nearly long enough. Mere minutes later I crave his body on mine, my name on his lips as I watch the bliss we create echo through us. My mouth waters and I wish his seed was my breakfast. I wish to feel him inside me for hours after he ravages me. I need my mouth to taste of him. I’m lost truly lost without him inside me.

    Breathe Daddy, relax and breathe. We have as long as it takes and I live for your moans. Nothing exists outside us and our love. Feel my warmth Daddy. Feel the way I shiver at our play. I want to be covered in you, inside and out. I want to be saturated in the evidence of us. I want to make you ache and convulse. I want what you want. I want abandon with you. So touch me and kiss me and fill all my holes with you Daddy.

    Do I exist always in your world?

    Do I live in your heart and mind?

    Do I distract you to the point of absurdity?

    Do you smile? Ache? Fantasize?

    Do you feel even a little of what I’m feeling?

    Am I an amusement? Dalliance? Or a longing impossible to fight?

    Where do I belong? with you?

    Is this already too much?

    All these thoughts and none of it matters, one ounce of your attention?

    Just one text, a lol at my meme, my name coming from your beautiful mouth and I’m lost.

    Lost to the butterflies and the bliss. Lost to your warmth even though we don’t touch.

    Vulnerability will always be its own hell but I can’t build a wall. Not for you and not for myself. Goddess help me but I can’t get close enough to you.

    It aches, it aches when I’m without him.

    So much need, no way to truly stifle it.

    I diligently try; fantasies filling my head.

    Fantasies so rich and decadent.

    Some so innocent and sweet they seem to sigh.

    Most so dark they all but scream.

    He’s above me, possessed with authority and desire.

    He kisses me with the claiming clear.

    I belong to him, his!!!his alone!!

    My head on his chest, his arm around me.

    Me a top him, kissing him senseless.

    Me taking him into my mouth.

    We falling into bed and into each other.

    Nothing feels as good as his smile.

    Heart sick for him is all I know anymore.

    She blushed, she always blushed. His face, his voice oh my… his voice and the way his mind works. She wanted so badly to be his vixen. It was curious to her, how sweet she sounds while the most depraved fantasies are playing in her mind. She loves feeling like a walking juxtaposition. He makes her giddy and achy and miserably winsome. He may think she’s the drug but it’s him who inebriates. The reason she can’t focus but she’d have it no other way.

    He brushes his fingers through his hair. The look on his face is absent minded and seriously cute. I want too much and things I have no right to. He looks at me and sees me. I want him to, want to show him all of me. But the thing I want more is I want him to keep wanting me. I’ll never stop wanting him. So I want him to ache for me too. I want all of him, the dark hidden things, silly… seriously every bit of him. I’m screwed

    I straddle his lap. I feel his warmth and I fight the need to burrow into it. My hand moves through his dark hair. I stroke his hair back and kiss his forehead. Then I kiss the top of his nose before moving to his lips. My tongue barely touches his bottom lip before he deepens the kiss and we are sharing breath. I feel his heart race , taste him in my mouth and crave him on a level that terrifies me. I wiggle just a little and moan into his perfect mouth. His hands jump to my hips. He grips me with so much urgency and grinds himself against my pussy. My body tenses and I make a mess in his lap. His grip on me tightens as the realization dawns on him. I match his pace and and cum again. I want him inside me but I also never want this to end. If I keep teasing him I know this will end. He will snap and I will relish every second of it. Oh goodness I don’t know which I want more.

    His dark hair gets even darker as a sheen of sweat covers him. His breathing is ragged and his eyes wild. He moans and a shiver snakes down my body. He stares into my eyes. He won’t beg for release, he’s desperately holding back release until I allow it. I’m not cruel, I crave for his release more than he does. I want to watch the ecstasy cascade through him. To taste his cum, to feel it on my skin. But I NEED! Oh, I need his moans, his surrender and his desperation. So I kiss his thighs then trace a trail with my tongue to his hip. My breathe blowing softly against his fevered skin. I sit up and touch him softly with the my fingers. “Do you want this to end? Do you need release? Do you want to cum inside me? Or fill my greedy little mouth? Say what you want. I’ll Obey”. He shivers. I hear the sharp intake of breath then a shuddered sigh. For a moment I anticipate his dominance. But he whispers. “I want what my princess wants.” My heart beats faster and I grow damp. I straddle his hips. My wet panties the only thing separating us. I slowly start rocking atop him. “Don’t cum Daddy don’t you dare cum. Not until I let you inside me.” He’s shaking and panting. He fists the sheets and I tell him to grab my ass. The exquisite torture raptures us both. I stop often and hold it off as long as I can. Edging him becomes our drug.

    He’s the best thing I’ve ever fixated on. My brain usually focuses on the negative. But with him my brain swims in sighs and butterflies. All the dreams and fantasies in my mind keep me soft and romantic, wicked and naughty. All the time apart is filled with exquisite agony and longing. He’s craved, coveted and ached for. He’s ruined my panties, my will power and my sleep. He doesn’t know, he can’t possibly know how deeply he’s wrecked me. How badly I need his attention, praise and love. He can’t know he could enslave me a surely as I could enslave him but my goodness he should be able to read it in my lovesick gaze.

    Sleep won’t come.

    I picture him, picture his eyes. So kind, so serious and truly mesmerizing.

    I try to comfort myself by fantasizing that he’s up and picturing me too. That he sees me with kind eyes. Ones that see me more vibrant than I envision myself to be.

    If I must be up all night, surely let it be because I was haunting his dreams. Filling his head and bloodstream with warmth and bliss.

    If not of me, may his dreams be so wonderful he dreads the waking. May his dreams come true and may he know bliss and love and home.

    Sweet dreams to those who can. The sweetest of dreams for the one who holds my fantasies and mind captive.