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    As Marie focused most of her attention on finishing up the food in the kitchen she occasionally glanced into the other room, keeping an eye on her boyfriend to see how he was holding up.

    Soon, he would find himself the focus of all of their attention… helpless and at their mercy… the centerpiece of their evening of erotic pleasures and carnal lusts.

    But for now he sat bound to a chair, naked except for the thin fabric of his boxers that represented the last line of defense for his cock that was already hard, swollen and dripping with need.

    Her friends were preparing him for the evening, warming him up, teasing him. They taunted him with their nearness, the view of their shared kisses, so close yet out of his reach.

    From the kitchen Marie smiled at the look on his face, his dazed, helpless arousal. With each breath, he drew in more of the effects of the powerful exotic aphrodisiacs that her friends gently blew toward him, the erotic herbs making him dizzy and feverish with lust.

    She laughed softly to herself. Poor, sweet boy. She could see it on his face. He was becoming so turned on, so sexually needy, yet clearly he wasn’t understanding why.

    Making it all the hotter to her was the fact that this was only the beginning for him. He would become hotter, harder, more and more desperate with sexual need and he would be powerless to stop it.

    Feeling a brief moment of sympathy she went to him and caressed his face gently. “Relax sweetie, you’re ok,” she purred reassuringly. “Don’t try to fight it, you won’t be able to. Just give in and let it happen.”

    She then gave him a kiss that was so soft, so sensual, that when she eventually drew back he was panting with need, looking at her pleadingly as he whimpered, “Please??

    “Oh honey, you poor thing,” she murmured sympathetically, stroking his hair as she purred with arousal of her own from how deliciously desperate this poor boy already was.

    With her eyes sparkling wickedly Marie then looked at her friends and announced, “It’s time…. he’s ready.”

    At that point the dazed young man was freed from the chair, only to find himself surrounded by the four predatory women who guided him into a candle lit bedroom, the erotic scent of more aphrodisiacs filling the air.

    Awaiting him were restraints attached to each bedpost… bowls of warm oil that soft hands would soon be applying to his bound, trembling body… and steel rings that would imprison his swollen cock and heavy balls, ensuring his erection would continue to ache and drip with need for hours with no hope of release.

    After tugging down his boxers and tossing them aside the women positioned themselves at the corners of the bed, each of them taking one of his limbs, spreading them outward… securing his wrists and ankles into the sturdy restraints.

    “Oh god….,” he moaned helplessly, his body instinctively writhing and straining as he tested his bonds.

    “Mmm, I know baby, you can’t get away,” Marie cooed. “You’re so helpless and so turned on, aren’t you? But you need to try to relax, this is just the very beginning for you.”

    She gave a subtle nod to her friends then perched herself on the bed next to her bound, helpless boyfriend. He whimpered softly with need as he watched the three women begin to slowly peel away their clothes… everywhere he looked alluring female curves were being teasingly revealed to his longing gaze.

    “Look at them,” she urged in a sultry voice, her fingers raking through his hair. “They’re so sexy, aren’t they? And they all want to see how hot they can make you… how hard they can get you… how badly they can make you want to cum…”

    Marie smiled at his whine, then touched her lips to his ear and whispered, “We all do… but especially me. I want you aching so bad, baby… so completely desperate… I want to watch as you break right before our very eyes.”

    With a soft, taunting laugh she then joined her friends, peeling away her clothes as well, smiling as his eyes glazed over with need.

    A moment later his mouth fell open in a lust filled daze as soft female hands were seemingly everywhere… some applying warm oil to his trembling body… others gently manipulating his cock and balls into the steel rings that would hold them captive, ensuring that his churning, pent-up cum would remain trapped helplessly within them, unable to release…

    Right where they wanted…. and for as long as they wanted.

    Then, once they were satisfied with their preparations the four cockteases shared a knowing smile and descended upon their prey….

    The room soon filling with the sweet sounds of female pleasures… and the exquisite agony of helpless male frustration.