Do As Your Cuckoldress Demands

    As a cuckold, your duty is to do as your cuckoldress demands. When she gives you an order, you follow it without question.


    When she tells you to worship her pussy, it’s your job to get between her legs and lick her vigorously. If she wants you to make her cum, do it eagerly. If she wants you to get her wet so another man can fuck her, you’ll do that too.


    If she tells you to watch as another man fucks her with his bigger, better cock, you’ll do it without question or protest. If she tells you to masturbate while you watch someone better fuck her, you’ll do it. If she tells you not to masturbate you’ll listen. Your wife’s happiness is your primary concern as a cuckold.


    If she tells you to go online and find her a bigger cock, you’ll do it. You’ll subject yourself to looking at pictures of other men’s dicks and picking out one to fuck your wife. You’d do that for your wife, wouldn’t you cuckold?


    If she tells you to fluff him for her, you’ll do it. You’ll open wide and wrap your lips around another man’s big, hard cock. You’ll give a blowjob like a good little cuckold bitch should. You won’t think about the fact that you’re sucking cock, that you’re doing something only bi and gay guys do. You’ll just suck dick because you want to make your wife happy.


    If she tells you to eat her pussy as he fucks her from behind, you’ll do it. You’ll lick her clit as his cock thrusts inside her. You’ll taste his shaft as he’s fucking her. If he wants to rub his big balls all over your face, you’ll let him do it.


    If she tells you to clean up after her lover, you’ll do it. You’ll eagerly lick another man’s cum off her pussy. You’ll eagerly clean a creampie out of her. You’ll do it without hesitation because you’re a submissive cuckold and you get off on being a good boy for your wife.

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    ♠️♥️Yes Please♠️♥️


    Husbands should obey their wives!


    “Yes, Miss Kitty…”


    Hotwife Lifestyle - Understanding Our Man’s Hotwife Fantasy and How to Use That to Our Advantage

    The fantasy of having a “Hotwife” is growing, in fact, research shows it is growing at a higher rate than a good majority of the other lifestyle alternatives, including the old staple of “swinging” and the modern “open relationship”.  Why is it that a fantasy that revolves around only one part of a relationship – the woman – going out and finding pleasure from another man more intriguing to an increasing number of men than going out and “getting some” for himself?  

    Basic psychology tells us that men are highly competitive creatures.  They have a drive to compete with other males of the species for the best mate – this isn’t so much different than what happens in the animal kingdom.  Most men have an innate drive to compete with other men when it comes to the “best mate” or the “most attractive woman”.  With this being said, one of the reservations of most women who find out about their husband or partner’s Hotwife fantasy is that he is somehow “weaker” than the rest because he wants to give up his position as your only partner.  Is this really true, though?  Could the truth lie somewhere within today’s man’s loss of natural competition in everyday life, and a desire to maintain a level of competition after marriage or “monogamy”?  Is this weakness, or rather the ultimate confidence?  

    Cuckholding aside, because this aspect of the fantasy requires a bit more in terms of a “woman led” relationship, and a bit more from the man in terms of a desire for mental sadomasochism, a good majority of men enjoy the idea that they have been able to “capture” the best mate and even when she’s out having amazing physical and emotional experiences with men who may have qualities that actually supersede their own – a better body, a larger cock, youth, more prowess in bed – their woman actually WANTS to come back to them at the end of the night.  While most Hotwife-Husbands do get some level of turn-on from the jealousy and the possibility that their Hotwife may actually be enjoying their dates more than they enjoy being “at home”, the overwhelming desire is the competition and the “win” in terms of having a wife who chooses them again and again even after being allowed to go out and have other men.  

    As Hotwives, we may be the focus of the fantasy, but there is that deeper and more psychological desire of a man who, even after committing to one woman, is able to compete with other males sexually.  This is why the desire for “reclaiming” a Hotwife after a date is so strong – it’s actually been scientifically proven that men who are able to reclaim a partner after she has been with someone else have an increase in testosterone levels, which means stronger desire, more powerful erections, longer lasting erections, and an overall stronger sex drive.  So, what does this mean for us as Hotwives?

    He Enjoys the Jealousy, Go with It

    As women we’ve learned that inducing some jealousy can actually be a good thing when it comes to dating – before we’ve found our “person”.  We use our female prowess to keep the men who we are seeing guessing…why?  Because they seem more interested in us when it seems as though we may not be 100% there.  So, if this works in the dating world, why wouldn’t it work once we’re married? In contrast, women typically don’t respond as well, or in the same way to jealousy – we tend to worry, question, and sometimes shut down if we feel that he might be “just not that into us”.  Naturally, because of our own feelings on the matter, we tend to avoid making our men jealous once we’ve committed to them, because we, ourselves don’t want to feel as though we’re in constant competition with other, more attractive, sexier, younger, etc., women.  Why would we do something to the man that we love that we, ourselves, would hate?

    For men, though, and especially those with Hotwife fantasies, jealousy is a big component and tool for us to keep our men hot and bothered.  Sometimes just the mere mention of being flirted with by that cute guy at our favorite restaurant, or our interest in the sexy personal trainer at the gym is enough to send our men into a sexual frenzy.  It doesn’t take a lot to feed the fantasy.  It’s not ALL about dates and recounting how well we got worked over in the bedroom (and how much we loved it), though that is the ultimate turn on for our men, it’s also about the little things – the mention of our interest in someone else, the sexy messages that we send to potential lovers or Bulls, the “tease” of how much we loved what our last Bull did for us and how much we’re looking forward to doing it again.  Remember, this ignites the “competition” element of things, which is natural for men.

    The More You Enjoy it, the More He Enjoys it

    You may be thinking, “But I’m doing it for him, I’m not doing it for myself” (a common theme by A LOT of Hotwives), but in reality, our men WANT us to enjoy our encounters. They want to hear about what this “other guy” did for or to is that sent us over the edge, and yes, they want to hear what we liked better about the “other guy”.  I know it seems crazy, because we don’t want to imagine our men, even if we did allow them to be with other women, thinking that their “others” were better, sexier, hotter or had something that we don’t.  That’s because we don’t have that “competition drive” like our men do.

    Let’s face it, despite what our men tell us – “It’s all about your pleasure” or “I don’t get anything out of it unless you’re enjoying it, because I love you so much” – this isn’t some ultimate “unselfish” thing our men are doing for us.  These things come out of their mouths, but what they are really saying is “I want to know that you came three times while he was fucking you, and you STILL want to come home to me”.  It’s their kink, and we have to understand it.  

    So, if you’ve actually taken the step into the world of Hotwifing, you’re going to have to learn how to properly tease your man into believing that, just maybe, your Bull was better than him in some ways.  Whenever you think “But I’m only doing it for him”, follow that us with “I’m doing it for him and he WANTS to know that I absolutely enjoyed it”.  Find some aspect of your encounter that was mind-blowing, and recount, in great detail exactly what it was that sent you over the edge.  This may require a little bit of embellishment, and that’s OKAY…trust me…embellishment is your friend in this situation.  Tell your man about your Bull’s amazing cock, how good if felt, how good he tasted, how fantastic he was at oral sex, etc.  These are the things that will ramp up that competition streak in your man and make him want to reclaim you with increased vigor and desire.  

    The More You Want Someone Else, The More Your Man Wants You

    Again, you’re playing on the competition and the teasing aspect of things here…  The more that you act as if you WANT to be a Hotwife, the more that your husband or partner is going to WANT you.  His desire for you is going to skyrocket, his sexual desire for you is going to make it so that he’s ready to chew his own leg off to get you back in bed.  I have experienced this firsthand many times…if I am completely honest about an “encounter” and admit to “D” that my Bull was lacking in some way, or I didn’t quite “get there”, he isn’t nearly as turned on as when I tell him about how amazing things were.  I don’t like or believe in lying, but I do advocate for being selective and stretching the truth…maybe your lover wasn’t the best at giving oral sex, but maybe he was an amazing kisser, so a good answer would be “he was amazing with his mouth” and leave the rest up for interpretation.  

    We’re women.  We are strong and capable and we are smart.  And the truth is, this is a GAME we are playing for and with our husbands/partners, so we need to get our heads into the game. Furthermore, this is an intellectual game, and we need to use our intellects to get to where we want to be.  Where do we want to be?  We want to have a husband/partner who is absolutely drooling over us, believes we are the ultimate sexual goddess, and in is jealous enough to realize that in order to “compete” they will need to step up their own game in order to “keep” us satisfied – be that with amazing sex, extra romance, other rewards, or all of the above.  

    Happy Hotwifing!



    Watch Him Cum in Your Wife


    This is a beautiful moment for a cuckold. This is the moment when another man cums in your wife’s pussy. This is the moment when his balls erupt and he fills her with his seed. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.


    “Cum inside me,” she begs. “Give me your cum.”

    Your wife needs it. She wants it. She wants it badly. She wants another man to cum inside her. That’s another beautiful moment for a cuckold.

    Your head is swimming with lust and jealousy. You’re awash in cuckold angst. You’ve never been more aroused.


    Look at that flood of semen that drips out of her pussy. Look at his seed slipping from your wife’s well-fucked cunt. Listen to the satisfied groans coming from her lover. Listen to her heavy breathing. Another man has just seeded your wife’s perfect cunt.


    This is how it’s going to be from now on. Another man is going to dump his load in your wife’s pussy whenever they fuck. No more condoms for him. It’s pure bareback sex when they get together, which means his seed swimming in her womb.


    This is how you want it. You want his cock cumming inside her. You want to hear her begging for his cum. You want to see his nuts tighten as he unloads into her pussy. You want to see his thick white jizz dripping out of your wife’s pussy. You want another man to replace you in the bedroom.

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    The Morning After - A Cuckold Short Story

    A sliver of sunlight streaming through the small opening in the hotel curtains wakes you. Your wife stirs in the bed.

    She stretches and releases a sound that can only be described as a joyful purr. “Last night was incredible,” she says.

    A low groan of agreement follows. Soft lips meet flesh as the sound of her kisses floats into the air.

    “I’ve never been fucked like that before,” your wife says. “Is he ready to go again?”

    She’s right. Last night was incredible. Your cock stirs to life at the idea that she wants to go again. Your wife is insatiable and it delights you to no end.

    “Ooh, he’s getting hard for me,” she says delightedly.

    For a moment, jealousy is all you feel. It’s not your cock that she’s excited about. There’s another man in the king size bed and he’s the one that was incredible last night. He’s the one that fucked your wife to a seemingly endless stream of body-shaking orgasms. He’s the one that’s going to fuck her this morning, too.

    You know the jealousy will pass. It always does. Lust always wins out. The intense arousal you feel when another man is fucking your wife – and fucking her exceptionally well – is what you crave more than anything.

    That’s why you roll over and look. You’re a foot away from your wife and yet all her attention is focused on another man. She has his thick cock in her hand and his tongue in her mouth. He is getting hard for her, just like she said, and it won’t be long before he’s inside her.

    You’re getting hard too. You can’t help it. You don’t even have to touch your cuckold cock for it to get stiff when your wife is fooling around with another man.

    She moves down his body, kissing him softly along the way. You know where she’s going and what she’s going to do when she gets there. You know your wife loves having him in her mouth. You know she loves showing off her cocksucking skills.

    As you watch her lips wrap around his thick cock you can’t help but imagine how good her mouth felt on your dick when she used to give you blowjobs. It doesn’t happen anymore; now that she’s got his cock there’s no need to suck yours. You can still remember it though. You can remember that intense burst of wetness and warmth and the feel of her tongue running along the underside of your cock head.

    Now he gets to experience that pleasure while you watch and stroke. You can’t help it. Watching your wife suck someone else’s cock is intensely thrilling.

    Then she looks at you. She holds your gaze as another man fills her mouth with his thick dick. It’s intoxicating.

    “Do you like watching me suck his cock?” your wife asks.

    “Yes,” you say. You want to say so much more. You want to tell her how it fills you with intense pleasure and jealousy, how you love watching his cock disappear into her mouth, how you love that she’s gotten better at giving head since he came into your lives, but you don’t. This isn’t a time for conversation. You know that. You know she just likes to tease you a little while she’s playing with him.

    Your loins tingle with intense pleasure as your wife straddles him. She rubs his cock along the smooth pussy you shaved the night before. You watch as she opens for his thickness. She groans as he slowly fills her pussy. Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted towards the ceiling. She is experiencing a moment of pure bliss. It’s the same thing every time. When she first feels his cock buried deep inside her she likes to savor it.

    “That feels so fucking good,” she says.

    His hands move over her hips and up her torso. He plays with her breasts as your wife begins to ride him. You can’t pull your gaze from between her legs. The sight of her pussy bouncing up and down on his enormously thick cock is too beautiful to resist. It’s perfect in every way. Your small cock is in your hand and his big cock is in her pussy, where yours should be. Not anymore, though. Now you’re a cuckold. You’ve literally been replaced.

    “I’m going to cum!” your wife cries out.

    Less than a minute with his cock inside her and she’s already cumming. Size matters, cuckold.

    After her orgasm, your wife climbs off his cock and gets on her hands and knees. She wants to be taken from behind while you watch. Even better, she’s close enough that you can kiss her. She loves being close to you as his cock fills and stretches her pussy from behind. She loves to tease you.

    “Did you like watching him make me cum?” your wife asks as he slips inside her from behind.

    “Yes,” you answer.

    “You don’t make me cum like that,” she says. She knows it’s what you want to hear. She’s learned that you love to be reminded of your sexual inferiority. “Your dick is too small to make me cum like that.”

    The humiliation is so beautiful. It’s an act of love. She knows it turns you on. She had the orgasm she craved and now she wants to give you the one you crave.

    “Say it,” she demands. “Say your dick is too small to make me cum.”

    “My dick is too small to make my wife cum,” you say.

    She presses her lips against yours and her tongue darts into your mouth. She moans as his big cock fucks her hard and fast from behind. You feel her pleasure. It fills your body.

    He groans. He’s getting close. She grabs your balls and squeezes them.

    “Cum, cuckold,” your wife orders. “Cum as another man fills me with his seed.”

    He groans louder. He’s seconds away from emptying his balls into your wife’s pussy.

    “Cum like a cuckold should. Cum as a better man fucks your wife,” she says.

    That’s it. You can’t hold back. You cum. You orgasm as he buries his cock into your wife’s pussy and cums inside her. You cum like a cuckold should.

    “Good boy,” she whispers. “Good boy.”

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    Awesome story! Love the idea of another man filling my fertile wife with his seed while mine is wasted all over my stomach. 


    Your Slutwife Comes Home

    When she left last night, you knew you wouldn’t see your wife until the next day. She was leaving to spend the night with her lover. She was going to give her body to him to do with as he pleased. She was his for the night and a little of the next morning. Now she’s back.

    She’s back in your marital bed, her body ravaged by another man. She walked through the door in the same outfit she left in: A little black dress, sexy black stockings with delicate lace tops, and black high heels.

    Things were a little different, though. Her stockings had runs in them; evidence of his roughness. Her hair was a beautiful mess, a few steps beyond that “just got fucked" look that you always love. She could have cleaned up, but she wanted you to see the evidence of her sluttiness.

    She kissed you in the doorway, her tongue eagerly slipping into your mouth. You tasted him on her, evidence of a quick goodbye blowjob before she went back to her husband. She smiled as she broke the kiss, knowing full well that you just got a mouthful of her lover.

    Wordlessly, your slutwife sauntered down the hallway towards the bedroom. You followed eagerly, your eyes fixated on her ass in tight dress. Your mouth watered and your cock stiffened in anticipation of the reclaiming ritual you were about to indulge in.

    She stripped and climbed into bed as you watched from the doorway. You moved towards her, taking your place between your slutwife’s legs. You were confronted with the beautiful sight of your wife’s well-used cunt. Her lips were puffy from the pounding she’d taken that morning and she was still slick with the juices of her desire and her lover’s cum.

    “Worship me,” she whispered as her fingers entwined in your hair. She pulled you close and you eagerly licked her pussy. You relished the familiar taste of sex as your tongue ran over her labia and pushed gently inside her. She moaned for you, relishing her favorite part of being a slutwife.

    You brought her to multiple orgasms that morning, pleasing your wife after a night of intense sex with another man. You held her in your arms afterwards, your bodies pressed tightly together, your cock leaking precum. If you’re lucky, she might let you cum too.

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    One of the most erotic things you can experience is reclaiming your wife after a night of passion with her lover. Worship her.


    This captures is perfectly


    I would cum while eating her out. My little dick would just explode on the sheets.


    Do As You’re Told, Cuckold

    “Lick my pussy,” she says through lusty moans. She pulls hard on the belt around your neck and draws you close to her cunt.

    The smell is sex fills your nose. You can hear their flesh slapping together as your wife ride’s her bull’s big cock. You can see his big balls bouncing as he fills her. You can see her pussy lips opening for him, opening wider than they ever have for you.

    “Lick it, cuckold,” she demands, and you extend your tongue. You lick her pussy as she rides him, but you can’t help but lick his cock too. She knew this would happen. That’s why she put that belt around your neck before sitting on his cock. She wants you to taste his dick. She wants to push your boundaries.

    She stops riding and sinks down onto her bull’s big cock. “How does it taste, cucky?” she asks with a smile on her face.

    “Good,” you say. It does taste good. It’s pure sex on your tongue. It’s her pussy juices, just a little bit of sweat, and his shaft mixed into one. It’s perfect. Your cock throbs between your legs.

    “Good boy,” she says, and resumes riding her man. She wants more though. She wants you to fully embrace your place as a cuckold.

    She pulls off his cock and you watch it throb as a drop of precum appears on the head. Your wife’s fingers wrap around the base of her bull’s big dick and she points it towards you.

    “Suck his cock, cuckold,” she demands.

    You hesitate and she pulls hard on the belt around your neck. You look up and see genuine fury in her eyes.

    “You’ll do what you’re told, cuckold,” she says. Her voice is venomous. This isn’t a sensual request. This is an order from the woman you married. She’s determined to put you in your place. She’s determined to see you wrap your lips around that big cock, to cross a boundary most men never even approach. She wants you to become a cocksucker for her.

    She grabs the belt and pulls up, forcibly turning your head upwards until your eyes meet hers. “You’re going to suck his cock, cuckold. You’ve long since proven you’re worthless as a lover, that your cock is far too small and cums far too quickly to satisfy me. It’s time for you to prove that you have some use in the bedroom. It’s time for you to become a cocksucker for me.”

    Her words break your will to resist. You know she’s right. You know your cock doesn’t satisfy her. You know your place is to be a cocksucker for your wife.

    You open your mouth and lean forward. The spongy head of his cock presses against your tongue. You close your lips around it. You’re sucking cock now.

    “Good boy,” she says. “That’s it, suck his cock. Suck his superior cock, cuckold.”

    Her words soothe you. They make all your worries about being a cocksucker wash away. You focus your energy on pleasuring the man that’s been fucking your wife better than you ever have.

    You’re a cuckold cocksucker now.