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NSFW and 18+ only, please! DREAMBOOK FOR A CATHOLIC GIRL is my personal, creative, sexual space where I let loose with all the yummy smut that percolates through my brain. It exhibits my politics, my kinks, and my beliefs. The primary one is that this blog manifests *my gaze.* It’s not about capitulating to tired misogynistic, slut-shaming ideologies. If you didn’t understand that last sentence, let me break it down for you: sexist slut-shaming men don’t tell me what to do. Ever. On my own blog....// Dreambook for a Catholic Girl explores power, submission and corruption via original erotica and suggestive photos. The writing here is *fictional* and does not condone non-consensual nor underage relationships in any way, shape, or form.// May your journey here be as joyful as mine has been..xoxo For more info: /yourbadgrrl.tumblr/About

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    “Rather than convince the public to disbelieve Dr. Fauci, Trump’s attacks on the doctor have only served as a reminder of what most Americans already know: Trump is a shameless liar who will say or do anything, no matter who it hurts, if he thinks he can gain a temporary advantage.”

    Trump is trying to do to Anthony Fauci what the right did to Al Gore — but it’s not working (via wilwheaton)

    All Pretty Girls Look Familiar

    “She looks familiar,” I said.

    “You think all pretty girls look familiar. Don’t worry about it. Just go along with it. Let it happen.”

    I shrugged because she was right. And besides, we had dragged the girl home with the promise of orgasms, so what did it matter? She told us no one had gotten her off in weeks, and when we suggested we give it a shot, she told us she was game and there was no turning back. We dragged her down the block, around the corner, up the three flights of stairs, down the hallway with the dirty paintings, and into the back bedroom and onto the bed.

    Once we figured out that yes she wanted fingers and tongues and a condom clad cock if it was in the cards, we jumped right in. We undressed her, kissed her up and down, and then stood fully clothed above her as she looked up at us and touched herself while we watched. It didn’t long before Katherine buried her face between the girl’s legs while I kissed her mouth and tortured her nipples until little whimpers turned into full blown moans.

    We made her watch as Kath got me hard in her mouth, and we let her beg and plead as we slapped her thighs and teased her to no end. By the time I was inside her (and my date was back to licking her clit) she was close enough to take us seriously, and when Kath pushed a finger up her ass, it was pretty much over. The girl kissed me hard, biting my lip as she clenched around me, and she screamed out my name. My last name. With a Mr. in front of it.

    “Oh fuck,” I said when I pulled out and rolled in between them minutes later. She had come hard, and so had I. In fact, the second she said my name I couldn’t hold back a thing.

    Kath kissed me and pulled the girl closer, but by then our new friend was laughing as the realization spread over my face.

    “What’s so funny?” Katherine asked. I shook my head and the girl kissed me again before getting up and pulling her clothes on.

    “Thanks for the orgasm,” she said, tugging on her boots. “I gotta get home, but this was fun. Just what I needed really.”

    And then she was gone and I had my hands on my head as I realized what I had done. The girl had said she needed something extra, something new, and something a little wrong to get off. And in the end, she got all three.

    “So, you really did know her?” Kath asked me.

    All I could do was groan as she reached down and held me as I once again grew hard in her hand. Of course, I knew her. And of course, it took me three minutes too long to remember who she was. And now I’d be hard for a week as I tried to forget.


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