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    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve reblogged this fantastic video.


    well stated


    Fuckin A!


    I guess we’re being protected by idiots who don’t think we should see it.


    Oh, there it is……..


    Always reblog


    Will reblog this every time I see it


    I always read it as the people are the regulation of the militia. The militia must be well-regulated to keep the state free, therefore the people must have arms.


    In historic context, “well regulated” meant well trained, as in military “regulations”. Even today, soldiers being “within regs” means you’re following the rules about maintenance, tactics, and behavior.

    A decent updated translation for “well regulated” would probably be “military grade”.


    Probably be closer to mil spec, since a lot of civilian ARs are better quality than military grade but could still share parts with them.


    Aye. If you call my guns military grade I’ll be insulted.

    Mine are better.


    Been a while since I saw it but I remember this being a good episode.

    And yes, the “well regulated” is very deliberately misread by gun grabbers. The only way they have any kind of constitutional argument is to pretend the wording is vague or doesn’t mean what everyone knows it means. This is why they get mad when you point out in addition to the constitution itself we have supporting documents in the form of the framers’ recorded correspondence and personal musings. And those cement what we already know: They wanted you to own guns and other weapons, ideally to the point you keep parity with the police and military, the government should be terrified at the prospect of infringing on your rights, and the founders think your moral panic over it is a pathetic disgrace.

    Authoritarians have failed for years to argue their position has any basis in the constitution, which is probably why now the narrative has shifted to painting the constitution as an irrelevant document created by proto-Nazis. Can’t beat them? Cancel them.


    This is a great watch they wood throw out the constitution if we the people let them