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2018-12-15 03:18:38

    The last post on tumblr

    So it might be the last post on tumblr for me.

    If you want to contact with my Skyrim adult content, remember to join my discord, I will still posting screenshot on my discord and Twitter for everyone.

    Discord (https://discord.gg/q9pQZT9)

    Twitter (https://twitter.com/YuiHSkyrim)

    You can also follow my twitter if you interesting my artworks.


    If you enjoy my Skyrim works, you can support me on my patreon.

    Stay safe !! everyone !! it is hard time.


    Will you be moving to an alternate platform like Pixiv or Flickr?I know you have a Discord server, but their storage policies are unclear. It is a shame that so many talented artist, like you, get thrown out because of the changes in western culture. Why can we not accept that everyone is a pervert, either a honest one or a closet pervert!

    Because the real pervert that don’t wanna admit themselves, don’t like the people who honest themselves.

    Pixiv 100% no, and Flickr... I don’t know, does really worth it? you guys want me to go Flickr?


    I won't be that guy who asks for a face preset, but what I would like help with, is the shape of the elf ears you've got. I tried to get a perfect shape myself (ECE) but fail horribly. I got the face to my liking, but having the perfect elf ears would give me the utmost satisfaction of character creation.

    I can understand your problem, I have that before too.

    Just remember, you can edit the ear shape on vertex edit in ECE !!