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    so I got into grad school today with my shitty 2.8 gpa and the moral of the story is reblog those good luck posts for the love of god


    okay so i just got my dream job??? a week after applying to it?? and now i’m thinking….maybe this is the good luck post


    …..not even six hours later i got an offer of a well paying full time long-term job with free room and board in queens in nyc, allowing me independence and a way to escape an abusive situation and an unhealthy environment

    likes charge reblogs cast, folks, this is the good luck post


    This is the money blunt. Reblog for money and blunts.


    Shit I could use some money and blunts


    Dang it really works that’s wsup thanks me




    Testimonials 🙌


    I reblogged and found out I won a $500 scholarship😭💗🙏🏻


    I reblogged this post this morning, just checked my mailbox and I have a check. I’m speechless haha


    You’re welcome


    I’m ready


    I’m recharging this post come get it


    So I shared this a couple days ago and my boyfriend’s car hardtop sold for $800.

    This post has some ENERGY man.


    So, I made a teasing audio!

    Please bear with me if this is terrible because this is my first ever one. I’ve provided a transcript below in case the audio quality is too quiet or too bad (I got confused with it because on my phone it sounds barely audible but on my laptop it sounds fine and I am no technology whiz so hopefully this is okay!) Made specifically for @teasesfatties​ but hopefully to be enjoyed by everyone!

    Teasing - An Au

    Piggy. I started calling you that a long time ago but these days, I use that more than your name. I don’t think I need to remind you that you’re my piggy, too. You’re not anybody else’s. No one else knows that you used to have abs. No one knows that you used to be fit and toned and that the gym girl types would swoon for you. No one knows that. But I know. And I know how easy it was to ruin your trim figure. A few encouragements, a few persuasions, and a whole new name. Piggy. That’s all it took.

    Of course people commented. You said it was because of Christmas, then it was Valentine’s Day with all the chocolate I spoiled you with, then it was Easter and more chocolate, and then it was summer BBQs and decadent food abroad, before winter came again all too soon and we were back at the start. It must have been so embarrassing for you, baby. But at least now that your slim figure is definitely a thing of the past, people have moved on from saying “you look… healthy” and other irritating comments to polite smiles and internalised surprise when they now see you. Your fatness is not a curiosity anymore, baby. Its a fact.

    I remember when you couldn’t even eat a medium pizza as a meal and now you eat that as part of your snacks. And you kept telling yourself you would go to the gym. Now, you don’t even know where your gym card is. And that’s okay, piggy. All this food and decadence that I’ve let you indulge in has made you my dumb, big pet. All those things you were worried about before? I’ll take care of them. You just worry about getting bigger. For me.

    Get yourself something now. Yes, baby, I know. You’re so hungry. Just waddle over to the fridge. I’ll come with you. Just a few steps more… perfect. I’ll grab you something while you lean against the counter and get your breath back. You look so fat. So gorgeous. So plump. I love your new and growing figure. Though I’ve already put more than a hundred pounds on you, I know you can grow more for me. And you will. Open wide! Here’s your favourite cake. Doesn’t that frosting feel good on your lips? Lick them. Feel the richness. Have some more, fatty. Feel the light and delicate sponge dissolve in your mouth. And kiss me. I love kissing your greasy, sticky, food covered lips. Remind me of what a hog you are without even saying a word. Then, and only then, I’ll feed you the rest. Let me rub your stomach as you eat. Don’t be embarrassed, baby. I love what a piggy you are. My slob. Just concern yourself with growing. My fat machine. My piggy slut. You’ve gained so much already but I know you can gain more. For me. For us. Make that incredible fat sex we have even more amazing. It’s on you, piggy. Get fatter and then get. me. off.

    You know I’ll only let myself cum when you’ve finished all that food. Hurry up. I can feel myself getting wetter. I’ll spread my legs and sit opposite you as you gorge, if you like. I can spot all your new rolls from here. Your chins still look as cute as ever. Your ass as big as ever. Your appetite as big as ever. You’re amazing… Keep going. Don’t stop until you’re so full you can’t move. Drive me wild with every mouthful and sit back when you’re done. Admire your mountainous belly. Admire me, writhing wildly as I play with myself. Listen to me as I moan. You know you make me cum like no one else. I’d say we have a pretty good deal here. I make you fat. Fat makes me cum. You’re my prize hog.


    Get some rest before your next feeding. The food is on it’s way.


    Can’t get enough of this 😝🐷😰

    Reblog if...

    You're a horny piggy that is into bdsm as much as I am. If you love to be tied up like the hog you are. You want to see that rope become submerged in all your fat. You want to be spanked till you jiggle all over. You want to be gagged with an apple like the pig you are. You love to be called a porker, a piggy, a gluttonous slut. You want to be force fed while tied down, your belly being filled to the brim until it's ready to explode. You just want to be completely at someone's mercy while they fatten you up nicely. You want, no, you need to be over 600lbs. Nothing but a massive tub of lard.

    Mmmmmm you're getting horny just thinking about it.... I know you are you slutty little piggies 😈🐷😈


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    Ok fr ive had like the worst month so please lemme have that good news


    Good luck please:)


    Me- I don’t wanna go to class today. I feel out of it

    *classes is cancelled *

    Me- God???? Is that you???


    Me: I️ don’t want to go to work today


    (Looks like God’s got both our backs today)


    Bless this day ❤️❤️❤️


    I swear this post is blessed or something because I said “I want a reason to go somewhere” while looking at this post and then pretty much just after, my mother asked me to go to the store to get some eggs since I used the last 2


    Reblog this post to get something you want

    College Feederism Database

    Seems like I got decent feedback on this idea, so I’ve decided to do it. Simply fill out this form to see if there is anyone who might go to your university. If you want, you can spread this on things other than tumblr as well.

    Here’s the link to the form:


    The tables have turned

    You’re so beautifully soft and plump. You eat for me like a good piggy. You never turn down a meal or even a snack. What a good piggy should do. I stay fit to take care of your obese body which is slowly making you bed bound at seven hundred ninety pounds. But…lately I’ve been eating your food. I feel guilty but my self control has dwindled. My lean body is going soft and I’ve put off going to the gym. But I can help enjoy what I cook for you and try the takeout I bring home after work. I promise…I’ll work it off here soon.

    But maybe not. I’ve gotten used to snacking frequently. Ordering myself things here and there. I myself have even gotten a bit turned on by having a big stuffed belly. I wonder if you have noticed? Probably not. You spend so much time munching mindlessly you probably don’t notice my growing waistline and my thickening arms. Its little changes anyways. Maybe I’ll order one more pizza then start working out again.

    Okay that was…a pizza and some chinese. Its just so good! I fee like…I’m starting to get addicted to these things. Fast food, chocate snacks, donuts, fried food. I never really understood the addiction, just the results that I loved to see so much. God sugar really is addicting…I hide my own habits from you hoping you haven’t seen my love handles forming. My pants have gone up a few sizes too… I really do need to stop but god cheesy fries are to DIE for. How have I ever chosen salads over these? I’ll start jogging tomarrow I swear!

    I didn’t…I put that off as well. I keep bringing you your treats but end up eating half of them. Half your fries, maybe a couple slices of pizza… I sat in the driveway and ate my own footlong sub before I gave you yours. Fuck. I am really letting myself go. I’m turning myself into a hog. I literally cannot stop. Having a huge stuffed tummy keeps me going. I broke the button off my jeans yesterday! Thats a goal of ours when we got together. Except you were pushing four hundred pounds and I was still fit. Now I’m turning into a hog. My stomach now has rolls and my butt has gotten jiggly. I’m sure you can tell now but you haven’t said a word. Maybe you want me to fatten myself up like you? Eating as much as you do every day. Glutting and glutting myself into obesity. No! I can’t! I’ll be more strict! I’ll eat healthier and get a treadmill! I can’t do this to myself. You’re the feedee, I’m the feeder. Thats how this works. Yeah.

    Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I’ve gained sixty pounds in four months. Its harder to get motivated to workout. I’ve gotten off track after eating well for a week straight. First it was a little candy bar, then a donut for breakfast…now I’ve finished off a medium sized pizza by myself. You of course packed away an extra large plus breadsticks. You finally started to tease me about my weight. But the thing is…I like it. Stuffing ourselves together was fun. You petted my fat tubby belly and I groped your mounds of blubber. You cuddled together afterwards like two fat pigs at a farm. I’m not as embarassed anymore but uncertain as to how I’m going to shed these pounds off. Besides…who will take care of you if I get out of shape as well?

    Its been eight months now. You lovingly press a crispy warm brownie passed my lips. Its so rich, cakey, and filling. My belly is stuffed and round. Its almost painful to keep eating but your voice talks me into it. “Eat a little more sweety the pan is almost finished.” I stretch myself out in bed and breathing is difficult. You lift another square of brownie to my mouth and I hesitantly take it in. “Good…just keep going one more…” You whisper rubbing my stout tummy. The lower your hand rubs the more excited I become. “You’re getting so soft now!” I swallow hard and gasp as you lift the last piece. “Okay…last one…” I groan and my poor overstretched stomach gurgles trying to digest the sugary treat. “Open up.” You demand. Aroused by your sharp voice I take in another square yet again. “Good piggy…” You set the pan off to the side and your hand slowly trails down my underwear. “Now for your reward.”

    At exactly one year I reluctantly stepped onto the scale to face my fears. Weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds I realize I have really let myself go. You have lost a bit of weight though since I’ve started eating almost more than half of your share…maybe even more. You’re fine with it though since you were missing your mobility even though you still struggle to get up and out of bed. I love watching you push, heave, and rock your heavy body onto your feet only to watch you helplessly fall back into bed. We both laugh at your expense. I tease you by calling you demeaning names in which, I know turns you on. “Whats wrong piggy? Eat so much you can’t get up?” I watch your face redden in sexual frustration…or rising blood pressure, either one.

    I have noticed your attitude changing though. Your whole personality has gotten a bit…dominating. Ever since I’ve started getting fatter that seemed to have sparked something in you. Watching my body swell up has given you ideas…

    “Eat it!” You shout as you sit on top of me, your immense weight fully pinning me to the bed. “Mf!!” I struggle to gulp down the last bit of donut as another enters my mouth. “Good…have another!” You grind on me while I concentrate on devouring another sweet sugary treat. “Yes…eat for me. You need to be fattened up!” Your jiggling body has me flustered and hot while I gorge. “Good piglet! More!” My taut belly wobbles as you continue grinding yourself on my smaller yet plump body. Chewing and swallowing I endure the feeding you are pushing me to do. “What a hog! You’re gonna be as big as me!” I wince in pain as my stomach expands even more. Your hands rub and press on it massaging gently. “One more tubbo!” You chime squeezing my cheeks to open. I tiredly chew and gulp down the last bit of dessert letting out a big sigh after you praise me.

    Things are starting to change between us. You are now becoming more bossy and dominant while I find myself submitting to your demands. It really has taken a toll on my body. I’ve gotten slow and sluggish from all the carbs and sugar. My body is heavy and very out of shape. I seem to take up more space and have even broken a wooden chair. It was already broken, I tell myself. You tease me though. “Poor piggy…won’t be able to fit through doors soon!” You’re always prodding and poking my flesh and wobbling my hanging gut. You have even gone as far as to tying me down and force feeding me until I beg you to stop. We both can now eat an extra large pizza in an hour with breadsticks. You’ve shrunk to six hundred fifty pounds while my weight has sky rocketed to four hundred seventy. Its harder to move or even stay motivated enough to get out of bed. You’ve been more active towards forcing me to guzzle down gallons of sugary pop and eat carb loaded foods. I’ve slowed down so much these passed two years. My gluttony and sex drive have taken over. Feeding, fucking, sleeping.

    My breathing is labored now as I reach six hundred pounds. You have forced me to walk on a treadmill for twenty minutes while you record me and taunt me. “Work them pounds off fatty! Or…you can try. I’ll just feed you twice as much when you’re done! You’ll be too tired and hungry to resist anyway. Move!” I’m sweating profusely and my thighs are rubbing together. My ass is jiggling and my belly is audibly slapping my lap. My feet hurt so much I moan for the torture to stop. “Keep going pig I need you fit!” I whine and grunt while slowing down. My heart is pounding. I stop the machine and beg some more. “Please…I’m too out of shape!” I gasp for air and hold onto the treadmill dripping with sweat. “Okay hog, since you couldn’t complete a whole thirty minutes you need to eat twice as much as usual!” You guide me to the bed and shove me over. I fall like a boulder and lay there panting. You’ve grown so cruel towards me but I love it so much. You have pushed me further into obesity while you yourself struggle to get around. Pretty soon we’ll both be screwed and need a full fime feeder as we eat ourselves bed bound.

    So if I could find a feeder willing to care for two hefty hogs, think you would be up for the task?




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    Ps, this was requested in my DMs 😘


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    Ok fr ive had like the worst month so please lemme have that good news


    Good luck please:)