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    You were meant to be interviewing Him to see whether He’d make a good roommate - whether he had loud parties, would have friends over all the time, and would be able to pay the rent. 

    But He seemed to know exactly what you were from the moment He entered the apartment. He started interrogating you about what you’d do for Him. Would you worship His bicep, would you kiss His feet at the end of every day, would you suck Him off when He didn’t have a girl available?

    He hasn’t called you back after the interview yet. You hope He’ll let you become his new beta. You’d do a anything. 

    Having to sit in the very back of the mini van with your brother’s best friend because additional luggage was taking up the seat next to your bro; both college freshman could be ok or be dicks toward you. Max was already being annoying, stretching out his legs, and using your lap as his footrest. He’d tease you some with his feet, eventually slipped off his Van’s, his foot odor now wafting into your nose. Your bro turned around and started talking to Max, eventually asking him,“Dude, when was the last time you changed your socks?” With Max wagging his feet in your lap, he replied,”I don’t know. A few days ago?” Max lifted one foot up, pushing it against the side of your nose, and asked,”Hey douche, do my feet stink?” You hear both guys crack up while you slightly turned toward him, nose sliding across his toes a little, and murmuring ,”Fucking socks stink.” He continued pushing them in your face, making you slide down the seat, as they grin at your weak attempts in resisting. You struggle with his socks in your face for about 15 minutes, your bro losing interest in watching, before Max pulled his knee’s back, and yanking his socks off. Forced to smell his bare feet and his toes for quite awhile, you dizzy from breathing in foot odor, Max dropped them down as he heard the car pull into a gas station. Your mom asking if you want something. “A Coke please,” you croak out. Your bro ask’s his friend,”You coming in.”  “Nah, I’m gonna make a call to Jenn but can you grab me a Sprite.”  The car door’s close and Max look’s back at you before quickly smothering your face again with both bare feet. “Like smelling my feet bitch? You’d rather stay in the van and breathe in my foot odor huh?” You can hear the playful tone in his voice as he rubs them in. “No,” you squeak out. “Yah you do,” he responds, bringing his toes down over your nose. “Take a big sniff!” You take a deep whiff of his toe odor before he plants both soles in your face, casually smearing them over your nose. He eventually pushes one pair of toes teasingly in your mouth, watching you lick between them while he talks on the phone. This whole encounter has gotten you very aroused.

    It’s happened so slowly, that you didn’t realise it was happening at all.

    At every opportunity, your roommate has been training you to associate the stench of His feet with submission. Ofter the past six months, every time He has removed His shoes, He has asked you to complete some household chores. Subtly at first, pointing out that, because you were doing your own laundry, you might as well take care of His too. But, over time, His “requests” have become more strident, more demanding, more imperious. 

    And now, every time you see or smell His feet, you drop to your knees, bow your head, and await His command.

    It just seems natural. 


    If you think I don’t know what this does to you, you’re sorely mistaken boy. I mastered the manipulation of boys long before you came onto the scene. At this point if I wasn’t having so much fun it’d be almost fucking tragic how easy it was to have you doing whatever I wanted. The latest Bob’s Burgers is on. Why don’t you spend the episode soaking in the question “what’s he going to want next, and how am I completely prepared to give it.”


    “Babe I’m home with my friends”

    Nathan and Dean had just passed their 3 year anniversary, but lately they haven’t been feeling quite the same about the relationship.

    Nathan was more outgoing, Jocky and athletic, Whilst Dean was more of an introverted gamer who spent his nights inside. The relationship’s spark was fizzling out.

    Nathan had been thinking of ways to save the relationship for a while and whilst he could think of many ways he only wanted 1 thing. A submissive fag to use whenever and however.

    Dean was quite onboard with the idea as he loved Nathan very much and wasn’t quite sure what he meant at first.

    A few days later some things had arrived at the door.

    Dean: “hey hun what did you get”

    Nath: “well liked we talked about, I want to try some new things in the bedroom with you, you said you were keen so let’s do it”

    They sat in the room un-boxing the mystery box, a few mental clanks and other noises arrived along with a metal seperator restraint device, some blue and red tape, a U shaped gadget and O-gag.

    At first Dean seemed nervous to ask what the plan was but alas his mind was filled with the idea of this bringing them closer together once again.

    Nath: “lets try this now shall we?”

    Dean: “uhh.. sure whatever, aren’t you going out tonight though?”

    Nath: “yea but that’s later on, let’s have some fun babe”

    The word babe fizzled dean’s brain and lead him into his submissive state. Nathan started with the blue tape and round and round it went, eventually covering his full body, leaving his head.

    Nath: “how does that feel, fuck you look so hot right now babe”

    Dean: “ it’s a little tight, I can’t really move..”

    Nathan smirked and grabbed the metal seperator. Clicking in each wrist and ankle.

    Nath: “ this thing is so hot, you look totally helpless and fuckable right now”

    Dean: “are you sure this is a good idea? I can barely move anything.”

    Nath: “that’s a good thing, I need you ready in position for tonight”

    Dean: “wait… what’s tonight? You’re going out aren’t you?”

    Nath: “yea, but I’m bringing some of my mates back later on, I told them we can use your hole for some extra cash”

    Dean: “WAIT what??? I never agre…ummppphhh”

    Nathan had quickly inserted the O-gag to shut Dean up. Expanding his jaw wide open, saliva started to drip down his chin.

    Nath: “I’m sorry babe, when I said I wanted to spice things up I meant for myself AND the relationship, this is best of both worlds.”

    Nathan grabbed the U shaped gadget and tied some rope through the hole, applying it to dean’s nostrils and then to the metal bar hanging back and over Deans head.

    Dean: “mmpphh….uughhhmppp”

    Nath: “ Haha shut up fag, you’ll love it. I know you will. Oh almost forgot the last thing…”

    Finally the red tape was wrapped around the top half of dean’s face creating a blindfold of tape.

    Nathan stepped back and stood there admiring his work of art, Dean sitting there helpless and restrained by all the materials.

    Nath: “alright babe, I’m going to go get ready and leave, I’ll be back later on with Josh and Zac and maybe a few other paying mates.”

    Nath: “actually before I go, I might give this a test run”

    Nathan pulled down his briefs to reveal his hard throbbing cock, pre cum already dripping out the tip. Aligning it with the O-gag he entered dean’s wide face hole.

    Dean: “mmpphh….*cough* mmpphhh”

    Nathan sped up and fucked his boyfriend’s wide open mouth. dean’s head bound by the tape and nostril restraints couldn’t resist.

    Nath: “ughhh fuck this feels so good… I’m gonna cum babe… I’m cumming… ughh UGHHHHH FUCKKKK”

    A massive load from Nathan’s dick pushed into the back of dean’s throat sliding all the way down…every last drop forced out into his mouth.

    Dean gagged and coughed and squirmed…swallowing as much as he could and the rest dropped out around his mouth.

    Nath: “ ohh babe don’t waste it, that’s specially for you haha.”

    He wiped the remained of it all over Deans sweaty face.

    Nath: “be back soon babe, love you heaps!”

    "It's 2022 my little caged slave. Of course you won't be unlocked again. Well, you will be unlocked. But that's so we can replace your cage with your Christmas present. The smaller spiked cage! No no. You'll be tied down while I clean up and edge you. Of course you'll be edged! You'll be tied down tight, I'll edge you all night and then in tbe morning, you'll get the Choice of being iced down or me punching your nuts til your soft. Then you'll get locked in the spiked cage. No no. That's a must. You don't get another orgasm til 2030. Another 8 more years slave!"


    “Of course I’ll let you cum. I promised you would as soon as you sucked my dick a hundred times. And I let you suck my dick once for every ten girls I fuck. I don’t care that more than a year has passed and you were allowed to share my orgasms with me only twenty five times. It is way more orgasms per year than a… can’t even call you a man now, can we? More orgasms than a slave like you deserves. But at least these twenty five were true men’s orgasms, right? Not whatever you’ll eventually get from that pathetic, limpy little thing you have safely locked away there. Anyway, girl six here. I guess you’ll have another treat in about two weeks.”


    “Listen up, faggot – if you’re gonna be my bitch, there are some rules. From now on, your love life is over. No servant roommate of mine is going to be going on dates, having boyfriends, or hooking up and doing whatever you sick homos do when you get together. Your whole life revolves around me now. Oh, and all that shit you post online about gay rights and pride and whatever? Scrub it, all of it. And don’t ever post shit like that again. If you’re going to be my bitch, the only cause you believe in Straight Alpha superiority. Soon, I’ll have you encouraging all your stupid little fag friends to give up sex and dating too so they can devote themselves to serving real Men. See? I’m doing a public service here, faggot. Not only do I get a bitchboy to wait on me hand and foot but I’m also ending all this fag-positive bullshit you homos have been spewing for years. And you’re going to help.”