Gay Hypno Stories - How Jeremy got addicted to Master’s feet

I met Jeremy on Grindr. 

He was 21, a cute and tiny blond boy. Completely hairless. A nice bottom twink. My nickname and profile on Grindr are kinda straight to the point. I precise that I am a dom top. Jeremy contacted me, it was easy to guess he wanted to submit. 

He was kind of shy the first time. I felt that and was nice to him. I offered him a drink, we did some small talk and then i showed him my cock and told him “It is time for you to suck, don’t you think ?”. He laughed but he took in his mouth and then did not want to smile at all. No time for smiling when you have to make a cock hard BOY. Just have to work on him. 

Jeremy enjoyed sucking and I pounded him hard. His ass was delicious, such a pleasure to finger it, lick it and fuck it in the hardest way. He said it hurted but he wanted more. I started some dirty talk, I noticed he loved it. He enjoyed being treated like a slut. GOOD BOY. 

I asked him to lick my feet but he refused. Not his things, he said. OK… 

After the fuck, he stayed a bit. And I told him I was a tist, that sometimes I was hypnotizing boys like him to make them better sub. He was excited about it, I could tell by seeing his eyes, so greedy. 

Jeremy became one of my regular bottoms. The more I fucked him, the more I made him submissive. The more you take my cock, the more you feel my power in your ass but also in your head. I’m fucking you, I’m pounding you and I am talking to you, more and more, deeper and deeper. And with my cock in your ass, you are feeling so weak, so obedient, so submissive. You’re drinking my words, you love my words, you just want to obey my words. 

Maybe it was the 4th time we met. Jeremy asked me if I could try to hypnotize him. Sure, BOY ! 

Just stare that point on the wall and listen to my voice. You love my voice. That is the voice that you heard when you were taking my cock. Making you feel so submissive, so vulnerable, so weak. My voice already control you and you know, the more you listen, the more you drink my words, the more you want to obey. 

In less than 2 minutes, Jeremy felt into a DEEP SLEEP. 

It was time for me to make him a better BOY. He was a good bottom, he could perfectly take dick and obey but that was not enough. No. Jeremy needed to learn how to really please me, how to really satisfy MASTER. 

He went DOWN, DEEP DOWN. Lost control. No control anymore. Just totally relaxed and OBEDIENT. So horny, so GOOD under my control. 

And when he was 5 TIMES MORE UNDER MY CONTROL, he entered into this wonderful state of trance. No more thoughts, no more strenght. Nothing in his head. BLANK. Just obey, BOY. Drink my words. Just OBEY. So GOOD, to OBEY. 

As he was mindless toy, I started with my trigger.  FEET. You discover now that you love FEET. Master’s FEET. My feet make you so relax. You love my FEET. FEET is good. You want to smell it. You want to touch it. You want to put your head under it. That’s how it is and it is GOOD for you. You love LOVE FEET. Seeing FEET makes you more submissive, more under my control. You drink my words, more and more, and the more you drink my words the more you are attracted to feet. Wanna smell FEET. Wanna lick FEET. Wanna serve Master’s FEET. SO GOOD, So natural, makes you so submissive and so horny.  Now when you will see feet, you will want to touch yourself, thinking about how much my words are controlling you, how powerful I am. I am an alpha and you are a slave now. A pretty little FEET SLAVE. 

I smiled because I saw how hard was Jeremy’s cock. I woke him up, he felt wonderful and we talked. Then I showed him my feet. “Would be nice to lick it Jeremy, isn’t it ?”. DEEPER AND DEEPER, MORE AND MORE, DEEP DOWN BOY. FEET for you ! 

Jeremy lost control and put his head under my feet. He smelled it, he licked it and he couldn’t help it : so good, made him so horny, he felt so submissive. 

“GOOD BOY. GOOD BOY licks feet”.

Something changed that day. Jeremy already liked me but now he was addicted. I made him discover the pleasure to submit at a Man’s Feet. Even better : submit to a Master’s Feet. Now he would crave for it every time we will see each other. Can’t resist, just need FEET. To watch FEET, to masturbate watching FEET, to serve Master’s FEET. It’s natural, it’s so good, it’s your place. 

Jeremy became one of my slaves. I’m verry proud of him. I would say he is one of the best feet licker I know. He listened, he learned and now he is at the most enjoyable place for a GOOD boy like him : under Master’s Feet.

That’s how it is. And that feel so right, isn’t it  BOY? 


Makes you horney boy—-FEET…….. Master FEET……..SO DEEP NOW BOY……….so OUT OF CONTROL……….boy?