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    The type of girl you mom warns you about - the type of girl she is - a heart breaking promiscuous easy whore with a sadistic sexually predatory side that enjoys victimising wimpy ‘cuck’ type dudes, and cock-blocking and frustrating the shit out of them, while cheating on them left right and centre with everybody else. It’s a power trip. Given you are a virgin with a small penis and pathetic mummy issues, she is worried you were especially vulnerable to sluts. So knowing what she knows, and using her intuition, she has ordered you to never have a girlfriend, and stay at home in chastity except for supervised wanks with her, so you aren’t tempted to wank to porn as if you are sexually independent, or slip out and try to talk to girls while she is out. Your mother spends a lot of time away from home when she is out getting dick, so she sometimes has a chastity sitter over to ensure that you don’t blow a load. She picks especially mean girls who want to bully you, so you won’t develop romantic feelings for them.