Penny rubbed the dust from the lamp she’d found at her local consignment. It was old and slightly beaten up, which would explain the price, but overall tasteful.

    No sooner than a moment after she’d finished, she heard it. A voice, ethereal, omnipresent.

    Ask and the lamp provides. Three wishes, no more, no less.”

    Penny stumbled back, startled.

    “Hello…?” she whispered

    The lamp repeated itself.

    “Fuck that, this is bullshit. What is there a recorder in this thing?” She tapped the lamp lightly.

    Once more, perturbed, the voice beckoned

    “Choose your desire and see it fulfilled, but be wary, everything at a cost.”

    Penny was about done, but decided to see the prank through its completion.

    “Riiiiight. How about a man to take care of me?”

    “It is done.”

    The door lock rattled noisily and swung open. The immediacy startled Penny, she tripped backwards on herself, falling noisily.

    One of the most handsome men she’d ever seen stood in the door. Tall, well dressed and holding…. a diaper and pacifier?

    He approached her leaning down

    “Who are yo–..” He shoved the pacifier into her mouth. She sat, awestruck momentarily. 

    He got to work removing her pants and undressing her. Penny began to protest, but stopped. Smiling behind her pacifier. Ha. I get it, take care of me. Funny. Let’s see how far this prankster will go and how well they can adjust. The man finished diapering her and moved quietly to the other room, seemingly preoccupied. 


    Penny looked back at the lamp. She pulled the pacifier out of her mouth.

    “Ha ha, well done. Single 28 year old woman living in the city. Good guess on wanting a man. That must’ve been soooo hard.” She said sarcastically. Standing up, she took stock of her thickly diapered ass. She still looked great.


    Two wishes remain”

    Penny thought for a moment. Smiling and thinking she still had a chance to get laid, she said

    “I wish in this scenario, I didn’t need diapers”

    It is done”

    Instantly Penny felt it in her heart of hearts. As deeply and surely as she had ever felt anything before. She definitely didn’t need diapers. She wanted them. It terrified her. She probed deeply in her subconscious. She loved diapers. The thick, crinkly, humiliating loss of control. The patronizing looks she would get from adults, the sense of complete and utter helplessness. Her groin burned. She found her hands loudly rubbing the front of her massive quadruple tape diaper. Her terror quickly replaced by undeniable sexual arousal. Years worth of Adult Baby thoughts flooded her mind. She wanted it all, and she wanted it now. She grabbed a bottle on the table and sucked deeply. It was sweet, tantalizing, and ever more arousing. She fell to her back squirming as she worked her thumb through her lips. Arousal growing. She wiggled on the ground grabbing her feet. More babyish. She needed more. She grabbed a pillow and began humping…. it took only 2 quick pumps. To say she was racked with the most mindbending orgasm she’d ever had would be an understatement. Her toes curled, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she drenched her pristine, thick diaper.


    Penny panted exhaustedly around her thumb which had found its way back into her mouth. The post orgasm bliss still leaking through her body. 

    One wish remaining” the lamp echoed ominously. 

    Penny’s clearheadedness lasted only a moment. A smile cracked around her sopping thumb in her mouth.

    It is done”


    Penny’s diaper grew twice as thick in one quick moment. Then it grew twice as heavy as she filled it utterly and completely. She leaned back and drank in the moment as her diaper expanded noisily. She reached down, grasping for real estate but finding only the large dummy on the ground. She worked it into her lips as her toes curled back once more and she noisily completed the task between her legs. She suckled noisily on the pacifier listening to her daddy go about his job in the kitchen.

    With a quick rushing sound, she looked over just in time to see the lamp vanish into thin air.