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2020-02-14 06:03:50

    Moving to Twitter! 💋

    Hey guys! So as many of you know, it looks like Tumblr will be doing away with NFSW accounts starting December 17th! I will be moving to Twitter and starting up again so make sure to follow me there at @bigbubblebootyy for more of my big booty action 💋

    Thank you all for all the love and support during my time here at Tumblr! Love to you all! See you on Twitter you freaks! 💋💦❤🍑


    Do Not Delete Your Tumblr

    From what I’ve gathered, the “adult content” posts will be locked away by being set to “private” but will not be deleted. Tumblr is not planning to delete/deactivate any blogs on the 17th, just lock away the “adult content” posts. This means, your Tumblr should still be here and you should be able to use it to keep in contact with all of your followers. 

    My blog here will be changing to a text-only erotica format, which I have read will be allowed even after the 17th.

    Best of luck to everyone. Keep your blog and you’ll still be able to let people know if/when you start posting someplace else.


    Don’t delete your Tumblr! i can’t stress that enough.

    If you wanna stay in touch with people. delete your tumblr in january. But keep it running for some time, because Tumblr will NOT delete your blog, only your content.

    That means all your FOLLOWS will still be valid and you will be able to see the SFW Posts about where the blogs are all going to now.