Zander's AB/DL Captions
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    You’re hanging out with a cute boy who you’ve been on a couple dates with and he seems really sweet but hasn’t made any moves yet. You guys decide to have a couple drinks and pretty soon you feel yourself getting drunk. It’s at this point his voice starts getting low and sultry. At first telling you how cute it is when you forget things halfway through a sentence, telling you how silly and precious you are when your words slur together (pt.1)

    Pretty soon his complements start to blend into demeaning half insults, telling you it’s okay. He loves dumb silly little girls like you. Awh silly girl don’t worry about forgetting. It doesn’t matter what you were going to say. A cutie like you doesn’t need to be smart. The longer this goes on the more true it becomes… You can’t tell if it’s the alcohol or what but you start getting more ditzy and dumb with every word, your eyes glazing over and your knees getting weak (pt. 2)

    His voice is so evilly sweet, creeping into your brain and making rational though disappear. He tells you how pretty and stupid you look. But he thinks you would look prettier with your shirt off. Your brain is so far gone your hands move, almost on instinct, to lift your shirt off and discard it, your body flush with warmth as his hypnotic voice engulfs you. Telling you a pretty little bimbo like you should have her tits out… You do feel happier once you take your bra off for him… (pt.3)

    You love the way he smiles when you grope your tits for him, your knees spreading wide as you watch him gently starting to stroke his own lap, an erection clearly forming as he continues to speak. “That’s a good girl. Doesn’t it feel so good to be a brainless little slut? Why don’t you undress completely? A dumb, drooly little fuck doll like you is at its happiest when it’s body is on display. And he’s right…You feel a rush of endorphins as you do as he says… It’s just so easy (pt. 4)

    Making your own decisions was always so hard…Mmmm hard… You watch his lap intently as he draws his cock free of his pants and boxers, instinctively sliding down onto your knees as he gets up and stands over you, playing with your hair with one hand as he strokes his throbbing cock with the other, gazing down into your wide, eager little eyes with a smirk that nearly makes you melt, he presses his thumb gently against your tongue asking how you feel, and all you can do is drool (pt.5)




    Unf. Can I be her?


    She’s almost done with her nightly prayer, you can go in and put her to bed now. Oh yes, she much better behaved now that we put her in her place, you’ll see.

    You seem surprised. Yes, we do dress her in childish attires everyday, it’s part of the new dynamic. Oh, the “underwear”? Well we decided missy needed a strict nightly routine to get her to let go of the control she so desperately clinged onto. She doesn’t get to use the potty after dinner anymore until the next morning.

    She fought the urge to use her diapers at first, but she soon realized it served no purpose. To discourage her to hold it, we decided she’d stay in her night diaper in the morning and wouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom until she went tinkle in it. We also decided daytime accidents required Pull-Ups for the rest of the day, just in case.

    So you can see how it’s better for her to simply act like the little bedwetter we wished to turn her into then resist and further regress the next day. I think it’s gotten to a point where she doesn’t even notice it anymore.

    At least she still gets panties in the day!

    Let’s Roleplay :D

    Hey Everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve met a personal message on here, but I just wanted to send out a small invitation to all of my followers. If anyone doesn’t know, I love roleplaying when it comes to basically everything on my blog. DDLG, MDLG, ABDL, Forced Feminization and Sissification, and Humiliation. I find it super exciting and super sexy! And those ^ are just my favorite kinks. If you’d like to roleplay with me I would LOVE to find some new friends to play with so feel free to shoot me a message on any of the following:

    (Note: I truly prefer to only play as the Sub in an RP, so please only messages from people who are okay with that. Thank you!)

    Tumblr: Just message me directly here and we’ll chat.

    Kik: My username is gamegrumps24. Shoot me message and we can talk there.

    Discord: Or finally, if you prefer Discord my tag is: Lexi Surles #6419

    Choose which you prefer and we’ll make some fun stories together!!!

    Always make sure your sissy maid is properly dressed before his daily routine. He should be properly made-up, hair appropriately hung, have a collar with a bell around it so you can hear him anywhere. Stockings and heels to keep his calves looking good. And of course, you wouldn’t want a maid constantly running to the bathroom and having to clean it all over again would you?? No. And that’s what diapers are for!