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2021-06-21 23:00:48

    painted my sylvari druid! 🌿

    if you’re interested in trying out guild wars 2 (it’s free to play!) or buying either of the expansions, consider using my creative partner referral links [here] to support me at the same time :D

    new art-only blog!


    i’ve recently made an art-only blog over [here]! i’ve reblogged most of my old art over already and will be posting all of my new art there from here on out. check it out if you’re interested in my stuff \o/ ive been busy with work recently but should be free again soon to draw more!

    this blog will stay my main+personal blog. i’ll be queueing the same stuff i did before + also reblogging any art from my art-only blog - so pretty much everything will continue as usual on this side

    thanks once again for all your continued support!! :>

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